Best RC Construction Vehicles

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There’s no vehicle in the real world that the RC world can’t replicate. That includes land, sea, or air. My simple guide looks at some of the most amazing electric radio-controlled construction vehicles around. There’s a mix of great models to choose from. Keep reading to find something to expand your child’s imagination or a big boy’s toy for adult hobbyists.

In this guide, we take a look at RC construction vehicles including bulldozers, excavators, fork lifts, and cranes.

Fistone RC 4WD Bulldozer Truck
3.75 lbs.
Running time 15-20 minutes
Large anti-slip off-road tires and non-toxic ABS material.
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Best Value
Memtes RC Excavator
5.25 lbs.
Running time 20 minutes
Full functional construction vehicle. Durable build quality.
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Top Pick
JUMBO Remote control forklift
Upto 26 lbs.
Running time 25 minutes
Powerful lift & pull capability. Realistic sound effects.
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There’s something about construction vehicles that captivates young minds. Few can resist watching huge diggers, bulldozers, or dump trucks at work. You may not be able to jump in the driver’s seat, but RC construction vehicles are still a lot of fun.

Best RC Construction Vehicles Comparison Table

Make and ModelRun timeCharge timePrice
Top Race 12 CH Remote Control Crane25 minutes50 minutesCheck Price
Fistone Radio-Controlled 4WD Bulldozer Truck20 minutes4 hoursCheck Price
RC Excavator Remote Control Crawler Tractor20 minutes4–6 hoursCheck Price
DOUBLE E RC Mixer Truck 4 Wheel Drive20 minutes4 hoursCheck Price
Memtes Fully-functional RC Excavator20 minutes80 minutesCheck Price
Top Race JUMBO Remote control forklift25 minutes90 minutesCheck Price

Here’s a quick list of the six RC models in the order they appear. I have arranged them by price starting with the least expensive options at the top. All models cost less than $100.

1. Top Race 12 CH Remote Control Crane

Top Race 12 CH Remote Control CraneView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

My first pick is an electric 12-channel remote control crane from Top Race. It’s a great toy product for youngsters. It has an extended playing time and a fast battery charging time.

  • Best feature 1: Long playtime
  • Best feature 2: Fast recharging time
  • Plus points: RTR, fully functional, 40Mhz frequency, light & sound effects, drives
  • Minus points: Tracks can fall off on turns, plasticky

Kids love this toy construction crane, especially young lads. It’s ready to run (RTR) the moment you unbox it. The fully functional model can then perform the same actions as the real thing. The hook moves up and down, the crane drives forward and back, and it turns left and right. The crane’s cabin does a 720-degree rotation with realistic sounds and LED lights.

Play with it indoors or outdoors, on the carpet or in the sandpit—it’s safe to use anywhere. This model operates on a 40Mhz high frequency. That means it won’t interfere with any other Top Race RC toys that you run on separate frequencies. It’s certainly a fun model to add to any collection.

The Not So Good

There are a couple of minor issues with the Top Race remote-controlled crane. The main frustration is that the anti-slip tire tracks can come off when playing on carpet or while turning. They’re simple enough to put back on, and they won’t always come off, but it’s still annoying when they do.

The only other downside is that the functioning toy looks and feels a bit cheap and plasticky. Still, it’s a critics observation and not something that has any effect on a kid’s enjoyment.


Tech Specs
Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 14″
Product Weight: 1 lb.
Scale: 1:24
Age range: 5 years plus
Battery: AA 1.2v 300 mAh (x4)
Running time: 25 minutes
Charging time: 50 minutes
Remote controller: 40Mhz transmitter
The Pros
Affordable RC Ready-to-Run construction crane
Decent playing time (battery life)
Fast battery charging time
Fully functional model
40Mhz high frequency
Special effect lights & sound
The Cons
Plasticky build
Tracks come off too easily

2. Fistone Radio-Controlled 4WD Bulldozer Truck

Fistone Radio-Controlled 4WD Bulldozer TruckView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.4/5

The Fistone RC 4WD Bulldozer Truck is a realistic, robust model. It’s double motor, and off-road rubber tires, let users take it to places other RC models can’t get to.

  • Best feature 1: Double motor support
  • Best feature 2: Off-road rubber tires
  • Plus points: Alloy shovel loader, durable toy, ABS material, LED lights, easy to operate
  • Minus points: Plastic gears sometimes slip, underpowered, long charging time

Kids love the 6CH alloy RC shovel loader, and it makes an excellent gift for any occasion. This RC construction vehicle has a robust finish and uses some real alloy parts in its build. The good news for parents is that the other material is a safe, non-toxic ABS. There’s even 60-day worry-free service. This guarantee covers any quality problems or other issues found with the toy within two months.

Operating the Alloy RC Shovel Loader

The shovel arm goes up and down smoothly using the 2.4G transmitter. What we have here is a mini, fully functional version of the real thing. There are even lights and special sound effects to enhance the experience. The big rubber tires make driving over rugged terrain and obstacles much easier. Users can move the bulldozer forward, backward, turn left, and turn right.

The Not So Good

The overall build and materials are impressive. However, the gears are plastic and tend to slip if you try to work the shovel too hard. It’s a powerful RC construction model, but it’s not as mighty as the claims suggest. I’d say it’s underpowered for shifting too much sand or dirt in one go. Okay, I know it’s only a toy and it’s a good one at that, but don’t expect too much power at the bucket end.

The only other gripe is the long charging time of around 3-4 hours. Be sure to invest in one or two spare batteries as the maximum play time is 20 minutes at best.


Tech Specs
Dimensions: 13.8 x 5.9 x 5.9″
Product Weight: 3.75 lbs.
Scale: 1:18
Age range: 6 years plus
Battery: 4.8V 400mAh
Running time: 15-20 minutes
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Remote controller: 2.4Ghz transmitter
The Pros
Great looking RC Bulldozer
Affordable price
Double motor
Large anti-slip off-road tires
Tough alloy shovel loader, and other alloy parts
Non-toxic ABS material
Durable build
LED lights and special sound effects
Easy to operate
The Cons
Plastic gears sometimes slip
Not as powerful as claims suggest
Long battery charging time

3. RC Excavator Remote Control Crawler Tractor

RC Excavator Remote Control Crawler TractorView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5

The next fully functional RC construction vehicle is another realistic model but with a few extras. It’s the Fisca 11-channel Excavator Crawler Tractor with a real metal shovel.

  • Best feature 1: Automatic Demonstration Function
  • Best feature 2: High simulated hydraulic pole
  • Plus points: Realistic details, long range, abrasion resistant, alloy bucket, metal shovel
  • Minus points:Long charging time, average running time

This 15-channel RC Truck Excavator Crawler Tractor comes with a handy automatic demo function. There are lots of things to like about this affordable model with its high attention to detail. Users love the firm and functional simulation hydraulic pole and strong arm. There’s even attention to detail in the alloy cab. It includes a seat, steering wheel, and side mirrors. You’ve got exhaust pipes too.

Operating the RC Excavator Crawler Tractor

Kids and parents have a lot of fun playing with this mini beast. It performs all the functions of the real-world model albeit on a smaller and much safer scale. The control interference-free control range is impressive at 10-100m, depending on the environment. Most users will operate this mini beast close by, but it’s nice to have a strong single all the same.

It’s going to get dirty and experience a few knocks because of the type of vehicle it is. That doesn’t mean you want it to look tired and battered after a few days of use. The Excavator’s abrasion-resistant finish helps to keep this good-looking vehicle looking good. You can play indoors or scoop and dig sand and shift soil outside with the alloy shovel and metal bucket.

Everything works as it should do. There’s rotation, up and down movements at the front, and full driving maneuvers. The special effects lights and realistic sound effects help to liven up the experience.

The Not So Good

The main disadvantage of this toy is the long 4-hour (or longer) charging time. The running time is around 20 minutes on a fully charged battery. The play time is disappointingly short unless you invest in extra batteries. Long charging time and average running time are the only real cons for this model.


Tech Specs
Dimensions: 18.1 x 5.9 x 8.3″
Product Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Scale: 1:87
Age range: 6 years plus
Battery: 700mAH 6V rechargeable
Running time: 20+ minutes
Charging time: 4-6 hours depending on the power source
Remote controller: 2.4Ghz transmitter
The Pros
Affordable Crawler Tracker
Close attention to details
Auto demo function
High simulated hydraulic pole
Fully functional model
Alloy bucket, metal shovel
Long control range
The Cons
Long charging time
Average running time

4. DOUBLE E RC 4WD Mixer Truck

DOUBLE E RC 4WD Mixer TruckView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

Concrete and cement mixer trucks have always captivated kid’s imagination. They love it when the trucks empty their load. This one’s a fully functional 1:20 scale Mercedes-Benz 4WD RC Mixer.

  • Best feature 1: Rotating stirring function
  • Best feature 2: Simulation dumping
  • Plus points: Looks impressive, 4WD, auto-demonstration, simulation sounds, LED lights
  • Minus points: Not good on carpet, long charging time

The Double E RC 4WD Mixer looks better than much of the competition. It’s certain to light up any Kids’ eyes the minute they unbox this impressive RC construction truck. And the eco-friendly, non-toxic ABS plastic is reassuring for parents. The truck’s auto-demo mode introduces all the right functions. These include maneuvers, simulation sounds, and LED lights.

Operating the DOUBLE E RC Mixer Truck

The model’s 4-wheel drive gives the vehicle enough torque to travel across most surfaces. It’s fully functional mixer operations include stirring, dumping, and turning with sounds and light effects. The driving maneuvers let you take the truck forward, reverse, turn left, and turn right. The fun lasts for around 20 minutes or more on a fully charged battery depending on usage and surface.

The impressive 10–100m control range adds to the fun and flexibility of this model. It’s a simple RC construction mixer truck to operate for any youngster five years and older.

The Not So Good

There’s not much to gripe about for a truck in its class. One common complaint is that the model is not good on carpet, especially deep pile. Forward and reverse seem to be okay, but it struggles to turn. The only other criticism is the long 4+ hour battery charging time. It’s wise to buy extra batteries with all these models to extend the fun.


Tech Specs
Dimensions: 22.3 x 10.6 x 7.7″
Product Weight: 4.06 lbs.
Scale: 1:20
Age range: 5 years plus
Battery: 800mah 4.8V rechargeable
Running time: 20+ minutes
Charging time: 4+ hours
Remote controller: 2.4Ghz transmitter
The Pros
Fully functional RC Mixer Truck
Aesthetically pleasing for kids
Safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic ABS plastic
Rotating stirring function
Simulation dumping
4-wheel drive
Simulation sounds
LED front lights
The Cons
Not good on some carpets
Long charging time

5. Memtes Fully-functional RC Excavator

Memtes Fully-functional RC ExcavatorView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.9/5

Meet the Memtes 15CH Full Functional RC Excavator Tractor. Around 85% of users would recommend this handsome beast to others. OK, let’s see what it can do.

  • Best feature 1: Robust metal bucket
  • Best feature 2: 680-degree rotating workbench
  • Plus points: Durable build, easy to grasp, fully functional, lights & sounds, fast charging
  • Minus points: Little underpowered, plasticky controller

This excavator is another capable digger with close attention to detail. The realistic functions resemble those of a real-world caterpillar construction excavator. There’s a robust metal bucket as with the others on this page. The excavator’s workbench has a 680° rotation and 360° pivot steering. It’s durable and easy to grasp for the over-8s and younger with supervision.

Operating the RC Excavator Construction Tractor

You can take full control of the job using the 15-channel remote controller. Users can move the digging arm up and down and navigate the load by rotating the cab. Kids can double their fun if they have an RC dump truck to haul the sand, soil, or light gravel away. The high simulation sound effects and LED lights help to make the experience even more realistic.

This puppy can dig, drive, and rotate from any sandbox or mock construction setup. Although the playing time is average at 20 minutes, the battery charging time is an impressive 90 minutes. It’s still a good idea to have a couple of spare batteries to prolong the fun.

The Not So Good

The makers tend to exaggerate the power claims on all these models. They can work with sand, soil, and light gravel, but they’ll struggle if the loads are wet or too hard to dig. This excavator is tremendous fun if you keep realistic expectations and know the limitations.

All the controllers are toy-grade in this class, and that’s not an issue. But this one feels as if it’s especially fragile and therefore easy to break. My advice is to be gentle with it, just in case.


Tech Specs
Dimensions: 21 x 11.5 x 7.5″
Product Weight: 5.25 lbs.
Scale: 1:14
Age range: 5 years plus
Battery: 400mAH 7.2V rechargeable
Running time: 20 minutes
Charging time: 80 minutes
Remote controller: 2.4GHz transmitter
The Pros
Impressive detailed replica
Durable build quality
Full functional construction vehicle
680-degree rotating workbench
360-degree pivot steering
Robust metal bucket
Realistic sounds & Light effects
Fast battery recharging time
The Cons
A tad underpowered for some jobs
Plasticky controller

6. Top Race JUMBO Remote Control Forklift

Top Race JUMBO Remote Control ForkliftView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

Forklift trucks are common on construction sites. Builders need them to load, unload, and transport supplies and materials. The Top Race JUMBO Remote Control Forklift is a remarkable replica.

  • Best feature 1: Big and powerful toy
  • Best feature 2: 90% heavy metal construction
  • Plus points: Metal crane attachment, powerful lift & pulling capability, realistic sound effects
  • Minus points: Takes some skill to control, plastic support for metal forks

This big and powerful 1:10 scale forklift truck by Top Race certainly looks the part. Its robust build uses around 90% metal parts, though one section isn’t metal, but it should be. You can read about that further down the page. The vehicle also comes with a metal crane attachment that adds to its versatility. This RC forklift is so realistic that trainers may use the model to introduce the real thing.

Operating the Top Race JUMBO RC Forklift

The forklift is a workhorse on construction sites for all kinds of operations. Our model here is a tough as they come with its powerful pull and lifting ability. You can expect to lift weights up to six pounds and pull up to a staggering 26 lbs. There’s also the realistic sounds along with headlights and taillights to add to the experience. Playing time is about 20+ minutes, and charging takes 90-minutes.

The Not So Good

The Top Race JUMBO Remote Control Forklift is a construction toy for enthusiasts. It’s aimed at kids 8-years and older because it takes more skill to operate than other models. It would be better with speed controls or a learner mode, but there isn’t any. That means it’s full power ahead—like it or not.

The other complaint is with the part that attaches the truck’s metal forks to the base. It’s plastic! It must be a design flaw as the plastic weakens the fork support. That means you need to be extra careful because a vital part that should be metal—isn’t metal.


Tech Specs
Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 8″
Product Weight: Upto 26 lbs.
Scale: 1:10
Age range: 8 years plus
Battery: 400mah 7.2V rechargeable
Running time: 25 minutes
Charging time: 90 minutes
Remote controller: 2.4Ghz transmitter
The Pros
Jumbo size construction toy
Mostly robust with around 90% heavy metal construction
Metal crane attachment
Powerful lift & pull capability
Realistic sound effects
Front headlights, rear taillights
The Cons
No speed control or learner mode; takes skill to control
Fragile, plastic front fork support