New 3D Printing Materials Shown Off By Stratasys (Video)

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stratasys printing materials

Most people seem to think 3D printers can only print plastic rabbits and Yoda’s, but we know that there is a multitude of materials 3D printers can use. Stratasys has been one of the forward thinkers when it comes to printing materials and has one of the most impressive material portfolios with over 130 different types.

Stratasys’ new quarterly 3D printing materials episodes will showcase case their latest and greatest printing materials they offer. Sam Green of Stratasys Materials Business Group provides a close-up look at 3 of the company’s most interesting 3D printing materials

“VeroClear transparent material and Digital ABS material (both from the PolyJet line of materials used on the Objet 3D printers) and the ULTEM 9085 tan thermoplastic material (from the FDM line of materials used on the Fortus400 and Fortus900 production systems). Of particular interest is the use of Digital ABS material for the production of short-run injection molding and blow molding tools to save time and money on traditional steel/aluminum tooling.”

Unfortunately the materials you will see in the video are intended for professional grade 3D printers rather than desktop printers. Hopefully the technology will trickle down to average consumers and hobbyists in the future. If we go by Stratasys YouTube comment on the video, it may not be a very long weight.

“Many people believe there is a ‘Moore’s Law’ that also applies to 3D printing. So that over time we will see capabilities increase at a geometric rate accompanied by an arithmetical rate of price fall. In fact, we’ve seen this already over the last few years since 3D printing was first introduced.”

3D printing technology seems to be gaining traction and with new materials and printers, the future of it seems to be looking up. It will be interesting to see what happens with new materials and 3D printing in space.


Warning; 3D printers should never be left unattended. They can pose a firesafety hazard.