RC Black Friday 2019 Deals for Cars, Trucks, Boats, Helicopters, and Airplanes

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The interactive remote-controlled models today provide fun for all the family. There’s something to amuse, entertain, and challenge everyone, at any age. This quick guide highlights the best last-minute Black Friday RC deals for 2019. I’ve made the page easy to navigate by grouping the models into separate categories. Below is a quick breakdown of what’s on offer.

There are popular models in each of the 7 Black Friday categories arranged by price, lowest to high.

  1. Radio Controlled RC Cars
  2. Radio Controlled RC Off-Road Trucks
  3. Radio Controlled RC Speedboats
  4. Radio Controlled RC Airplanes
  5. Radio Controlled RC Helicopters
  6. Radio Controlled Drones
  7. Kids Interactive Educational Robots

You will find RC bargains here that are suitable for toddlers, pre-teens, teenagers, and adults. Check out these last-minute Black Friday RC deals for 2019. There are RC trucks, boats, planes, helis, and RC robots.

Black Friday RC Cars

The first 7 RC deals are some of the current favorite models for youngsters and adults:

RC Cars Buying Considerations

A lot of folks buy RC cars based on the wow factor. Yes, it’s important to purchase models that attract you but don’t let it be the only deciding factor. Another thing to be mindful of is scale and dimensions. It’s not unusual to order an RC car that turns out to be much bigger or way smaller than the buyer thought it would be. Also, check the manufacturer’s recommended age and skill level for the vehicle. Other checks are running times, charging times, and the cost of spare batteries.

Black Friday RC Off-Road Trucks, Buggies, and Truggies

Next up are 7 exceptional RC off-road vehicles for beginners to advanced users:

RC Off-Road Trucks Buying Considerations

Multi-terrain, all-weather RC trucks are more realistic, robust, and powerful than they’ve ever been. Most of them are built for slower, off-road adventures rather than speed. They all look tough, but some fare better than others. My advice is to check out any user feedback to see how they handle abuse. You can also expect to replace or upgrade parts more with RC trucks than cars.

If you’re buying as a gift, make sure you know what kind of off-road truck the person wants. Primary considerations are the model’s scale size, drive system, i.e., 2WD or 4WD, speed, and range. Check also for waterproof properties, running times, charging times, and the cost of spare parts.

Black Friday RC Boats

Next up at the water models. Here are our 7 RC speedboat picks for this Black Friday:

RC Speedboat Buying Considerations

There are specific buying considerations for RC boats. Be careful when choosing a vessel for rivers, large ponds, and lakes. An RC boat should have a capsize recovery function at the very least. Failsafe features are also vital if you plan to race far from the bank. Look for those with low battery, out of range, and weak signal alarms. On the performance front, check the boat’s top speed, ease of handling, and its control distance. Finally, look at battery life, charging times, and the cost of spares.

Black Friday RC Airplanes

Here are 7 superb radio-controlled plane deals for enthusiastic RC pilots:

RC Planes Buying Considerations

RC planes are easier to fly now than they used to be. Even so, make sure the model is suitable for the age of the pilot and their skill level. You may want something more advanced if it’s going to be a pastime shared between an experienced parent and child. RC planes come in various formats that all buyers should be aware of. See ‘Cutting through the Jargon’ in the intro if you’re unsure.

Check the plane’s crash-resistance and cost of replacement parts, especially for entry-level models. The launch methods and type of landing gear—if any—are other considerations. Planes to grow into should have variable speeds for different skill levels, i.e., Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Lastly, don’t forget to look at flying times, battery charging times, and the cost of extra batteries.

Black Friday RC Helicopters

These 7 RC helicopters are sure to appeal to whirlybirds fans:

RC Helicopters Buying Considerations

RC helicopters were once the models of expert pilots, but today there are helis for all skill levels. Very young or raw novice pilots should start with two-rotor models called coaxial helis. These doubled-bladed copters are ultra-stable and easy to control. Their restrictions make them a little boring after a while, but they’re still the best choice for new users. Most typically have 3 or 3.5 channels.

Look at the materials used, crash-resistance, flight, and charging times. The availability and cost of new parts and the choice to upgrade (advanced users) are others.

Black Friday Radio-Controlled Quadcopter Drones

These 8 RC helicopters are sure to appeal to whirlybirds fans:

RC Drones Buying Considerations

There are so many drones available today that it’s overwhelming for first-time buyers. The Black Friday picks above are all popular choices within their class. Novice pilots should opt for beginner-friendly flight modes, failsafe controls, and crash-resistance. Look at the price and availability of vulnerable parts like propellers and prop guards. It’s also worth reviewing apps for app-controlled crafts.

Make sure the drone has a camera if you want one (not all models do). Drones often have limited flight times, especially beginner quadcopters. Check the cost of extra batteries and charging times so that you can fly with minimal interruptions. Travelers should consider compact designs with foldable arms, gesture controls, and Follow Me modes, etc. You get the idea.

Lastly, consider where the new pilot plans to fly. Some drones are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, while others are only for inside. The latter is due to Bluetooth controllers and ultra-lightweights.

Black Friday Interactive Educational Robots

All RC models are robots or sorts, but the ones here are of the conventional kind:

RC Robots Buying Considerations

How I wish there were robots like these when I was a kid. They’re super entertaining and educational at the same time. Choose models with intelligent learning modes if that’s important to you. Check what the robot does—exactly—and its suggested age suitability. Heed any small parts warnings if you’re buying for toddlers, and verify that all materials used are child-safe.

Running times, range of functions, and progressive learning modes are all worth attention. Many parents buy robots through their eyes, so try not to fall into that trap. Ask yourself if the child will enjoy the plaything and whether it’s going to be out of the toy box more often than in it.