7 Best No-Contract Security Systems

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It wasn’t so long ago when it was either a contract or no security system. It used to be the same with mobile phones. Today, however, no one needs to be tied into a fee-based agreement if they don’t want one. This review guide looks at some of the most sought-after no contract security systems available. Some products also have an option to upgrade to various agreements if you need more.

Zegoal Smart Security Kit
Pieces: 11 pcs
Siren: 120dB
Multi-purpose device, easy to set up, motion detection, alerts, SOS, voice control.
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Best Value
Thustar Home Alarm System
Pieces: 18 pcs
Siren: 120dB
Versatile application, SOS feature, arming modes, loud siren, auto alerts.
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Top Pick
Ring Alarm Home Security Kit
Pieces: 14 pcs
Siren: 104dB
Motion detection, alerts, smoke & CO listener, panic button, works with Alexa.
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Are No Contract Security Systems any Good?

The answer is yes. Some of today’s security systems are surprisingly good, considering they don’t demand paid contracts. Those that charge subscription fees tend to offer more, though. Even so, that’s only valuable if the extras they provide are matter to you. Millions of customers are already happy with the features and protection supplied by zero-contract systems.

Below are some of the typical features offered by the most popular contract-free security cams:

  • Easy, DIY installation
  • Cellular and wireless
  • Home automation
  • Environmental protections (outside units)
  • Remote control
  • Back up
  • Motion detection and auto-alert notifications
  • Customization options
  • Upgrade opportunities

Every system is different and may offer unique features and functions. The point is to think about what you need—or don’t need—and make a shortlist of those requirements.

The Cost of No Contract Security Systems

The price of these systems varies just like any other service or product. The ones reviewed here range from around $70 to a little under $400, and others between the two. A bigger setup, better quality, and more features, all add to the price. However, higher cost does not always mean the best value—for YOU. There’s no need to invest in features and functions you have little or no use for.

App Control Matters

Most people want remote access to their security system, and that’s done via an app. These apps are usually free and simple to use, but some perform better than others. Read what current owners say about a system’s app control in the comments sections of sales pages. Superb hardware with a poorly supported app—or vice versa—is something to be mindful of.

Summing Up Zero Contract Security Systems

Jot down what you need and what you expect from a no-contract security system. Set a maximum budget to save wasting time reading up on products outside your plan. Your list of needs may change as you read through the mini-reviews, so tweak it accordingly. This low-tech approach is by far the simplest and most effective way to make better buying decisions.

About My ‘No Contract Security System’ Guide

The reviews below are the result of recent product research. I looked over several dozen security systems and supporting apps before settling on the ones here. The opinions of industry experts and owner feedback also played a role in my decision making. The first three reviews are for the Best Budget system, then by Best Value and the Top Pick.

No Contract Security Systems Comparison Table

1. Zegoal Smart Security WiFi System Kit | Best Budget

Zegoal Smart Security WiFi System KitView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.4/5

The Best Budget no-contract security system goes to the Zegoal Smart Security System Kit. It’s an affordable and versatile alarm that you can exploit for a range of applications.

  • Best feature 1: No contracts or monthly subscription fees
  • Best feature 2: Built-in siren
  • Plus points: Multi-purpose device, easy to set up, motion detection, alerts, SOS, voice control
  • Minus points: Vague instructions, no camera

Security System Highlights

The best thing about the Zegoal Smart Security System is its flexibility. It works with doors and windows so that the alarm triggers if an intruder opens them. The ear-splitting siren is 120db, so it’s unlikely anyone would hang around when that sounds. The device also has a PIR Motion Sensor. Again, the alarm goes off once it detects movement across its zone.

The detection range has a horizontal angle of 120° and 60° vertical. It extends to 26ft or 8m. That’s more than adequate for most properties with correct placement. The SOS function is another welcome tool. Users can send out a HELP signal with a single press of the remote’s SOS button. Other highlights include scheduled arm and disarm function, set on-demand, and auto anti-theft.

Feature-Packed Apps

Zegoal’s security system uses the Smart Life or Tuya Smart free apps for iOS and Android. All alert notifications go to the apps. Unlimited users can log in to the same alarm system if you need to share access. The voice control is sure to please households that use Amazon Alexa/Echo and Google home. Other app functions allow you to use it as a working clock and choose from 8 different ring tones.

The Not So Good

The instructions are vague, at least for those unfamiliar with security camera systems. It’s a common problem, yet one that’s so easily solvable. This system doesn’t have a lens, so no intruders are going to get ‘caught on camera.’ Its main job is as a deterrent. You can advertise the property has a security system installed in the windows. If that doesn’t work, the deafening alarm siren should.

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Tech Specs
Security System Brand: Zegoal
Camera: None
Connectivity: Controller hub
App Names: Smart Life & Tuya Smart
Motion Alerts: Yes
Two-way Audio: No
Voice activation: Yes
Max Range: 26ft (8 meters)
Dimensions: 3.1 x 3.1 x 1.3”
Product Weight: 0.93 lbs.
Warranty: 1 year
The Pros
Easy to set up
No contracts or monthly fees
Built-in 120db siren w/ 4 levels
Multi-purpose device
Home door/window sensor
Garage door sensor
Doorbell alarm (optional)
Motion detection
Can use as a night light
Real-time alert notifications
SOS button on remote
Voice-activated control
The Cons
Vague instructions
No camera

2. Thustar Wireless Home Alarm System | Best Value

Thustar Wireless Home Alarm SystemView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

Thustar makes the Best Value slot with its wireless home alarm system. It’s another DIY standalone product for less than 100 dollars—at the time of writing—and no monthly fees or contracts.

  • Best feature 1: No contract or monthly subscription fees
  • Best feature 2: Affordable, complete security system
  • Plus points: Versatile application, SOS feature, arming modes, loud siren, auto alerts
  • Minus points: Poorly translated instructions, exaggerated siren, slow support

Thustar Home Alarm Kit Description

Thustar’s Home Alarm Kit gives homes and businesses a comprehensive solution. There’s the alarm host with an LCD that can also make and receive phone calls. The alarm host has a built-in rechargeable battery with a 6 hour standby time in the event of a failure. Then you have 2 motion sensors, 10 door/window sensors, 4 keychain-type remotes, and 1 siren. That’s a lot of security.

The detection angle is around 120° and has a reach of up to 39ft (12m). The loud siren should alert neighbors and startle the burglar to the point where they take off at once.

Security System Highlights

The small, portable alarm sensors can go anywhere you need them. Typical locations include entry points like doors and windows, but you can also use them for closets and other places you need to secure. Wherever they are, the loud siren goes off once someone disturbs the unit.

Thustar’s alarm also provides child safety and SOS features, which trigger every alarm connected. It then notifies other family members programmed into the system via a phone call or SMS.

The Not So Good

This is yet another decent security system with inadequate instructions. It seems like a poor translation job, so novice users may prefer to seek video guidance instead. Thustar says its siren is 110db, but some users complain that it isn’t loud enough to hear outside. It should be, though, as 110db is considered ear-splitting. The final con is that the after-sales support is slow to respond.

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Tech Specs
Security System Brand: Thustar
Camera: None
Connectivity: Alarm host
App Names: None. GSM alarm
Motion Alerts: Yes
Two-way Audio: None
Voice activation: None
Max Range: 39ft (12 meters).
Dimensions: 7 x 1.5 x 5”
Product Weight: 3 lbs.
Warranty: 1 year
The Pros
No contract or subscription fees
Value for money
Complete security system
Built-in rechargeable battery
4 keyring remotes
Scheduled settings
Alarm host doubles as a phone
Versatile application
SOS feature
Several arming modes
Loud siren
Auto alerts (SMS/call)
The Cons
Poorly translated instructions
Exaggerated siren
Slow after-sales support

3. Ring Alarm Enhanced Home Security Kit | Top Pick

Ring Alarm Enhanced Home Security KitView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

Ring Alarm gets the top slot with its Enhanced Home Security Kit. Ring is well known for its exceptional security products, and this home setup is no different. There are no long-term contracts, either.

  • Best feature 1: No fixed contracts; no cancelation fees
  • Best feature 2: DIY-friendly, fast set up in minutes
  • Plus points: Motion detection, alerts, smoke & CO listener, panic button, works with Alexa
  • Minus points: Large contact sensors, too many settings, quite expensive

Ring Alarm Security Kit Description

Ring’s home protection system uses a single base station. The role of that is to keep the entire setup online and connected to smartphones or other mobile devices. There’s also a wall-mounted Keypad, a Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Listener, and 7 Contact Sensors. Typical placement for the sensors is at the point of entry, namely doors and windows.

This kit has 2 Motion Detection Sensors, a Range Extender, Panic Button, and a Flood & Freeze Sensor. You can see why Ring advertises it as a full home security system at the fingertips. There’s also the choice to add even more security devices if you need to.

Security System Highlights

Ring doesn’t insist on long-term contracts or cancellation fees. All its customers get to choose security based on personal needs. Around the clock, 24/7 monitoring is available, but it’s an optional extra, and not a prerequisite. You only need a regular smartphone or other mobile devices to stay connected.

The Ring App gives full remote control of the alarm system and any Ring doorbells and cameras you may have. Another feature is the hands-free voice activation via Amazon Alexa. This is not a fixed setup. And if you need to remove or add components to meet current needs, you can.

The Not So Good

The contact sensors are big compared to some rival products. Smaller sensors would be better as they’d be more discreet and versatile. I think Ring could simplify their app and do away with some of the settings. There’s a lot to get familiar with, and that’s sure to frustrate some new users. The system is quite expensive compared to some brands, although it is of exceptional quality.

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Tech Specs
Security System Brand: Ring
Camera: Optional extra
Connectivity: Base station
App Names: Ring
Motion Alerts: Yes
Two-way Audio: None
Voice activation: Yes, Alexa
Max Range: 250ft (72.2 meters)
Dimensions (Contact Sensors): 3.23 x 0.98 x 0.94”
Warranty: 1 year limited
The Pros
DIY-friendly, fast set up
No contracts or cancelation fees
Motion detection
Activation alerts
Smoke & CO Listener
Panic button
Optional 24/7 monitoring
Full remote control
Upgradable system
Works with Alexa
The Cons
Large contact sensors
Too many settings
Quite expensive

4. Fortress Classic Security System for Homes

Fortress Classic Security System for HomesView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.3/5

Meet the expandable DIY Fortress Classic Home Security System for homes and businesses. This set includes 14 pieces, and there are no monthly charges or contracts.

  • Best feature 1: No locked-in contracts or monthly fees
  • Best feature 2: Choice of arming modes
  • Plus points: 2-way talk, control remotely, motion detection, alert notifications, 13db siren
  • Minus points: Poorly translated instructions, alarm too easy to disarm

Fortress Security Home System Description

The S03 WiFi kit has a range of security accessories to protect your home or another property. There’s also an option to add to the setup if you need more protection in other areas at any time. This kit comprises of a practical Main Panel, 2 Motion Sensors, and 5 Window/Door Contacts. There’s also a Panic button, 2 Remote Fobs, and a piercing 130db siren.

Security System Highlights

The Fortress S03 main panel offers flexible arming solutions. The ‘Away Armed’ mode gives a property the greatest coverage and protection while the home is empty. The ‘Home Armed’ mode secures the perimeter only while disarming any inside security. That prevents false alarms when occupants move around indoors. The S03 panel stores up to 6 phone numbers that it calls if the alarm goes off.

The two-way talk intercom system is a feature especially appreciated in home security. It allows parents to quickly check in on kids or elderly relatives when they’re away. This security system lets users arm and disarm the alarm remotely using the MyFortress App. And the motion detection sends alerts to your mobile device if an intruder triggers the alarm.

The Not So Good

This security setup would be easy to install for novice users if the instructions where clear, but they’re not. It seems like another case of poor translation to English. Opt for the online video instead. Those experienced with installing alarm systems shouldn’t have any issues, though. Another con is the security of the system. It’s possible to disarm the alarm only by unplugging it from the main panel.

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Tech Specs
Security System Brand: Fortress Security
Camera: Fortress Security
Connectivity: S03 main panel
App Names: MyFortress App
Alarm Alerts: Yes
Two-way Audio: Yes
Voice activation: Amazon Alexa
Max Range: 175ft (53 meters)
Dimensions: 6.3 x 1.4 x 4.3”
Product Weight: 2.65 lbs.
Warranty: 3 years
The Pros
Easy to set up (video, not guide)
No contracts or monthly fees
Panel stores 6 phone numbers
Choice of arming modes
2-way intercom talk
Can control system remotely
Motion detection
Auto alert notifications
Ear-splitting 13db siren
Can add security cameras
Supports Amazon Alexa
The Cons
Poorly translated instructions
Can unplug alarm to disarm

5. Blink XT2 Versatile Smart 1080p Security System

Blink XT2 Versatile Smart 1080p Security SystemView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.4/5

The all-new Blink XT2 is a versatile smart security setup for homes and other properties. It’s a bestseller too. That tells us it meets the expectations of many users for a system in its class.

  • Best feature 1: No service contract or monthly fees
  • Best feature 2: Free cloud storage
  • Plus points: 100% wire-free, motion detection/alerts, night vision, weatherproof, 2-way talk
  • Minus points: Cannot view on a computer, no card storage, overstated battery life

Blink XT2 1080p Security Kit Description

It looks like an indoor system, but the all-new 100% wire-free Blink XT2 is tougher than it seems. It’s a capable outdoor cam as well, with an IP65 rating to protect it from the elements. Setting these 2 cameras up is a simple 3-step process that anyone can do. Each unit has a 1080p camera and a built-in mic/speaker for 2-way audio. There’s also a PIR motion sensor and an IR night vision emitter.

Security System Highlights

These small security cams have long battery lives though not as long as the 2-year claims. Other feature highlights include customizable motion detection, alert notifications, and live streaming. The XT2 records clear 1080p HD daytime video and bright, detailed infrared HD at night. Blink offers free cloud storage that lets you save several hundred video clips for an entire year.

The Not So Good

Sometimes it’s more convenient and easier on the eyes to view security cameras on a computer. Unfortunately, the XT2 doesn’t have that option. Another letdown is no internal storage. The free cloud service is valuable, but so is having the opportunity to save footage to an SD card. The last gripe concerns battery life. It is long, but it falls short of the 2 years claimed by the company.

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Tech Specs
Security System Brand: Blink
Camera: 1080p Indoor/Outdoor
App Name: Home Monitor
Motion Alerts: Yes
Two-way Audio: Yes
Night Vision: Yes
Internal Storage: None
Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.4”
Product Weight: 0.19 lbs.
Warranty: 1 year limited
The Pros
Compact lightweight design
100% cable-free
Fast, easy set up
Outdoor weatherproof
Two-way talk
Extended battery life
Customizable detection
Motion detection alerts
Infrared (IR) night vision
Temperature monitoring
Works with Amazon Alexa
100% free cloud storage
The Cons
Cannot view via a computer
No local SD storage
Overstated battery life

6. Arlo Q 1080p Security Audio Camera System

Arlo Q 1080p Security Audio Camera SystemView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

The Arlo Q is an indoor security system that sports a 1080p HD camera. This product is the company’s 2-pack version. It comes with free cloud storage and doesn’t require any fixed contracts.

  • Best feature 1: No contract, free 7-day storage
  • Best feature 2: Easy to setup
  • Plus points: Clear footage, 2-way audio, night vision, customizable detection, auto alerts
  • Minus points: Short delay in audio/video, average night vision, quite expensive

Arlo Q 1080p Home Security Set Description

Arlo’s Q indoor system is small yet powerful. It’s super easy to get these units up and running thanks to the detailed Quick Start Guide. Many of the rival brands fall short on their written instructions. Each cam has a magnetic base for easy mounting and a MicroSD slot for local storage. The 1080p 130° camera gives clear daytime footage and uses IR night vision for recording in the dark.

These units have built-in mics and speakers for two-way audio communication. You can also control some features with voice commands using Amazon’s Alexa’s virtual digital assistant.

Security System Highlights

It’s possible to remotely stream 24/7 live video of your property, whether at home or abroad. You only need an internet connection and a regular phone, tablet, notebook, or computer. The free cloud storage is one less cost to worry about. It gives you recent access to your footage that you can view, download, and share with others if you need to.

Other features are the customizable motion and sound detection. The customization tool lets you fine-tune how the cameras detect motion. That’s invaluable as it helps to prevent those annoying false alarms. The Arlo Q pushes activity alerts to your smartphone or other mobile devices. There’s also an optional service that contacts emergency responders for those who need it.

The Not So Good

There’s a short delay in the audio/video. It varies depending on the setup, but most reports are between 2–4 seconds. The night vision works, but it’s not the Arlo Q’s best feature. Tip: Don’t point the cameras directly towards windows. That causes too much glare in the night footage. Keep the cameras at an angle to the glass to improve the situation. Lastly, the cost of the Arlo Q system is quite high.

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Tech Specs
Brand Name: Arlo Technologies, Inc
Camera: Indoor 1080p HD
Connectivity: WiFi
App Name: Arlo
Motion Alerts: Yes
Two-way Audio: Yes
Voice activation: Yes
WiFi Range: 300ft (91 meters)
Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.8 x 4.5”
Product Weight: 2.33 lbs.
Warranty: 1 year
The Pros
Easy to set up, clear instructions
No contracts, free 7-day storage
Two-way audio
Clear daytime footage
Night vision
Customizable motion detection
Customizable zones
Auto alert notifications
Multi-device compatible
Works with Alexa
The Cons
Short delay in audio/video
Average night vision
Quite expensive

7. SimpliSafe 9 Piece Wireless Security System

SimpliSafe 9 Piece Wireless Security SystemView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.3/5

The last of the no-contract security systems goes to SimpliSafe. It’s a 9pcs wireless home security setup that works seamlessly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

  • Best feature 1: No contract required, no hidden fees guaranteed
  • Best feature 2: Useful, optional services
  • Plus points: Simple to install, SmashSafe, motion detection, motion alerts, night vision
  • Minus points: Fee-based app only

SimpliSafe Security System Description

SimpliSafe is a smart looking security system, but then it needs to be in this price category. There are 9 pieces to the kit in total. They include a Base Station, Keypad, 2 Motion Sensors, 4 Entry Sensors, and a SimpliCam. Most rival systems don’t include a SimpliCam security camera. It’s an extra eye that lets you view your property remotely from smartphones, tablets, and computers.

The 95dB siren built-in to the base station is another feature worth mention. SimpliSafe also gives you an official yard ‘Security Warning’ sign and some window security stickers.

No Like, No Pay Service Plans

There are no fixed contracts with SimpliSafe’s home security setup. However, it does offer no-obligation, subscriptions for various service plans. Make sure you’re okay with these before you decide anything. Over 2 million Americans already commit at the time of writing.

Unshakable Home Security

One of the main system highlights is SmashSafe. It works by alerting the police if an experienced intruder thinks they can disarm the keypad. They can’t! Nor can a local disaster take down your system as it’s connected to six different monitoring centers. And battery backup takes over should there be a power outage. These unshakable precautions offer real peace of mind.

The built-in alarm can cover a range of 1000ft (305m), thus working for even the biggest of homes. And the motion sensors detect people, not pets, up to 30ft, which helps to prevent false alarms. The motion sensors have a 90° field of view (FOV) and detect movement within 30 feet (9m).

Point to note: Motion alerts and remote monitoring only work with fee-based service plans.

The Not So Good

You don’t need to commit to a fixed contract with this system. However, you must pay to unlock some settings if you want them. The flexible paid plans do offer value, though. But, this is only the right system if you want the services they offer. There are free systems available if you need less cover. In summary, SimpliSafe works without a plan, but the most useful features only work with one.

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Tech Specs
Security System Brand: SimpliSafe
Camera: SimpliCam
Connectivity: Base station
App Name: SimpliSafe
Motion Alerts: Yes
Two-way Audio: Yes
Voice activation: Yes
Motion Range: 30ft (9 meters)
Alarm Range: 1000ft (305 meters)
Dimensions: 12.1 x 12.4 x 4.4”
Product Weight: 6.1 lbs.
Warranty: 3 years
The Pros
No fixed contracts or hidden fees
Wireless home security system
Easy to install and use
Built-in 95db base station siren
Motion detection & alerts
Night vision
Battery backup
SimpliCam camera
Yard signs and window stickers
Voice control (Alexa & Google)
Useful, optional services
The Cons
Fee-based app
Some features only work with service plans
0/50 ratings