4 Incredible RC Seaplanes

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RC planes have always been—and always will be—tremendous fun to fly. Drones grab all the headlines these days of course. Still, there’s something about flying model airplanes that drones can’t match. And the RC seaplane takes that enjoyment to another level. Radio-controlled water planes are also great family playthings. They get parents spending quality time interacting with their kids outdoors.

Wingspan: 928mm
Takeoff Weight: 738 grams
Beginner-friendly, bright colors, brushless motor, LED lights, acrobatics.
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Best Value
RC Lander Polaris Seaplane
Wingspan: 864mm
Takeoff Weight: 1050 grams
Easy to assemble, durable EPO, easy to fly, powerful brushless motor.
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Top Pick
E-flite Timber RC Seaplane
Wingspan: 1555mm
Takeoff Weight: 1400 grams
Classic seaplane design, aerobatics, Z-Foam, brushless motor, LED lights.
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Water Fascination

Water is not only for boats. Flying electric RC planes over and onto peaceful ponds and calm lakes affords a serene experience. The water adds something extra special to the entertainment. Some RC float planes also have wheels like the E-flite Timber model in this guide. These models are unique as they let you take off and land on the ground too. That means more places and opportunities to fly.

RC seaplanes can vary with their flight features, aerial maneuvers, build, and controls. Remember to make sure your seaplane choice is novice-friendly if you’re a first-time flier.

Before You Choose an RC Seaplane

Here are a few things every new pilot should consider before they buy an RC seaplane:

  • Safe places to fly
  • The battery life (flight time) of the model
  • Charging time: how long it takes to recharge the battery
  • The cost of extra batteries if they’re swappable, and other accessories
  • Flight range: the distance the craft can fly safely from its remote controller
  • Water capabilities/limitations
  • Anything else that pertains to your specific needs and wants

About this Model Waterplane Guide

My straightforward guide doesn’t assume you know anything. That’s why it reads in plain English without any fluff or jargon. The reviews are short and to the point. At the end of each piece is a quick summing up of the leading tech specs along with any pros and cons for the product. There are currently four models to view. I’ll add more as and when other worthy RC seaplanes become available.

These models are the result of personal thoughts, the opinions of experts, and real user reviews. The order they appear is by Best Budget, Best Value, and Top Pick as shown in the table below.

RC Seaplane Comparison Table

Make and ModelWingspanTakeoff WeightPrice
RTF HAWK KING EPO Trainer RC Seaplane (BB)928mm738 gramsCheck Price
RC Lander EPO Polaris RC Seaplane PNP (BV)864mm1050 gramsCheck Price
E-flite Timber 1.5m BNF Basic RC Airplane (TP)1555mm1400 gramsCheck Price
FMS Super EZ Trainer V2 RC Sea Plane1220mm890 gramsCheck Price

1. HAWK KING EPO Trainer Seaplane (PNP) | Best Budget

HAWK KING EPO Trainer Seaplane (PNP)Banggood

Editor’s Rating: 4.4/5

The HAWK KING is an excellent toy-grade trainer RC seaplane. It sports a double rubber protective design with smooth lines. It also offers excellent value for a model in this price category.

  • Best feature 1: Easy assembly and maintenance
  • Best feature 2: Tough EPO material
  • Plus points: Beginner-friendly, bright colors, brushless motor, LED lights, acrobatics
  • Minus points: Short flight time, plug-n-play (PNP) version

Easy-Peasy RC Trainer Seaplane

The most important thing at the entry-level is a seaplane that’s easy to fly and maintain. This trainer model checks those boxes. The tough EPO foam material means it’s lightweight and as crash-resistant as a foam plane can be. It’s a Plug-N-Play model, so you need the following three parts to complete it:

  1. 2.4G 6-channel transmitter
  2. 11.1v 1300mah 15C battery
  3. 2-3 balancer and adapter

Assembly is quick and painless even at the beginner level. The factory has already installed the LEDs. The flying potential is impressive once it’s all put together. The HAWK KING EPO Trainer gets its power from a reliable, maintenance-free brushless motor. This seaplane is ideal for beginners who want to practice advanced aerobatics. It also has enough flexibility to entertain pilots at the intermediate level.

The Not So Good

There aren’t enough user reviews yet to list any commonly shared cons for this model. It seems to do everything it claims so far. The only downside to date is the short flight time of between 6–7 minutes.


Tech Specs
Model Type: RC Seaplane Trainer
Wingspan: 928mm (35.5 inches)
Takeoff Weight: 738g (26 oz.)
Material: EPO foam
Model’s Range: Not specified
Battery Type: 11.1v 1300mah 15C
Charging Time: Depends on the charger
Max Flying Time: 7 minutes
The Pros
Easy assembly & maintenance
Tough, lightweight EPO material
Beginner-friendly flight control
Bright colors (easy to see)
Powerful brushless motor
LED lights
Acrobatic capable
The Cons
Short flight time
Plug-N-Play (PNP). Also a pro for users who like to choose their radio and power systems

2. RC Lander EPO Polaris RC Seaplane PNP | Best Value

RC Lander EPO Polaris RC Seaplane PNPBanggood

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

The Polaris is a fantastic looking RC seaplane, but that’s not all it is. This puppy can operate from several types of soft surfaces. Some of those include water, snow, ice, and grass.

  • Best feature 1: Operates from multiple soft surfaces
  • Best feature 2: Low wing loading
  • Plus points: Easy to assemble, durable EPO, easy to fly, powerful brushless motor
  • Minus points: PNP (needs assembly), stock servos

Assembling this model is easy for pilots with some experience. The smart build and lightweight, durable EPO foam make it an excellent all-weather flier. That includes snowy conditions.

Flying the RC Lander Polaris Seaplane

The RC Lander Polaris flies beautifully and has incredible lift thanks to its airfoil. It’s also a forgiving model, and that’s always a bonus. The low wing loading means a lower stall speed and tighter turns compared to models with higher wing loading. It’s a fast plane—but not too fast—and versatile. Most enthusiasts who fly this bird agree that it’s a blast. It also looks super cool with its 3-bladed propeller.

The Not So Good

It’s another Plug-N-Play (PNP) seaplane. That means it needs some assembly and other parts not found in the box. These include a transmitter, receiver, battery, and battery charger. PNP is also a pro for folks who prefer to set up their radio systems. Another criticism is that the servos are not as good as they could be. Many users replace the stock servos with something better.


Tech Specs
Model Type: All-terrain RC Seaplane
Wingspan: 864mm (34 inches)
Takeoff Weight: 1050g (37.03 oz.)
Material: EPO foam
Model’s Range: Depends on radio setup
Battery Type: 3S 2200mah or 2600mah
Charging Time: Depends on the charger
Max Flying Time: Depends on the setup
The Pros
Beautiful design
Durable EPO foam
Easy to assemble
Easy to handle
Flies from multiple soft surfaces
powerful brushless motor
Low wing loading
3-bladed rotor
The Cons
Plug-N-Play (PNP). Also a pro for users who like to choose their radio and power systems.
Stock servos could be better

3. E-flite Timber 1.5m BNF Basic RC Airplane | Top Pick

E-flite Timber 1.5m BNF Basic RC AirplaneView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

The E-flite Timber is how you expect a seaplane to look. It has realistic looking EDO-style landing floats complete with dual water rudders. It also happens to be an excellent all-around flier.

  • Best feature 1: Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) capable
  • Best feature 2: Shock-absorbing landing gear
  • Plus points: Classic seaplane design, aerobatics, Z-Foam, brushless motor, LED lights
  • Minus points: Not beginner-friendly, BNF (needs transmitter, battery, and charger)

Consider the E-flite Timber 1.5m BNF Basic if you’re looking for a fun and flexible park flier. The innovative design and impressive flight performance let this bird fly just about anywhere.

Flying the Timber 1.5m BNF Basic RC Seaplane

The main attraction of this aircraft is that it’s many things rolled into one. If you want a bush plane that can land on water—you’ve got it. Likewise, if you fancy something a tad sportier you’ve got that too. Aerial aerobatics are there for the taking. It’s also multi-terrain capable. That lets you fly off surfaces other RC planes find impossible. For example, water, thick grass, dirt tracks, and gravel, etc.

STOL Features Rock

Another advantage is the aircraft’s STOL features (short takeoff and landing). These include wing-tip droops, functional flaps, and optional leading edge slats. The STOL capability is 2ft or even less, helped further by the powerful brushless motor. The craft’s lightweight Z-Foam build adds to the agility of this beautiful bird. The Tundra-style landing equipment is also worth a mention.

The seaplanes landing gear comprises fully-functional shocks and oversized tires. Together, they absorb bumps and uneven surfaces to an impressive level. The landing arrangement keeps the rotor out of the way when flying off or onto long grassy areas. And when the runway is water, you use the float set with dual rudders and responsive steering control.

Light Work of Night Flights

The realistic LED lights that come with the E-flite Timber 1.5m Basic add to its appeal. The flight battery powers them all. They include wing-tip strobes, navigation lights, landing lights, and beacons.

The Not So Good

Alas, the beautiful and versatile Timber 1.5m BNF Basic AS3X is not beginner-friendly. It’s okay if you’re new to seaplanes and have experience flying regular RC crafts. But it’s better to get a little flight experience on less complex models first if you have no experience at all.

It’s also a Bind-N-Fly (BNF) model. you need to purchase the following items to complete the kit:

  1. Spektrum DSMX/DSM2 transmitter
  2. 3S LiPo battery w/ an EC3 connector
  3. LiPo battery charger.

Some enthusiasts prefer BNF whereas others don’t, so it can be a pro as well as a con.


Tech Specs
Model Type: Classic Seaplane
Wingspan: 1555mm (61 inches)
Takeoff Weight: 1400g (50.3 oz.)
Material: Z-Foam
Model’s Range: Depends on setup
Battery Type: 2200mAh 3S Lipo
Charging Time: Depends on the charger
Max Flying Time: Depends on the setup
The Pros
Classic seaplane design
Short takeoff and landing (STOL) capable
Shock-absorbing landing gear
Sport aerobatics capable
Lightweight Z-foam construction
Powerful brushless motor
LED lighting effects
The Cons
Not suitable for raw beginners
Bind-N-Fly (BNF). Also a pro for users who like to choose their transmitter and power systems.

4. FMS Super EZ Trainer V2 RC PNP Sea Plane

FMS Super EZ Trainer V2 RC PNP Sea PlaneView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5

This airplane is another excellent RC multipurpose trainer. It’s the FMS Super EZ V2 with a 1220mm wingspan. It comes with wheeled landing gear and offers optional floats for the seaplane experience.

  • Best feature 1: Optional floats available
  • Best feature 2: Quick assembly time
  • Plus points: Beginner-friendly, fast, stable, EPO, low wing loading, decent flight time
  • Minus points: Tad underpowered, irritating sound, PNP version

The FMS Super EZ Trainer V2 scores four “easy” points. It’s easy to assemble (30 minutes or less), easy to fly, and easy to land. That makes it a superb choice for pilots at the advanced-beginner level. It’s also easy to transport and store thanks to the quick-release wing mechanism.

Flying the FMS Super EZ Trainer V2

The Super EZ Trainer V2 is an upgraded version of its predecessor, the Super EZ. It’s maintained all the best features with a few upgrades where there was room for improvements. These include an upgraded motor, optional seaplane floats, and a waterproof water rudder servo. The model flies exceedingly well and rewards pilots with fast, smooth, stable flight experiences.

This plane has some great flight characteristics as a trainer craft. It uses a super-lightweight, durable EPO foam for its build. The model sports a 1.2-meter wingspan, low wing-loading, large wheels, and first-rate metal landing gear. Pilots also praise the V2’s great rudder authority. The 10–15-minute flight time is good for a model in its class too. You may still want to invest in extra batteries.

The Not So Good

It’s fair to say that experienced pilots will likely find the FMS Super EZ V2 a tad underpowered. It’s not something first-timers would notice, though. Another thing that may irritate some flyers is the models annoying high-pitch buzzing sound. It’s especially noticeable around the half-throttle mark.

This aircraft kit is Plug-N-Play (PNP). You must buy the transmitter, receiver, battery, and charger separately. Some users prefer to choose their radio and power systems so PNP can be a pro or a con.


Tech Specs
Model Type: RC Seaplane Trainer
Wingspan: 1220mm
Takeoff Weight: 890g (31.39 oz.)
Material: High-ratio EPO Foam
Model’s Range: Depends on the setup
Battery Type: 3S 11.1V 1300mAh-2200mah 25C
Charging Time: Depends on the charger
Max Flying Time: 10-15 minutes
The Pros
Multi-functional training plane
Optional floats available
Quick assembly time
Easy to fly at the advanced-beginner level
Fast, stable flier
Durable, lightweight EPO foam
Low wing loading
Decent flight time
The Cons
Tad underpowered
Irritating sound
Plug-N-Play (PNP). Also a pro for users who like to choose their radio and power systems.
5/51 rating