8 Best LiPo Batteries for RC

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One LiPo battery is like any other, right? Well, not quite. They can share similar specs and compatibilities, but that doesn’t make them the same. This short guide looks at 8 of the best LiPo battery options around for electric RC models. Jump straight to the reviews if you already know everything about lithium-ion polymer batteries. Keep reading this short intro if you don’t.

Warning: Always look for 3rd party independent testing before purchasing a battery below (manufacturing quality varies) and make sure to follow all safety instructions. LiPo batteries can catch fire and should never be charged unattended or stored fully charged. You should always store batteries carefully in a fireproof location.

HRB 11.1V 5000mAh 3S 50C-100C
C-Rating: 50C–100C
Battery Weight: 13.54 oz. (381g)
This battery has a smooth, steady discharge rate.
Check Amazon
Best Value
Zeee 2s 7.4V 50C 5200mAh RC
C-Rating: 50C
Battery Weight: 8.8 oz. (250g)
A competitively priced 2 battery pack with multiple RC applications.
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Top Pick
HRB 6S 6000mAh 22.2V
C-Rating: 50C-100C
Battery Weight: 28.54 oz. (809g)
Made by a leading brand of UAV batteries.
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How to Read a LiPo Battery

Some battery ads use different terms, but it’s all the same technology. The long names are lithium polymer or lithium-ion polymer, usually abbreviated for convenience. The common acronyms are LIP, LiPo, and Li-poly. These are highly-efficient rechargeable batteries that use polymer electrolyte. A battery’s total capacity is the amount of power it can hold. Think of it as the fuel tank.

The capacity uses an old Avestan language to measure it called mAh. It means milliamp hours. LiPo batteries also have a Discharge Rating or C Rating. That tells us how fast the LiPo can discharge safely without damaging the battery. There’s also the voltage (V) of a battery. In simple terms, the voltage determines how fast an RC model will go. You will also see the battery’s cell count in its description.

LiPo batteries have two (2) or three (3) cells connected in a series (S). A “series” connects negative and positive terminals to increase the voltage while maintaining capacity. So, a 2-cell LiPo battery pack reads as 2S and a 3-cell as 3S.

Putting It All Together

Here’s a quick breakdown of all those numbers and how they read in a LiPo battery description:

  • 2S (cell count + series)
  • 7.4V (the voltage)
  • 5000mAh (the capacity)
  • 50C (The discharge rating)

A battery description based on the above specs would read #Brand 2S 7.4V 5000mAh 50C. Some companies may write the tech specs in a different order, but it all means the same thing.

OK, that’s about as technical as we need to get for this guide.

Why Choose LiPo Cells?

LiPo batteries are eco-friendlier but not necessarily safer than the older NiMH technology. Today, high-performance LiPo batteries are the preferred power source for RC models. That includes cars, planes, boats, RC helicopters, drones, etc. They’re not all equal, though, and that’s why some brands cost more than others.

LiPo Battery Safety Considerations

These batteries are not without downsides. For example, they can become dangerous if mistreated in any way. Typical examples include improper charging, discharging, handling, storage, and maintenance. Don’t worry; they are not mini bombs waiting to go off. Nonetheless, it’s still vital to understand and respect the battery’s fundamental characteristics.

Here’s a quick list of dos and don’ts for LiPo batteries:

  • NEVER try to charge, discharge, or use puffy or damaged LiPos
  • AVOID buying used LiPo batteries
  • ALWAYS use a correct LiPo battery charger/discharger
  • ALWAYS charge/discharge/store LiPo batteries in a proper fireproof box, bag, or container
  • NEVER leave the batteries out of site during charging
  • NEVER overcharge or trickle charge LiPo batteries
  • ALWAYS discharge a LiPo battery if you haven’t used it for three days after charging
  • ALWAYS store these batteries at room temperature
  • ALWAYS pack LiPo batteries on the carry-on bag when flying

There are a few other safety suggestions, but these are the most obvious precautions. Always take a couple of minutes to read the makers recommendations with the product. LiPos are amazing batteries for radio-controlled models. Just make sure you remain mindful of the dos and don’ts.

LiPo Batteries Vs. NiMH Batteries

Some RC models come with nickel metal hydride or NiMH batteries, especially low-end products. The main reason is that NiMH batteries are cheaper than the LiPo options. Cost is not the only factor, though. There’s still a place for NiMH batteries, at least for the moment.

The tables below show the main comparisons between the two battery types:

lipo battery table

The pros and cons paint a clear picture. They tell us the smaller size, lighter weight, and higher discharge (more punch) put LiPos on top. The biggest problem is the extra care needed to charge, discharge, and store LiPo batteries (see safety points above).

Battery Brand Considerations

Different brands have different price tags, but the cost is not the only factor. Stay well clear of cheaper knock-offs from the Far East. You might not need to buy the most expensive product either. Some brands tend to last considerably longer than others yet cost less. Maintenance also plays a role, and some makes give more cycles (charges) than others. Read the user reviews to get a feel for this.

Also, consider the battery’s configuration before you buy anything. Do you need a specific type for a branded RC model? If yes, then you’re stuck with one or two dedicated products. Be sure to check a battery’s connectors too. You can always make connectors to fit, but you won’t have to if there are compatible options available.

And finally, think about the LiPo battery’s performance. The description between brands might read identical, but that doesn’t mean they perform the same. Different brands might have different operating times even with an identical C rating—the discharge rate of a LiPo battery.

Summing Up

It’s the little things with LiPo batteries that can make the biggest difference. It doesn’t take much to understand the battery basics either. Savvy shoppers know how to choose batteries with the best performance, reliability, and longevity for their models.

About My Best LiPo Battery Guide

This is a simple LiPo battery buyers guide. I’ve researched the products on this page so that you don’t have to. At the end of each short review is a handy 3-column table. There you can find the main tech specs, the contents of each package, and the battery’s compatibility.

The table below shows the chosen LiPos as they appear on the page. The first three are Best Budget, Best Value, and the Top pick followed by the others in price order.

LiPo Battery Choices for RC Comparison Table

Make and ModelC-RatingBattery WeightPrice
HRB 11.1V 5000mAh 3S RC LiPo Battery50C–100C13.54 oz. (381g)Check Price
Zeee 7.4V 5200mAh 2S Hard Case LiPo50C8.8 oz. (250g)Check Price
HRB 22.2V 6000mAh 6S Lipo Battery50C-100C28.54 oz. (809g)Check Price
Zeee 7.4V 8000mAh 2S Hard Case Lipo100C12.6 oz. (357g)Check Price
Floureon 7.4V 5200mAh 2S Hard Case Lipo30C9.95 oz. (282g)Check Price
Gens ace 11.1V 5000mAh 3S 3 Cell LiPo50C15.2 oz. (430g)Check Price
Youme 11.1V 5000mAh 3S Lipo Battery Pack50C-100C13.26 oz. (376g)Check Price
Venom 7.4V 5000mAh 2S Hard Case LiPo20C9 oz. (257g)Check Price

1. HRB 11.1V 5000mAh 3S RC LiPo Battery | Best Budget

HRB 11.1V 5000mAh 3S RC LiPo BatteryView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

HRB has been around for a while now, and they know a thing or two about LiPo battery technology. The company backs their products up with a decent warranty, and that says a lot about thee brand.

  • Highlight 1: An established company committed to LiPo research & development
  • Highlight 2: Smooth, steady discharge rate


HRB has more than 200 research technicians and engineers working on their battery technology. The result is a range of LiPos manufactured using a stable formula of raw materials. RC models benefit from the on-demand power that provides a steady, smooth discharge. These affordable LiPos give enough punch to meet the acceleration and speed demands of modern RC models.

HRB designed this LiPo for 1/10 and 1/8 scale radio-controlled cars (see compatibility below). The HRB 11.1V 5000mAh 3S boasts a long-life cycle of at least 150 times. The battery arrives half-charged to keep it chemically stable. Even so, it’s wise to fully-charge the cells before the first use.



Tech Specs
LiPo Battery Brand: HRB
Weight (approx.): 13.54 oz. (381g)
Dimensions: 6.1 x 1.9 x 0.9”
Voltage(V): 11.1V
Capacity: 5000mAh
Discharge Rate (C): 50-100C
Cells: 3S
Connector Type: Traxxas / Plug
Package Includes
1 x HRB 11.1V 5000mAh 3S 50C-100C LiPo
Traxxas TRX Plug
Emaxx, Bandit
Exceed RC
HPI Strada XB 1/10 Buggy
Kyosho GP 4WD Racing Truck
Redcat Racing
Rustler version
Team Associated SC8
Traxxas Slash

2. Zeee 7.4V 5200mAh 2S Hard Case LiPo | Best Value

Zeee 7.4V 5200mAh 2S Hard Case LiPoView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5

Huizhou Zeee Power Co, Ltd., commits to continual research and development. They produce high-quality LiFePO4 and Li-Polymer rechargeable batteries and related accessories.

  • Highlight 1: Competitively priced 2 battery pack
  • Highlight 2: Multiple RC applications


Zeee LiPo is an affordable range of quality RC batteries. They’re used in radio-controlled boats, vehicles, planes, and helis, etc. They fit RC cars of 1/8 and 1/10 scale and provide plenty of power and decent run times. The only gripe is the hole where the wires come out. Savvy users block this up with a drop of glue so that dust and dirt can’t get in. Other than that, it’s the favored battery of many.



Tech Specs
LiPo Battery Brand: ZEEE Power
Weight (approx.): 8.8 oz. (250g)
Dimensions: 7.2 x 2.7 x 2.3”
Voltage(V): 7.4V
Capacity: 5200mAh
Discharge Rate (C): 50C
Cells: 2S1P
Connector Type: Deans T Plug
Package Includes
2 Pack of ZEEE 7.4V 50C 5200mAh Lipo Battery
Deans style plug
1/10 and 1/8 scale RC cars: Traxxas Slash Emaxx, Bandit Rustler version Losi, Team Associated, etc.
Also…RC airplanes, RC helicopters, RC boats, Drones, FPV (if dimension voltage, weight & plug match)

3. HRB 22.2V 6000mAh 6S LiPo Battery | Top Pick

HRB 22.2V 6000mAh 6S LiPo BatteryView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5

HRB has been around since 2008. It’s a leading manufacturer of quality, affordable LiPo RC batteries. The products sell well in the RC community and enjoy excellent ratings from those who use them.

  • Highlight 1: Leading brand of UAV batteries
  • Highlight 2: 30-day refund policy


LiPo manufacturers that provides 1+ year warranties have confidence in their products. HRB also provides a 30-day full refund or replacement for anyone who’s not satisfied with this product. There are plenty of user reviews too. Real user feedback is always helpful for new buyers looking to make informed decisions. This battery enjoys high ratings for helis, RC jets, and large multirotor drones.



Tech Specs
LiPo Battery Brand: HBR
Weight (approx.): 28.54 oz. (809g)
Dimensions: 8 x 4.4 x 3.5”
Voltage(V): 22.2V
Capacity: 6000mAh
Discharge Rate (C): 50-100C
Cells: 6S1P
Connector Type: EC5 Connector / Plug
Package Includes
HRB 6S LiPo, 22.2V, 50-100C, 6000mAh, LiPo
EC5 Connector / Plug
Align T-REX 550 / 700E F3C / 700L / 800E RC Helicopter
Compass ATOM 550 Ultimate
E-flite Beast 60e / CZ P2 Prometheus / Carbon-Z Cub / Carbon-Z T-28 with AS3X / Habu 32x DF
Flitework Red Bull Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter 86.6″
Mikado LOGO 550 SE V2 / 550 SX V2
RC airplanes, multirotor drone
Also…FPV, UAV, RC cars and boats (if dimension voltage, weight & plug match)

4. Zeee 7.4V 8000mAh 2S LiPo Hard Case

Zeee 7.4V 8000mAh 2S LiPo Hard CaseView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

The ZEEE Power brand is a favorite for RC hobbyists who love to drive cars, fly planes, and sail boats, etc. They also have excellent after-sales service should you ever need it.

  • Highlight 1: ZEEE Power has provided excellent batteries since 2011
  • Highlight 2: Sells worldwide


This is a lightweight battery with a straightforward design, but don’t let its simplicity deter you. Considering the weight ratio, it provides high energy storage and is capable of fast and safe discharge.

The 8000mah LiPo battery here is for use with pro RC model cars of 1/8 and 1/10 scale. It’s also a battery that works well for other compatible models. These include RC boats, planes, drones, and helicopters. Always check voltage, dimensions, weight and plug compatibility before buying.



Tech Specs
LiPo Battery Brand: Zeee Power
Weight (approx.): 12.6 oz. (357g)
Dimensions: 6.5 x 2.9 x 1.4”
Voltage(V): 7.4V
Capacity: 8000mAh
Discharge Rate (C): 100C
Cells: 2S2P
Connector Type: Dean-Style T
Package Includes
1 ZEEE 2S lipo 8000mAh battery
Deans T connector
For 1/10 and 1/8 scale RC cars: Emaxx, Bandit, Losi, Rustler version, Traxxas Slash, Team Associated, etc.
Also…RC airplanes, RC helicopters, RC boats, Drones, and FPV (if dimension voltage, weight & plug match)

5. Floureon 7.4V 5200mAh 2S Hard Case LiPo

Floureon 7.4V 5200mAh 2S Hard Case LiPoView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.3/5

The Floureon 7.4V 5200mAh 2S Hard Case Lipo is a popular choice in the RC community. The battery gets mixed reviews, though, depending on the models it’s used for. ALWAYS check compatibility first.

  • Highlight 1: Fast charging
  • Highlight 2: Long running time


This is a 2-battery pack that comes with a full 1-year warranty. The header describes it as an RC battery for quadcopter drones and FPV, and it is that. But it’s also a multi-purpose LiPo suitable for a range of compatible RC models, including planes, boats, cars, and trucks, etc. (see compatibility below). The battery has plenty of positive feedback for its fast charging and long running times.



Tech Specs
LiPo Battery Brand: Floureon
Weight (approx.): 9.95 oz. (282g)
Dimensions: 5.5 x 1.9 x 1”
Voltage(V): 7.4V
Capacity: 5200mAh
Discharge Rate (C): 30C
Cells: 2S
Connector Type: Dean-Style T
Package Includes
2x Floureon 7.4V 5200mAh 2S 30C Lipo RC Batteries
Dean-Style T Plug
RC airplane, RC helicopter, RC cars & trucks, RC boats
Also…Indy250 plus mojo 280, Mini Shredder 200, Qav250, Skylark m4-fpv250, Vortex and Emax nighthawk 250 (if dimension voltage, weight & plug match)

6. Gens ace 11.1V 5000mAh 3S 3 Cell LiPo

Gens ace 11.1V 5000mAh 3S 3 Cell LiPoView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.4/5

The Gens ace is an 11.1V 5000mAh 3S 3-cell LiPo. It sells well and rates reasonably high among reviewers. Gens ace is also a well-known name in the RC community, and that always helps.

  • Highlight 1: Quick recharging
  • Highlight 2: Long Cycle Life (min 150 uses)


The Gens ace 5000mah 50C 11.1V LiPo is an excellent choice for high-powered models. It provides long running times for a variety of RC cars and fast recharging times.

Gens ace has researched and produced batteries since 1998. They have a staff of 120 dedicated technicians and engineers who strive to deliver LiPo batteries of the highest quality. They can also tailor products to meet the express wishes of clients who need something more.



Tech Specs
LiPo Battery Brand: Gens ace
Weight (approx.): 15.2 oz. (430g)
Dimensions: 6.1 x 1.8 x 0.9″
Voltage(V): 11.1V
Capacity: 5000mAh
Discharge Rate (C): 50C
Cells: 3S
Connector Type: XT60 and Deans Plug
Package Includes
Gens ace 5000mah 50C 11.1V LiPo battery hard case
XT60 and Deans Plug connectors
Designed for pro 1/10 and 1/8 scale RC models
Duratrax, ElectrixRC, Emaxx, Bandit, Exceed RC, Jammin’, Losi, Axial, Redcat Racing, Rustler version, Tamiya, Traxxas Slash
HPI Strada XB 1/10 Buggy, Kyosho GP 4WD Racing Truck, Team Associated SC8, etc.

7. Youme 11.1V 5000mAh 3S LiPo Battery Pack

Youme 11.1V 5000mAh 3S LiPo Battery PackView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5

The Youme 2 Pack is an 11.1V 5000mAh 3S RC LiPo battery. It comes with a 30-day “unconditional” refund and a 12-month warranty. That shows the company’s confidence in their product.

  • Highlight 1: 30-day unconditional refund
  • Highlight 2: High burst rating, fast charging


The battery boasts a high burst rating, fast charging, and long 150-times cycle (minimum). There’s also an inbuilt protection mechanism that guarantees safe charging. The LiPo comes fitted with a Deans T Plug Connector and works well for multiple models. These typically include RC helicopters, RC cars, drones, boats, and RC trucks, etc. See table below for all compatible models.



Tech Specs
LiPo Battery Brand: Youme
Weight (approx.): 13.26 oz. (376g)
Dimensions: 6.1×1.9×0.94″
Voltage(V): 11.1V
Capacity: 5000mah
Discharge Rate (C): 50C-100C
Cells: 3S
Connector Type: Deans T Plug
Package Includes
2 packs x Youme 3S 11.1V 5000mAh Lipo Battery
Deans T Plug
ARRMA Senton BLX, ARRMA Talion 6S BLX, ARRMA Typhon 6S BLX
Associated 1/8 RC8Be Factory Team, Associated 1/8 SC8e Rockstar-Makita, Associated 1/10 RC10R5 Oval
Axial SCX10, Axial SCX10 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited C/R, Axial Wrath Spawn, Axial Yeti XL 1/8 Monster Buggy
Kyosho 1/8 Inferno MP9e, Kyosho 1/8 Inferno VE, Kyosho 1/8 Inferno VE Race Spec
Pro Boat Blackjack 29, Pro Boat Shockwave 26 V3
Traxxas Funny Car, Traxxas Spartan, Traxxas Spartan VXL 6S RC Boat, Traxxas Rustler VXL, Traxxas 1/10 Slash, Traxxas 1/10 Slash 4X4
Redcat Everest 10’s

8. Venom 7.4V 5000mAh 2S Hard Case LiPo

Venom 7.4V 5000mAh 2S Hard Case LiPoView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

The final battery in this guide is the Venom 20C 2S 5000mAh. It’s a 7.4V LiPo hard case 2-pack with high-capacity and a high-discharge rate. Venom is a successful brand with a reputation for excellence.

  • Highlight 1: Lifetime warranty
  • Highlight 2: Heavy-duty features


Venom is a company that focusses exclusively on rechargeable batteries and battery charger technology. This LiPo comes with plug adapters for Deans, Tamiya, Traxxas, and EC3 plug types. It also sports some heavy-duty features like the company’s high-current universal plug system. Also worth a mention are the heavy-duty 12 AWG soft-silicone wire leads.

These things combined make it a reliable product, and one that delivers consistent performance. It’s an excellent choice of battery for enthusiasts who put their models through challenging conditions.



Tech Specs
LiPo Battery Brand: Venom
Weight (approx.): 9 oz. (257g)
Dimensions: 5.43 x 1.81 x 0.94″
Voltage(V): 7.4V
Capacity: 5000mAh
Discharge Rate (C): 20C
Cells: 2S
Connector Type: Universal Plug
Package Includes
Venom 20C 2S 5000mAh 7.4V Hard Case LiPo Battery
Universal Plug
Works with these models: 1/10 brushed RC boats, 2WD cars, Trucks & buggies, 4WD rock crawlers, etc.
4.6/57 ratings