Portable Bluetooth Speaker Black Friday Deals (Bose, JBL, Sony, etc)

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There are a lot of portable Bluetooth speakers that are on sale this Black Friday 2019, with many of them featuring a rugged, outdoor-friendly design. Here are the best and most notable deals that are up for grabs:

Bose Black Friday Speakers

The SoundLink Revolve+ and SoundLink Revolve are similarly designed portable Bluetooth speakers with an IPX4 rating and Siri and Google Assistant support. While the more expensive SoundLink Revolve+ is larger and heavier, it’s actually easier to carry since it has a handle at the top, making it more suitable for outdoor excursions like camping. It has a longer battery life as well, with up to 16 hours of playtime, which is four hours longer compared to the cheaper SoundLink Revolve.

If you want a portable speaker that is designed specifically for outdoor use, the SoundLink Micro is a better option. It has a more compact and more rugged design with an IPX7 rating, which makes it more protected against water. It’s great for cycling, hiking, and other outdoor activities, with its tear-resistant strap making it easy to carry. But at six hours per charge, it has a more limited battery than both SoundLink Revolve models.

JBL Black Friday Speakers

JBL is one of the most represented audio companies this Black Friday 2019, with a wide selection of portable Bluetooth speakers – along with wireless headphones – for different preferences. All the JBL speakers listed here are ruggedly built portable Bluetooth speakers with an IPX7 rating, which means they are well-protected against water. They mainly differ in size and battery life, with the JBL Boombox offering the best battery life (24 hours), but it’s also the largest and least portable.

Sony Black Friday Speakers

The SRS-XB41, SRS-XB12, and SRS-XB01 are portable Bluetooth speakers with a rugged and outdoor-friendly design, with the former two models boasting an IP67 rating for superior dust and water protection. The SRS-XB41 is designed for all-night parties, featuring a lighting system and the ability to connect and sync with other speakers. With their more compact design, the SRS-XB12 and SRS-XB01 are easier to carry for outdoor adventures. Both are lightweight and include a sturdy strap for easy carrying.

Ultimate Ears Black Friday Speakers

Ultimate Ears is one of JBL’s biggest competitors in the portable Bluetooth speakers market, with the company also offering rugged, tube-shaped speakers for outdoor use. Both the Megaboom 3 and the Boom 3 are great for outdoor adventures, featuring a drop-resistant design and an IP67 rating for dust and water protection. The larger and more expensive Megaboom 3 has more powerful bass and can run five hours longer than the Boom 3. Meanwhile, the Wonderboom 2 – which is also rated IP67 – is a lighter and more compact Bluetooth speaker that is easier to carry. But it has a shorter battery life compared to both the Megaboom 3 and Boom 3.

Notable deals from other brands

Like the JBL Boombox, the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5 and the Anker SoundCore Rave Mini are larger-than-usual portable Bluetooth speakers, but both feature an integrated handle for easy carrying. Of the two, the Rave Mini is more suitable for outdoor use, featuring a more rugged design with an IPX7 rating for water protection and longer battery life. On the other hand, the Harman Kardon product is a premium speaker with a sleeker and more elegant design.

Design-wise, the Beats Pill+ is more in line with portable Bluetooth speakers such as the Ultimate Ears Boom 3, the Sony SRS-XB41, and the JBL Flip 4, but it’s not as ruggedly built. Meanwhile, the IPX4-rated Marshall Stockwell II is a portable speaker that features the iconic look of Marshall amplifiers, right down to the knob controls and the metal grille. It’s not as compact as the Beats speaker, but it has a better battery.