10 Best on Camera LED Light Choices

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This buyer’s review guide looks at 10 of the best on camera LED lights. These external LED panels guarantee to deliver professional, soft lighting for videos and photos. LEDs have several advantages over the older tungsten lighting. They’re safer to use for one. They’re not hot to touch, so there’s no risk to hands. Also, LEDs don’t burn the gels used to balance color temperatures.

The most significant plus in this eco-conscious world of ours is the LED’s power efficiency. This type of on-camera lighting converts 90% of its energy into bright light. That figure is between 10–20% With tungsten, with the rest going to heat. Thus, LEDs can produce the same amount of light for a lot less energy. Best of all is that the softer, continuous light is so much better than that of the harsh flash.

Power: 14W
LEDs: 104
Compact and lightweight, easy to use, multi-device compatible, USB charging.
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Best Value
Weeylite Portable RGB Light
Power: 8W
LEDs: 52
Versatile camera light, USB charging, 8 functional modes, 20 scene effects.
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Top Pick
Boling P1 LED Video Light
Power: 12W
LEDs: 290
Pocket-sized, durable build, easy to use, 3 modes, 9 simulators, built-in battery.
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Travel-Friendly and Feature-Packed

The cool lights allow them to get closer to people or things otherwise affected by heat. All the products reviewed here are small, lightweight, feature-packed, and travel-friendly.

Here are some of the features you can find on modern LED camera light panels:

  • Pocket-sized, ultra-slim designs
  • Barn doors to prevent light leakage
  • Various mounting options, e.g., DSLR, camcorder, tripod, and handles
  • Multiple scene effects
  • HD LCD screens
  • Adjustable brightness ranges
  • Color temperature ranges
  • High-CRI (ability to accurately reproduce colors)
  • On-body charging ports
  • Fast charging times

Some on-camera lights come with accessories too. These are usually practical extras and not cheap or useless items used to pad out ads. Examples could be carrying cases, extra mounts, and chargers.

About My ‘Best On-Camera LED Light’ Guide

There are many on-camera LED lights on sale now from known and unknown brands. Consumer choice is always a good thing, but too much can make it hard to decide. That’s especially true for the inexperienced shopper. Well, I’ve researched several dozens of the best-known LED lights for cameras. The result is a shortlist of 10 excellent products of various types across all budgets.

On-Camera LED Lights Comparison Table

1. RALENO SOFT LED Video Light | Best Budget

RALENO SOFT LED Video LightView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

RaLeno’s Soft LED Video Light gets the Best Budget slot. This affordable product produces soft light in two stepless dimmable colors. It’s lightweight, portable, and ideal for multiple applications.

  • Best feature 1: Soft, flattering warm or white light choices
  • Best feature 2: Stepless dimming
  • Plus points: Compact and lightweight, easy to use, multi-device compatible, USB charging
  • Minus points: Quite small and restricted, cheap mount, can’t use while charging


RALENO’s video light is an affordable LED panel that’s super-easy to use. Its beads produce a natural, soft luminosity that guarantees to protect eyes from the constant light. The unit is compatible with camcorders, DSLR cameras, and fits tripods with standard mounts. A built-in rechargeable battery provides between 90–100 minutes of use at maximum power.

USB charging means you can recharge from a variety of available power sources. That includes power banks, USB wall chargers, vehicle chargers, and laptops. The RALENO LED Video Light is an excellent choice for those who shoot portraits, people events, and still life, etc.

The Not So Good

This is a small unit (see specs below). It is bright, but it can’t cast enough illumination over larger subjects further than a few feet. Another negative is the cheaply made camera mount that doesn’t exactly instill confidence. Lastly, there’s no way to use the LED panel while it charges.

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Tech Specs
Brand: RaLeno
Number of LEDs: 104
Power: 14W
Color Temperature: 3200K-5600K
Mounting: Hot shoe ball
Battery: 5000mA Lithium
Battery Life: 90-110 minutes
Color Rendering Index: 95 (RA)
Illumination: 850lux/m
Dimensions: 6.9 x 4.7 x 1.2”
Product Weight: 11 ounces
The Pros
Soft, flattering light
Warm or white light choices
Compact and lightweight
Easy to use
Excellent color reproduction
Stepless dimming
Fits all hot-shoe devices
Convenient USB charging
The Cons
Quite small and restricted
Cheap camera mount
Can’t use while charging

2. Weeylite Portable LED Camera Light | Best Value

Weeylite Portable LED Camera LightView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.9/5

The Best Value pick goes to the Weeylite Portable RGB LED Camera Video Light. Its mini design makes it an excellent choice for DSLRs and the smaller mirrorless cameras with hot shoe mounts.

  • Best feature 1: Mini portable design (smaller than a regular smartphone)
  • Best feature 2: Dimmable control from 10–100%
  • Plus points: Versatile camera light, USB charging, 8 functional modes, 20 scene effects
  • Minus points: Physical buttons are hard to see, tiny icons

Weeylite RGB Camera Video LED Highlights

Weeylite’s RB08P is a professional photographic light for cameras with a rechargeable battery. This device houses 28 white and warm white bulbs and 24 RGB colors. It’s a low-consumption unit with accurate color temperatures. Brightness control ranges from 10% to 100%. There are 8 functional modes and 20 scene effects, so users can choose how to illuminate a person or thing.

The Weeylite’s RB08P works well as a backlight and as an atmosphere lamp. It’s a versatile product for camera and smartphone photography, videoing, portraiture, and studio projects.

The Not So Good

The black-on-black buttons make them hard to see. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it does make using them awkward until users become familiar. The OLED display is welcome, but some icons are confusing because of their tiny size. Weeylite’s instructions are easy to follow, though. New users may want to keep them close by until they work out where the buttons are and what the icons mean.

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Tech Specs
Brand: Weeylite
Number of LEDs: 52
Power: 8W
Color Temperature: 2500K to 8500K
Mounting: Tripod and cold shoe
Battery: 3.7V, 3000mAh lithium
Charging: Micro USB
Charging Time: 3 hours
Working Time: 1.2 hours
Dimensions: 6.8 x 4 x 1.5”
Product Weight: 11.2 oz.
The Pros
Mini portable design
OLED display
All-aluminum alloy body
Various mounting options
Versatile camera light
10–100% dimmable control
Micro-USB charging port
8 functional modes
20 scene effects
Excellent value
The Cons
Black-on-black buttons hard to see
Tiny, unclear icons

3. Boling P1 Pocketable RGB LED Video Light | Top Pick

Boling P1 Pocketable RGB LED Video LightView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5

The Editor’s Top Pick is Boling’s P1 Pocket-Sized RGB LED Video Light. It has a 360° adjustable support and a built-in rechargeable battery. Working time at full power is around 1.5 hours.

  • Best feature 1: 360-degree adjustable support system
  • Best feature 2: Long working time per charge
  • Plus points: Pocket-sized, durable build, easy to use, 3 modes, 9 simulators, built-in battery
  • Minus points: Exaggerated battery life, can’t control effects intensity

Boling P1 RGB Video LED Highlights

Boling’s P1 is small and lightweight, and well-protected by a high-strength aluminum body. The unit has 40 cold lights, 40 warm, and 210 RGBs. It boasts 0–100% accurate brightness adjustment and 0–360 color adjustment. There are 9 common scenario simulations. They include TV, candlelight, multicolor cycling, and a bunch of impressive special effects.

The fully adjustable arm is unique and not typical with on-camera lights. It has 1/4-20 threaded holes for tripods and a cold shoe for on-camera mounting. The smart carrying case is another welcome extra. Optional accessories include a diffuser and a grid for controlling the light spill.

The Not So Good

This light has an incredible battery life, but it falls short on the 2.3 hours advertised. I would say it’s closer to 1.45 hours with full power usage. The special effects are brilliant, but the downside is that there’s no way to control their intensity.

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Tech Specs
Brand: Boling
Number of LEDs: 290
Color Temperature: 2500k to 8500k
Mounting: ¼”-20 threaded holes + cold shoe for DSLR cameras
Power: 12W
Battery Type: 7.4v 2930mAh lithium
Working Time: -140 minutes
Led Lifespan: 50000 hours
Dimming: 0-100%
Dimensions: 8.7 x 6.3 x 2.9”
Product Weight: 19.04 oz.
The Pros
Easy to use
Long working time
Durable aluminum frame
360° adjustable support
3 modes and 9 simulators
Full dimming control
Built-in rechargeable battery
Soft carrying case
The Cons
Exaggerated battery life
Can’t control effects intensity

4. Neewer 12 SMD Dimmable On-Camera LED Light

Neewer 12 SMD Dimmable On-Camera LED LightView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5

Meet the pocket-sized 12 SMD LED Bulb On-Camera Light by Neewer. It’s another small and portable panel that’s compatible with all DSLRs with a standard hot shoe.

  • Best feature 1: Compact and portable
  • Best feature 2: Three color filters
  • Plus points: Sticks to walls, 1/4” thread, 10 dimming levels, built-in battery, USB charging
  • Minus points: Finicky side controls, average build quality

Neewer 12 LED On-Camera LED Highlights

Neewer is well-known for on-camera fill lights. This one comes with 3 color filters and a universal shoe adapter. The light panel mounts easily onto any small stand, camera, camcorder, and compatible handles. It’s small and light enough to attach to a wall or other surface using regular fastening tape. It’s an affordable and capable fill light for people and things, especially close-up and macro projects.

Ten dimming levels give plenty of creative light control. The built-in lithium-polymer battery lasts for 1.5 hours on full brightness and up to 22 hours at the dimmest setting. The light’s Micro-USB charging port gives several charging options that add to the portable appeal. That includes wall charging, regular power banks, and vehicle chargers, etc.

The Not So Good

The controls on the sides are quite tricky to use, especially for folks with big hands or thick fingers. It’s not a design flaw—it’s because the unit is so small and compact. The controls feel a tad fragile too. The overall build quality of Neewer’s 12 SMD seems only average rather than rugged to the touch.

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Tech Specs
Brand: Neewer
Number of LEDs: 12
Power: 11W
Color Temperature: 3200 to 5600K
Mounting: Universal hot shoe
Battery: 3.7V 1800mAh Lithium
Battery Life: 90 minutes (full brightness)
Dimensions: 5.9 x 4.1 x 2.2”
Product Weight: 7.2 oz.
The Pros
Pocket-sized and portable
Wide application
Three color filters
Sticks to walls
11/4 thread
Built-in battery
USB charging
10 dimming levels
Long working time per charge
Universal hot shoe adapter
Mini carrying pouch
The Cons
Finicky side controls
Average build quality

5. SAMTIAN 160 LED Video Photo Light Kit

SAMTIAN 160 LED Video Photo Light KitView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5

This review is for the SAMTIAN 160 LED Video Photo Light Kit for compatible DSLR cameras. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and has its own custom hard-shell carrying case.

  • Best feature 1: Lightweight and portable design
  • Best feature 2: Adjustable brightness and 4 color filters
  • Plus points: Versatile use, 1/4″ thread, adjustable ball mount, cooling holes, hard carry case
  • Minus points: Average build quality

SAMTIAN 160 LED Video Light Kit Highlights

SAMTIAN’s 160 LED video light has a useful battery level indicator. You can expect over 100 minutes on a single charge at full brightness and much longer on dimmer settings. The 8 dimmable brightness knob has a range from 10–100%. And users can change the light mood using any of the 4 included color temperature filters. On the side of the unit are cooling holes for enhanced heat dissipation.

The SAMTIAN 160 LED light panel comes equipped with an adjustable hot shoe mount and 1/4” thread. It mounts on all modern DSLRs, digital video cameras, light stands, and tripods.

The Not So Good

The build quality is average and feels cheap in the hands. That makes it less drop or knock-resistant than products with metal casings. It should be okay with gentle handling. It’s not fair to be overly critical in this price range, but a rugged build is still a buying factor for many people.

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Tech Specs
Number of LEDs: 160
Power: 11W
Brightness: 950Lm
Color Temperature: 3200K to 5500K
Mounting: Tripod/ball mount
Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion
Max Battery Life: 105 minutes
Dimensions: 8.3 x 2.8 x 6.7”
Product Weight: 24 oz.
The Pros
Lightweight and portable design
Adjustable brightness
4 color filters included
Versatile use
Hot shoe to 1/4 thread adapter
Adjustable ball mount w/ 1/4 thread adapter
Cooling holes
Hard carry case
The Cons
Average build quality

6. Tolifo PT-15B II Digital-SLR Video Fill Light Kit

Tolifo PT-15B II Digital-SLR Video Fill Light KitView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

At #6 we have the Tolifo DSLR Video Fill Light Kit. It’s an ultra-slim, lightweight, pocket-sized product with an attractive price tag. Let’s check it out.

  • Best feature 1: Ultra-slim, pocket-sized fill light
  • Best feature 2: Rugged build
  • Plus points: Barn doors, LCD, dimming, adjustable color temperature, mounting options
  • Minus points: No DC battery charger, remote not included

Tolifo DSLR Video Fill Light Kit Highlights

Tolifo’s PT-15B II has a rugged all-aluminum build. Inside the unit are advanced surface-mount type SMD LEDs. The adjustable color temperature range is from 3200 to 5600K. This light comes with 4 integrated barn doors that close flat for safe and secure storage. Users can adjust the doors to precisely shape the light output. And a built-in diffuser diminishes harsh shadows and softens the light.

The light also has a dimming control with a brightness range of 10–100%. The convenient digital display panel is another welcome feature. Threaded 1/4”-20 holes at the bottom and sides give users the option to mount the light horizontally or vertically as needed. You can use this product on DSLR and mirrorless cameras, camcorders, tripods, and handles.

The Not So Good

The Tolifo LED comes with a USB charger but not a DC charger. It can use the latter, but it’s an optional extra. It’s the same with the remote that can control the unit from 98ft away. It’s also an optional accessory. It is affordable, though, and offers value whether you want the extras or not.

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Tech Specs
Brand: Tolifo
Number of LEDs: Unspecified
Power: 15W
Color Temperature: 3200K-5600K
Dimmable Brightness: 10-100%
Mounting: Hot shoe
Battery: NP-F550
Charging: USB
Dimensions: 5.71 x 3.74 x 0.87”
Product Weight: 24.8 oz.
The Pros
Ultra-slim, pocket-sized fill light
Rugged aluminum build
Integrated barn doors
LCD panel
Brightness dimming control
Adjustable color temperature
Various mounting options
The Cons
No DC battery charger
Remote control not included

7. Moman Compact On-Camera LED Video Light

Moman Compact On-Camera LED Video LightView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5

The Moman Fillipo On-Camera Pocket Light is a low-heat, low power consumption product. Its 1/4-20 tripod mount and magnetic back give users several mounting options.

  • Best feature 1: Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Best feature 2: CNC aluminum built
  • Plus points: Magnetic back, 1-button adjustments, HD OLED, dust-proof, wide-angle
  • Minus points: Short battery life, average magnet

Moman On-Camera Video LED Highlights

Moman’s Fillipo On-Camera Pocket Light is compact, lightweight, and portable. Its anodized aluminum frame makes it knock-resistant and provides faster heat dissipation than plastic bodies. Behind the panel sit 96 LEDs that cast an even 120° light over the person or thing. Both the color temperature and brightness are adjustable and displayed on the light’s HD OLED panel.

This on-camera LED light has a USB-C charging connector. You can charge it from power banks, notebooks, and car chargers, etc. There are even power indicators to let you know battery levels.

The Not So Good

The Moman on-camera fill light has a poor average battery life of just 1 hour max on full power. The magnetic back is an excellent feature and hard to find on LED camera lights. It’s not a very powerful magnet, so it’s vital to keep it and the attaching surfaces clean.

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Tech Specs
Brand: Moman
Number of LEDs: 96
Power: 8W
Color Temperature: 3000 – 6500K
Mounting: Magnetic; 1/4 thread
Battery: 2800 mAh lithium
Charging: USB-C
Charging Time: 3 hours
Dimensions: 4.58 x 2.8 x 0.4”
Product Weight: 5.18 oz.
The Pros
Compact, lightweight, and portable
Rugged anodized aluminum frame
Magnetic back
2 fixed 1/4 threads
1-button adjustments
HD OLED display
Wide-angle illumination
Effective heat dissipation
The Cons
Short battery life at full brightness
Average magnet

8. GVM Full Color Output RGB LED Camera Light

GVM Full Color Output RGB LED Camera LightView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

This app-controlled RGB LED Camera Light is by GVM Great Video Maker. The product comes with an NP-F550 battery and a charger. It has a 1/4” hole and hot shoe mount for DSLRs and camcorders.

  • Best feature 1: WiFi-enabled on-camera fill light
  • Best feature 2: Lightweight, portable design
  • Plus points: Easy to use, LCD panel, full adjustment controls, stepless dimming
  • Minus points: Cheap, plasticky feel, long charging time

GVM RGB LED Camera Light Highlights

GVM’s RGB-10S on-camera video light is super-easy to use, even for the raw novice. It’s a multi-colored lamp that uses 128 individual LEDs. You can control it with an app over WiFi. The app gives slightly better control over lighting than the physical buttons. A dual stepless knob controls the bi-color temperature. And the dimmable brightness has an adjustable range of 10–99%.

The built-in LCD makes it easy to see and set accurate brightness, color temperature, and hue. It’s a versatile light, suitable for a range of popular applications. It can add a soft, even, and flattering illumination for proximity photographic and video projects.

The Not So Good

The light has a smart, ergonomic design, and everything works as advertised. The main letdown is the build quality. There’s nothing wrong with plastic per se–it’s just that the material used here feels cheap and fragile. The other con is the overly long charging time that can take several hours.

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Tech Specs
Brand: GVM
Number of LEDs: 128
Power: 10W
Color Temperature: 3200K-5600K
Mounting: 1/4 hot shoe
Battery: Sony NP-F550 Li-ion
Charging: USB
Dimensions: 9.8 x 7.4 x 2.3”
Product Weight: 24 oz.
The Pros
WiFi-enabled on-camera fill light
Versatile on-camera light
Full app control
Lightweight, portable design
1/4 hot shoe mount
Very easy to use
LCD screen
Brightness adjustment
Color temp adjustment
HUE adjustment
Saturation adjustment
The Cons
Cheap, plasticky feel
Long charging time

9. Pixel RGB LED DSLR On-Camera Video Light

Pixel RGB LED DSLR On-Camera Video LightView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5

The penultimate review is for the Pixel RGB LED DSLR On-Camera Video Light. You can use it as a power bank too. Its three 1/4” threaded holes and a hot shoe mount give a 360° working angle.

  • Best feature 1: Multiple adjustment controls
  • Best feature 2: Can use it as a power bank
  • Plus points: Pocket-sized, 3 modes, 9 effects, full dimmable range, quick charge, case
  • Minus points: Fixed battery

Pixel DSLR On-Camera RGB LED Highlights

The Pixel pocked-sized on-camera RGB LED panel uses quality aluminum alloy in its build. It feels comfortable in the hands and is able to withstand moderate knocks. It has 198 LEDs, 3 modes, and 9 different lighting effects. The modes include Alarm, Flash, and Theatre. The wide dimmable range is from1–100%. Working time at 100% brightness is around 90 minutes.

On the side of the unit are a Function Button, Function Dial, Brightness Dial, and a Type-C charge port. Pixel’s RGB LED light is an excellent choice for photography, live streaming, and video presentations, etc. It also adds a professional, glossy magazine look to self-portraits aka selfies.

The Not So Good

The 5V 4040mAh battery is built-in, which is quite common with LED camera lights. But it means you can’t swap the battery when it goes flat. The type-C charging time is quite fast at 2.5 hours.

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Tech Specs
Brand: Pixel
Number of LEDs: 198
Power: 13W
Color Temperature: 3200k-5200k
Dimming Range: 1-100%
Mounting: 1/4 thread, hot shoe
Battery: Built-in 4040mAh lithium
Charging: Type-C port
Charging Time: 2.5 hours
Dimensions: 5.7 x 3.1 x 4.5”
Product Weight: 18.4 oz.
The Pros
Multiple adjustment controls
Doubles as a power bank
Lightweight and pocket-sized
3 modes, 9 effects
Full dimmable range
Quick charging
Storage/caring case
Function button & dial
3 x 1/4 threaded holes
The Cons
Fixed battery (can’t swap)

10. Aputure Amarna Adjustable AL-MX LED Light

Aputure Amarna Adjustable AL-MX LED LightView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

The final review is for the Aputure Amaran Adjustable AL-MX LED Light. It’s the most intense product on the page with 5 step adjustments and a brightness booster button.

  • Best feature 1: Ultra-bright on-camera LED light
  • Best feature 2: Magnetic diffuser filters
  • Plus points: Small and powerful, rugged build, battery indicator, brightness boost button
  • Minus points: Vague battery indicator, short battery life, weak magnets

Aputure Amaran Adjustable AL-MX LED Highlights

Aputure built the Amaran to last with rugged aircraft-grade aluminum. It has a super-efficient heat management system that adds further to its durability. Mounting options include a 1/4” screw and a universal cold shoe. Inside the credit-card-sized panel are 128 SMD LEDs that produce incredible brightness. The device comes with 2 magnetic diffusers for hard and soft lighting effects.

The tiny size of this flexible light makes it exceptionally versatile. You can place it in tight spaces that need lighting where other units can’t get. Its wide beam angle is around 120°. The product comes with a smart case to protect and store it when not in use.

The Not So Good

The 4 battery bulbs are in 25% increments. That’s fine until you get to the last light as you have no idea what percentage remains between 25–0%. A digital battery indicator would have been better. Also, the battery life at full power is only 60 minutes or even less. Lastly, the magnets are not very strong, and the diffusers may fall off with a slight knock or vibration.

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Tech Specs
Brand: Aputure
Number of LEDs: 128
Power: 8W
Color Temperature: 2800–6500K
Illuminance: 0.3m: 2400
Mounting: 1/4 screw, cold shoe
Battery: 3.7V 1800mAh lithium
Charging: USB Type-C
Dimensions: 7.4 x 6.2 x 2.7”
Product Weight: 26.4 oz.
The Pros
Ultra-bright on-camera LED light
2 magnetic diffuser filters
Small and powerful
Rugged, metal build
Efficient heat management
Battery level indicator LEDs
Brightness boost button
The Cons
Vague battery indicator
Short battery life
Weak magnets
0/50 ratings