6 Best Outdoor RC Helicopters

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Not all radio-controlled helicopters can fly outside. This guide looks at the 6 best outdoor RC helicopters around. So, what is an outdoor-capable RC helicopter? The answer is a durable craft and one that pilots can safely control even in winds up to a certain speed. Most tiny toy-grade RC helis are useless in anything above a breeze.

It’s not unusual to see makers advertise their models as indoor/outdoor RC helicopters. Some of them are, but many others are misleading. All the models in this guide are outdoor-capable.

Haktoys HAK303 Indoor/Outdoor
Flight Time: 8 minutes
Flight Range: 50 feet
Easy to fly, gyro technology, recyclable materials, bright LEDs, two colors available.
Check Amazon
Best Value
FX070C MD500 Heli
Flight Time: 8 minutes
Flight Range: 164 feet
Beginner-friendly, 6-axis gyro, crash-resistant, feature-packed LCD remote.
Check Banggood
Top Pick
Walkera V450D03 RTF Heli
Flight Time: 8 minutes
Flight Range: Not specified
Easy to control, agile, flybarless rotor, wind resistant, crash resistant, Devo7.
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Types of Outdoor RC Helicopters

What to look for depends on skill level and the type of copter you need. The two basic kinds are:

  1. Coaxial RC helicopters
  2. Single rotor RC helicopter

Coaxial RC helis are typically 3-channel (CH) models best suited for beginners. More channels mean more flight agility and functions. Coaxial helis have two rotors or blades—one above the other—on a concentric shaft. They’re much easier to fly than single blade choppers and more stable. These things also make them well-suited for outdoors. The downside to coaxial copters is that they’re less agile.

Coaxial RC helicopters can get a tad boring after a while because of their restrictions. Even so, they’re perfect training models for beginners who want to fly indoors as well as outside. Experienced pilots demand more flight agility, channels, and the functions of a single rotor.

The List of Wants, Needs, and Expectations

Make a quick list of your wants, needs, and the things you expect from an outdoor RC chopper. Here are some essential points to consider that relate to either model type:

  • Maximum budget for your new model?
  • How many channels do you want, 3, 4, more?
  • How robust is the heli, what materials does it use?
  • The cost and availability of spare parts (you WILL crash sometimes)
  • Flight time on a full battery
  • How long do the batteries take to recharge fully?
  • Cost of spare batteries
  • What is the range (distance heli can fly from the controller)?
  • Anything else that matters to you

A quick checklist like the one above is a simple way to ensure you make the best buying decision.

About this Outdoor RC Helicopter Guide

Don’t worry if you’re still uncertain of what you want from an outdoor-capable RC heli. You’re sure to form a better understanding as you start to read through these honest reviews. The six models on this page are not random picks from the internet. I considered the views of industry experts and real user reviews before settling on this shortlist of worthy models.

The top three outdoor RC helis are by Best Budget, Best Value, and Top Pick. The others are in price order with the least expensive first. The table below shows the models as they appear in this guide.

Outdoor RC Helicopters Comparison Table

Make and ModelFlight TimeFlight RangePrice
Haktoys HAK303 Indoor/Outdoor Chopper8 minutes50 feetCheck Price
FX070C Flybarless MD500 RC Helicopter8 minutes164 feetCheck Price
Walkera V450D03 Ready to Fly (RTF) Heli8 minutesNot specifiedCheck Price
Protocol Predator SB Large Outdoor Helicopter10 minutes100 feetCheck Price
Large V912 Single Blade Outdoor RC Heli8 minutes492 feetCheck Price
Walkera Master CP Ready-to-Fly (RTF) Heli10 minutesNot specifiedCheck Price

1. Haktoys HAK303 Indoor/Outdoor Heli | Best Budget

Haktoys HAK303 Indoor/Outdoor HeliView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

Haktoys HAK303 is an indoor/outdoor RC coaxial budget-end heli. Therefore, it’s only suitable for outdoor use on windless days and without direct sunlight. Let’s check it out in more detail.

  • Best feature 1: Crash-resistant materials
  • Best feature 2: Indoor/outdoor capable
  • Plus points: Easy to fly, gyro technology, recyclable materials, bright LEDs, two colors available
  • Minus points: Not wind-friendly, cheap infrared control (see cons below)

This little toy chopper uses recyclable materials and offers plenty of bling despite its low cost. Ultra-bright LED lights surround the crash-resistant frame to afford confident flying fun in the dark.

Flying the HAK303 Helicopter

The coaxial design makes this bird easy to fly at any level. It’s also small and light enough to operate safely indoors. The built-in gyroscope does an excellent job at stabilizing the HAK 303 in the air. This puppy flies well outdoors too—with caution. Always be mindful that direct sunlight can interfere with the infrared frequency. Plus, any winds over 5mph could whisk the heli away.

Its ergonomic X-box-style controller is simple to use and feels comfortable in the hands. The heli’s flight range is around 50 feet which is ideal for a small model. And the built-in rechargeable battery only takes about 30 minutes to charge. That means it’s never too long before you’re back in the air.

The Not So Good

The flight time is only around 8 minutes at best, but at least it has a fast recharging time. The other con is more of an observation than a fault. There are limits to outdoor flying as the model is small, light, and uses infrared control. You can enjoy flying outside if you avoid wind and direct sunlight.


Tech Specs
Helicopter Type: Coaxial Rotor
Dimensions: 8.9 x 4 x 2”
Product Weight: 1.28 oz. (0.08 lbs.)
Recommended Age: 8+ years
Range: 50 ft. (15.24 meters)
Battery: Built-in 3.7V 180mAh Li-Po
Charging time: 30 minutes
Max Flight Duration: 8 minutes
The Pros
Affordable indoor/outdoor heli
Crash-resistant materials
Super easy to fly at any level
Gyro stabilizing technology
Recyclable materials
Ultra-bright LED lights
Two colors available
The Cons
Not wind-friendly above 4mph
Not good outdoors in bright sunlight (infrared control)

2. Flybarless FX070C MD500 RC Helicopter | Best Value

Flybarless FX070C MD500 RC HelicopterBanggood

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5

The Best Value pick is sure to please fans of army-style choppers. This is the FX070C MD500 and it boasts exquisite workmanship and a realistic air show.

  • Best feature 1: Superb workmanship with attention to detail
  • Best feature 2: Flybarless for easier control
  • Plus points: Beginner-friendly, 6-axis gyro, crash-resistant, feature-packed LCD remote
  • Minus points: Short range, short playing time, long charging time

The FX070C MD500 is a big bird made for outdoor flying. Its large size is only part of its eye-catching appeal. A lot’s going on with this feature-packed heli, so it’s important not to assume anything.

Flying the FX070C MD500 RC Helicopter

Flying the FX070C MD500 is tremendous fun at any level. All new owners should take the time to get familiar with the control options and transmitter. The 6-axis gyro and flybarless fixed pitch help to keep the bird steady and thus provide pilots with smoother overall control. It almost feels as if you’re flying the FX070C MD500 on an invisible sky track. The heli also has impressive resistance to moderate wind.

The flexible plastic body helps the FX070C MD500 withstand mild to medium crashes well. And the ergonomic transmitter has a plethora of controls and a handy LCD panel. There’s also an impressive looking antenna sticking out from the top, but all is not as it seems (see next).

The Not So Good

It’s big and powerful, yet still suffers from the RC helis curse of short flight time. You can only expect 8 minutes, and that’s with regular flying in no wind. The painful 210 minute (3.5 hours) charging time adds further to the disappointment. At least the must-have extra batteries are affordable.

The short 50m (164 ft.) range was a surprise. That was until I realized the protruding antenna was a hollow mockup for show only. The real antenna is a tiny wire, so that explains the short range. It’s a cheeky move from the makers. It’s still a worthy product of excellent value despite these cons.


Tech Specs
Helicopter Type: Single rotor Flybarless
Dimensions: 26.65 x 11.63 x 12.65”
Product Weight: 76.8 oz. (4.8 lbs.)
Recommended Age: 14+ years
Range: 164 ft. (50 meters)
Battery: 1100mAh 11.1V lithium
Charging time: 210 minutes (3.5 hrs.)
Max Flight Duration: 8 minutes
The Pros
Army design, attention to detail
Flybarless for easier control
6-axis gyro
Crash-resistant plastics
Feature-packed LCD remote
The Cons
Short playing time
Long charging time
Short range

3. Walkera V450D03 Ready to Fly (RTF) Heli | Top Pick

Walkera V450D03 Ready to Fly (RTF) HeliView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

My Top Pick is the Walkera HM V450D03 2.4Ghz heli. It’s a brilliant outdoor bird for anyone moving up from a coaxial model. Just remember to start with the training gear on its landing skids.

  • Best feature 1: Brushless motor
  • Best feature 2: 6-axis gyro
  • Plus points: Easy to control, agile, flybarless rotor, wind resistant, crash resistant, Devo7
  • Minus points: Short flight time

There’s plenty to marvel over with the ready-to-fly (RTF) Walkera V450D03 copter. It’s not cheap, but it’s excellent value considering the quality and features it offers. Let’ see how this bird flies outdoors.

Flying the Walkera V450D03 Outdoor Helicopter

The Walkera V450D03 helicopter is easy to fly from beginner to expert levels. Its design is less bulky and not as complex as the flybar alternatives. It also means there are fewer moving parts to go wrong. The flybarless 450 platform also adds to flight efficiency and longer flights. And the 6-axis gyro helps to keep the craft nice and steady. That means tighter control when performing 3D aerial acrobatics.

Walkera’s V450D03 Generation II 6-axis chopper is both sturdy and stable. It gets its oomph from the powerful brushless motor and high-capacity lipo battery. The V450D03 handles well in winds too—a vital attribute for outdoor flying. Its belt-driven system is quiet and easy to adjust. The main build uses carbon fiber reinforced plastic. It’s a high-quality though lightweight crash-resistant material.

There’s so much to appreciate with this model. There’s its beautiful design, precision engineering, and close attention to detail. It’s the little things with this bird that make the biggest difference.

The Devo 7 Transmitter

The DEVO 7 – also called the Walkera Devention – is a quality 2.4Ghz digital transmitter. It’s DEVO’s entry-level controller, but it’s still a high-end piece of equipment. It has all the features needed to fine-tune and fly the 6 channel Walkera V450D03. That includes things like throttle & pitch curves, flight modes, and a plethora of other settings. It can also store an impressive 15 RC model memories.

The Not So Good

The only shared gripe with the Walkera V450D03 is its 8-minute maximum flight time. It would have been even less if it wasn’t for the lightweight build and efficient flybarless 450 platform. You won’t want the fun to stop, so new owners should add extra Li-Po batteries to the cost.


Tech Specs
Helicopter Type: Single Rotor
Dimensions: 29.1 x 8.4 x 4.5”
Product Weight: 28.7 oz. (1.79 lbs.)
Recommended Age: 14+ years
Range: Not specified
Battery: 11.1V 2600mAh Li-Po
Charging time: Not specified
Max Flight Duration: 8 minutes
The Pros
Cool design, attention to detail
Powerful brushless motor
6-axis stabilizing gyro
Easy to fly at any level
Agile and stable
Flybarless rotor
Wind resistant
Crash resistant
Devo7 transmitter (included)
The Cons
Short flight time

4. Protocol Predator SB Large Outdoor Helicopter

Protocol Predator SB Large Outdoor HelicopterView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.3/5

Next up is the Protocol Predator SB 3.5-Channel R/C heli. It’s a large-sized helicopter that’s ideal for outdoor flying. It’s a tough and capable bird as well as a good-looker with an affordable price tag.

  • Best feature 1: Motion-sensitive auto-stabilizers
  • Best feature 2: Crash-resistant materials
  • Plus points: Easy to pilot, two speed modes, crash resistant, decent range LCD transmitter
  • Minus points: Not very wind-resistant, exaggerated flight time, needs trimming

The size and design of the Protocol Predator SB give it a realistic flight performance. Its servo-driven, single-blade arrangement guarantees steady, reliable outdoor functions.

Flying the Protocol Predator SB Heli

The Protocol Predator is easy to fly despite its large size if you keep it within range. It has two speeds to choose from, high and low. Speed control is always a welcome feature for new pilots. And the motion-sensitive auto-stabilizers give users plenty of confidence by steadying the craft. That doesn’t mean pilot error is a thing of the past because it’s not.

When occasional crashes do occur, though, the crash-resistant materials do a great job at protection. There are plenty of user reviews to back up the durability of this large-scale heli. This model includes a decent 2.4 Gig, remote control (transmitter) with an LCD screen. It’s big and comfortable to fine-tune the direction indicators for trim adjustments. It also has helpful audible adjustment tones.

The Not So Good

Alas, the Predator SB is not very wind-resistant despite its size and weight. It’s steadier when flying in high-speed mode but not by much. Therefore, it’s not a good choice for anyone who lives in windy locations. Another disappointment is the flight time. Getting 10 minutes on a calm day with uneventful flying is possible. The reality, though, is closer to 8 minutes on a full battery.

The final con is that it needs some trimming from the transmitter. There are mixed reviews about this. Some folks see it as easy to trim, and others find it time-consuming, battery-draining, and fiddly.


Tech Specs
Helicopter Type: Single Prop
Dimensions: 21 x 15.6 x 6.2
Product Weight: 41.6 oz. (2.6 lbs.)
Recommended Age: 14+ years
Range: 100 ft. (30 meters)
Battery: 7.4V 650mAh Lithium-Ion
Charging time: 80+ minutes
Max Flight Duration: 10 minutes
The Pros
Cool design outdoor RC heli
Motion-sensitive stabilizers
Crash-resistant materials
Easy to pilot at all levels
Two speed options
Crash resistant
Wind resistant
Built-in electronic gyro
Decent range
The Cons
Not wind-resistant
Low average flight time
Needs some trimming

5. NiGHT LiONS TECH Large V912 4CH Single Blade Heli

NiGHT LiONS TECH Large V912 4CH Single Blade HeliView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.4/5

The Night Lion Tech WL Sky Dancer is a cracking RC helicopter for outdoor flying. There’s a quality feel to it and a bunch of advanced features. It’s also affordable and super easy to fly right out of the box.

  • Best feature 1: Durable, crash-resistant
  • Best feature 2: Aluminum frame
  • Plus points: Easy to fly, gyro stability, good range, 3D action, decent controller, fast charging
  • Minus points: Short flight time, needs trimming out of the box

This is a durable, crash-resistant outdoor heli with an almost indestructible aluminum frame. It’s a good-looking bird too, and that always adds to the appeal of these fascinating RC whirlybirds.

Flying the Large V912 Sky Dancer 4CH RC Heli

New users notice just how stable this heli is the moment it takes off and hovers. It has heavier blades than some in its class and a longer flybar. These things combined add to its flying stability and wind-resistance. It feels closer to a co-axial copter than a single blade but without the restrictions. All the moving parts are precision fitted, so there’s no looseness as with some models.

The decent range gives users plenty of space to fly at almost 500 feet. Skilled RC pilots get to perform exciting 3D actions using the excellent WLtoys controller. Another standout feature is the thick, sturdy landings skids. A lot of rival models fail in this area leaving owners to make modifications to strengthen the landing gear. Yes, the V912 Sky Dancer checks a lot of the right boxes.

The Not So Good

You can probably guess the main complaint if you’ve read all the other reviews. The flight time is only 8 minutes at best. The good news is the faster charging time of around 60 minutes. The only other con is that the V912 requires trimming out of the box. Trimming is not unusual for RC helis, but the issue here is inconsistency. Some say it needs a lot of fiddling and fine-tuning and others only a little.


Tech Specs
Helicopter Type: Single Rotor
Dimensions: 20.1 x 5.5 x 9.8″
Product Weight: 48.8 oz. (3.05 lbs)
Recommended Age: 14+ years
Range: 492 ft. (150 meters)
Battery: 7.4V 1500mAh LiPo rechargeable
Charging time: 60 minutes
Max Flight Duration: 8 minutes
The Pros
Beautifully designed heli for outdoor flying
Spur gears on the rudder
Sturdy aluminum frame
Easy to fly
Gyro stability
Decent flight range
3D action flying
Nice controller
Fast charging
The Cons
Short flight time
May need a lot of trimming out of the box

6. Walkera Master CP Ready-to-Fly (RTF) Heli

Walkera Master CP Ready-to-Fly (RTF) HeliView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5

The Walkera Master CP must be the best looking outdoor-capable heli in this guide. It looks too good to fly—almost, but fly it must. Keep reading to see what makes this RC copter so special.

  • Best feature 1: Indoor/outdoor capable (perfect size)
  • Best feature 2: 6-Axis Gyro
  • Plus points: Perfect beginner/intermediate heli, crash resistant, 3D flying, DEVO7 controller
  • Minus points: Short flight time

Those ready to move away from co-axial helicopters are going to love the Master CP. It’s a tiny-sized collective pitch bird suited for both outdoor and indoor fun. It’s also easy to fly for advanced beginners.

Flying the Walkera Master CP Mini Helicopter

Even newbies to single rotors find this beauty easy to control. It really is the perfect training heli. The 6 axis gyro does a brilliant job at keeping the craft steady in all flight scenarios. The Master CP is also as robust as they come for small RC copter (see next section).

Advanced pilots can exploit the full flying potential of the Master CP Mini. The angle of this single-rotor craft can go from positive to negative which allows for 3D aerobatics. The heli—with its DEVO7 transmitter—can handle blustery outdoor conditions like you wouldn’t believe.


This bird is tough thanks to its elasticated, crash-resistant plastic parts. They include components like the rotor blades, rotor heads, frame, and the landing skids.

The high-quality reinforced plastic is better than an all-metal construction for learners. That’s because inexperienced users have more crashes than skilled pilots. The quality plastics can absorb impact incredibly well whereas metal parts are more prone to bending.

The Not So Good

It’s almost impossible to find shared complaints about this mini model among users. There are a few personal gripes but no commonly shared issues other than the short flight time. It’s supposed to stay up for 10 minutes in ideal conditions. I’d say 8 minutes is perhaps a more accurate figure.


Tech Specs
Helicopter Type: Single Rotor
Dimensions: 21.8 x 6 x 3.5
Product Weight: 14.84 oz. (0.92 lb.)
Recommended Age: 14+ years
Range: Not specified
Battery: 11.1V 900mAh Li-Po rechargeable
Charging time: Not specified
Max Flight Duration: 10 minutes
The Pros
Beautiful sleek design
Indoor/outdoor capable
Ideal beginner/intermediate heli
6-axis gyro stabilization
Carbon fiber reinforced rotor
Crash resistant
3D action flying
Quality DEVO7 Transmitter
The Cons
Short flight time
4/51 rating