Projector Cyber Monday 2018 Deals

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Projectors have finally become high-quality enough to start replacing TVs in home theaters. The only problem is that projects are still expensive. Fortunately, you can save hundreds on a new projector for Cyber Monday. The biggest brands in the industry are having sales and its your last day to get one.

How to Choose a Projector

The first feature to look at when you are choosing a projector is the number of lumens. Cheap projectors will only have 1000 lumens, which is not enough to be able to see the image even with a small amount of light in the room. Realistically, you should look for projectors that have a lumens of 3000 or more if you want a clear image regardless of the room’s lights.

4K projectors now exist and they are fantastic. Unfortunately, they are expensive but it still makes sense for some people. You can find 4K projectors starting at around $1500. You should not settle for anything less than 1080p resolution.

You should consider how you are going to connect to your projector. See if the model connects to WiFi before you purchase it. Also consider what ports it has and whether it has enough for your applications.

Finally, you need to look closely at the contrast ratio of the projector you are buying. The contrast ratio is the difference between the lightest and darkest colors. You want a high ratio if you want high-quality video.

Overall these are the best deals on projectors you’re likely to find until next year. Now is your last chance to get one on sale ahead of the holidays.