Oral B Electric Toothbrush Black Friday Deals

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Oral B makes fantastic electric toothbrushes. They have discounted a range of models for Black Friday. You can save up to $60 on one during the sale.

There’s no word when these deals will end. They may continue through Cyber Monday, but this is not guaranteed. Inventory is also limited, so keep that in mind as you make your decision. We have looked for Oral B electric toothbrush deals at major retailers. Target and Amazon are the best places to get one.

Discounted PriceItemRetailerOriginal Price
$99.99Oral-B Smart Series 6000 Bluetooth Rechargeable Electric ToothbrushTarget$159.99
$59.99Oral-B Pro-Health 3000 Rechargeable Electric ToothbrushAmazon$120.99
$34.95Oral-B Pro Crossaction 1000 Rechargeable Electric ToothbrushAmazon$65.99
$149.99Oral-B Genius 8000 Rose Gold Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush with 3 Brush Heads Bluetooth Connectivity and Travel CaseTarget$179.99
$89.94Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth ConnectivityAmazon$159.99
$149.94Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Electronic Power Rechargeable Battery Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth ConnectivityAmazon$176.99
$59.97Oral-B Pro 1500 CrossAction Electric Power Rechargeable Battery ToothbrushAmazon$69.99

What to Look for in an Electric Toothbrush

More expensive electric toothbrushes typically have more advanced features. For instance, they often have pressure sensors that will tell you if you are brushing too hard. Hard brushing can inflame your gums and lead to problems, so this is a valuable feature.

You should look at the battery life of the electric toothbrush before you buy it. Having to charge your toothbrush more than once a week is frustrating. Premium models can last for a few weeks before needing charged.

Sophisticated electric toothbrushes have position tracking. They can determine how much time you are spending in each quadrant of your mouth and show you the information in an app. This will let you know if your brushing technique needs improved.

The final thing to look at is how the toothbrush rotates. Sonic and ultrasonic toothbrushes have been proven to be better at removing plaque. Investing a bit more can give you a better smile.

Overall, Oral B has released good Black Friday deals. Although their electric toothbrushes normally cost a premium, the math makes more sense with these offers.