RC Cyber Monday 2018 Deals (Cars, Trucks, Airplanes, Helicopters, Boats)

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Cyber Monday is here again, and we’ve picked some incredible RC models to save you the search. Our best RC deals for Cyber Monday include radio-controlled gifts from the five main categories. These are RC cars, RC trucks, RC boats, RC aircraft, and RC robots. Whether your interest is on the ground, in the air, or on the water, it’s all here for Cyber Monday, 2018.

All the big RC brands have put some of their best models up for grabs this year. We’ve also added a few lesser known makes that we know offer incredible features and value. The picks on this page are models that meet the needs and expectations of toddlers, teens, and grownups.

Cyber Monday Savings on Radio Controlled Cars

Here are seven brilliant radio-controlled RC car savings for Cyber Monday, 2018:

What to Consider with RC Cars

RC cars are among the favorite models for kids and families. There are simple toy cars all the way up to complex hobby-grade options. It’s a good idea for parents and grandparents to check the maker’s recommended age for any model. Also, look for the skill level in the description along with the battery life and charging times. Simple checks like these can help you to make much better buying decisions.

Cyber Monday Savings on RC Off-Road Trucks

Check out these seven beginner-to-advanced off-road RC vehicles for Cyber Monday:

What to Consider with RC Off-Road Vehicles

Radio-controlled off-road models are no longer gifts reserved for rich kids. Today, most children have operated an RC vehicle of some kind before their 10th birthday. But these impressive RC trucks are for enthusiasts of all ages. They offer a wide-range of exciting features and functions for every skill level. Above are some fantastic RC off-road choices for Cyber Monday.

There are a few things to consider when buying models of this type. Think about the drive system, i.e. 2WD or 4WD. Also, look at the speed options, operating range, battery life, and the charging times. Check the quality of the truck’s components, its tires, the pros, any cons, and the cost of spares.

Cyber Monday Savings on Fast RC Speedboats

Here are 7 super-fast radio-controlled RC speedboats for Cyber Monday, 2018:

What to Consider with RC Speedboats and Racers

There are several things to consider that are unique to RC water models. The RC speed boat must have a capsize recovery mode, especially if you want to drive it on large ponds and lakes. Look for other failsafe features like a low-battery alarm and an out-of-range warning. Performance features are the top speed, speed control, running time (battery life), and battery charging times.

Cyber Monday Savings on Radio Controlled Airplanes

These are our best 7 RC plane deals for all skill levels and budgets this Cyber Monday:

What to Consider with RC Planes

Flying RC planes is a special kind of fun and one that brings families and friends together. There are plenty of aircraft with beginner-friendly controls. Likewise, there are some mind-blowing RC planes that provide tremendous fun for skilled pilots. Always check the model’s format before you commit. All RC planes advertise as RTF, ARF, PNP, or BNF. Refer to the introduction if you need a recap.

Other crucial things to consider include the build-quality, crash-resistance, and landing gear. Look at launch options too, i.e., hand-launch, vertical takeoff/landing, and ground takeoff/landing. The RC aircraft should state the skill level needed to fly it and a recommended minimum age. Also, check the top speed, flight distance, flying & charging times, and all available flight features.

Cyber Monday Savings on RC Flying Helicopters

These seven Cyber Monday RC helis should have something for all whirlybird enthusiasts:

What to Consider with RC Helicopters

RC helicopters are growing in popularity despite being harder to operate than RC planes. The coaxial 2-rotor designs are easier for learners than the single rotor models. Beginners may also want to opt for a 3–3.5-channel transmitter as they have fewer flight functions. Our Cyber Monday picks have model helis that cater to all budgets and skill levels. See below for the most important buying considerations.

You WILL crash the heli, at least sometimes—we all do. Check the model’s crash-resistance along with the availability and price of replacement parts. Expert pilots may want brushless motors, a long flight range, and metal components. And remember to check flight times and battery charging times.

Cyber Monday Radio Controlled Robots

Every RC model is a robot, but these fascinating picks are robots in the more traditional sense:

What to Consider with RC Robots

RC robots are a special kind of product, and they do much more than move across the floor. Some robots have creative learning programs installed that teach as they entertain. Pay attention to the full descriptions of any potential model. You want to match the robot’s appeal and its ability with the needs and age-level of the child. In other words, ask yourself how the model can benefit the recipient?

Verify the max play time per full charge, and the time it takes to recharge the battery. Robots that don’t take rechargeable batteries can be costly to maintain if they have short run times. Check the product uses non-toxic materials and has a robust build quality.