Cyber Monday RC Deals (Cars, Trucks, Boats, Helicopters, and Airplanes)

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Cyber Monday is back, and there are lots of exciting last-minute RC deals for 2019. I’ve painstakingly scoured the web over the past few hours to find some of the best radio-controlled models going. There are 7 categories with deals for all budgets, ages, and skill levels. Check out these RC cars, trucks, boats, aircraft, drones, and robots. There’s something here for everyone—while stocks last.n

Cyber Monday Radio Controlled RC Cars

Here are 8 superb radio-controlled RC car savings for Cyber Monday, 2019:

Shopper’s Tips for Buying RC Cars

Kids and adults alike have always had a fascination with RC cars. Nowadays, they’re better than ever with incredible attention to detail, impressive handling, and lots of power. It’s always wise to keep a list of wants and needs handy when shopping for these models. Some may look fantastic but fall short on performance and build quality. First, check the suggested age limit before you buy anything.

Also, look at the model’s scale size and dimensions. Buying RC cars that are too big or small is an all-too-common mistake. You want to look at crash resistance as well, along with battery life and charging times. And make sure spare parts are readily available and affordable should you need them.

Cyber Monday RC Off-Road Trucks, Truggies & Buggies

Check out these 8 superb off-road RC models for all ages, skill levels, and budgets:

Shopper’s Tips for Buying RC Off-Road Trucks

Off-road RC trucks put up with more abuse than any other model type. Your question is this: can the model I want handle the rough treatment? Read real user feedback to get some idea of a truck’s ruggedness. Decide what you want the model for before you buy it, as there are many types of off-road adventures. The one you choose must be right for the terrain and the style of driving.

Torque—rather than speed—is another feature to look for with off-road RC trucks. The 2WD and 4WD drive systems also needs careful consideration. Some of the key specs to look for are the model’s operational range, battery life, and charging times. The quality of its tires, exterior protection, and internal parts are others. Finally, check the availability and prices of accessories and spare parts.

Cyber Monday Radio Controlled RC Boats, 2019

Next up are the water-based models. Here are our best RC boat picks for this Cyber Monday:

Shopper’s Tips for Buying RC Speedboats

You don’t want to lose your new RC speedboat to the water and nor do you have to. That’s if you make sure it has a 100% waterproof hull, and a capsize recovery mode. The latter flips the boat back upright if it overturns on tight bends. It must have a low-battery alarm too, so that the model doesn’t suddenly die in the middle of a big lake.

A lost or weak signal return-to-home (RTH) is another valuable feature. Also, look at the battery life, how long it takes to charge, the top speeds, and any speed controls.

Cyber Monday Radio Controlled RC Airplanes

Here are 7 terrific RC plane deals for enthusiastic RC pilots of all skill levels and budgets:

Shopper’s Tips for Buying RC Planes

Flying RC aircraft is one of those great outdoor interactive pastimes enjoyed by friends and families. There’s no shortage of planes to choose from either. There are models made for raw beginners up to advanced pilots and all skill levels between the two. Most flight times are usually just a few minutes on a full charge. Check the cost of extra flight batteries before you commit.

Always know the format of a model before you buy it, i.e., RTF, ARF, BNF, PNP, or kit form. Sales pages are not always clear, so always read the full titles. Other considerations are the preferred type of landing gear, launch methods, and control range. Various flight features and functions are others.

Cyber Monday Radio-Controlled RC Helicopters

These 8 RC helicopters are sure to appeal to young and old fans of radio-controlled whirlybirds:

Shopper’s Tips for Buying RC Helicopters

RC helicopters are so much fun, not least because now everyone can fly them. Many of the beginner models are safe to use indoors and outside. Coaxial (two-bladed) choppers are the best choice for first-time pilots. Those who get the bug then progress onto Fixed Pitch (FP) and collective pitch (CP) helis. It’s wise for new users to opt for 3.5 channel models until they develop a few flying skills.

RC pilots of fixed and collective pitch helicopters occasionally experience crashes and bangs. Thus, the resilience of these models should be a major buying consideration. You also need to know that you can quickly and easily fix or replace any damaged parts. Other checks include flight durations, battery charging times, range, and flight functions. Make a note of anything else that’s important to you.

Cyber Monday Radio Controlled RC Drones

Here are 8 of the most-sought-after RC camera drones for Cyber Monday, 2019:

Shopper’s Tips for Buying RC Drones

RC drones—and especially quadcopters—are the latest phenomenon in flying robots. Some are so easy to control that they virtually fly themselves, which is useful for camera quads. That’s because autonomous flight modes let pilots focus more on the filming. Drone racing, though, tests flying skills to the max. Whatever model you go for, there are some shared buying considerations.

Short flight times are a bugbear for all drone users, but it’s not the only consideration. Some drones only fly for a few minutes, but their extra batteries are cheap, and charging times are fast. Other drones—like DJI–have the longest flight times but the most expensive batteries. Decide what’s most important to you. Consider flight range, flight modes, apps, camera quality, and the cost of spares too.

Cyber Monday Fun and Educational RC Robot Deals

These 8 incredible robots let kids have lots of fun while they learn. Check them out while stocks last:

Shopper’s Tips for Buying RC Robots

There is no longer a stereotypical RC robot. These intelligent models have all kinds of unusual shapes, sizes, features, and capabilities. They’re interactive, educational, and heaps of fun. The built-in creative learning programs can help youngsters to develop essential skills, both physical and mental. The first thing to be mindful of when buying one of these smart androids is the age suitability.

The child needs to have an immediate interest in the smart toy for it to be successful. Look carefully at how it works, what it can do, and the benefits for those who play with it. Some plug into a power outlet while others run on batteries. If the latter, you may want to opt for a robot that uses rechargeables to keep running costs down.