Ring Video Cameras Go on Sale for Amazon Prime Day

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Home security systems have become an extremely useful way to keep an eye on your house while you’re at work or on vacation. Few security systems are as intuitive or as useful as the Ring, which has been heavily discounted by Amazon for Prime Day. For today and tomorrow, you can save hundreds of dollars on Ring devices.


You can get the Ring Video Doorbell for $75 off right now. With the deal, it costs $174 while it normally retails for $249. The doorbell is motion activated and it will notify you on your phone when people approach your door so that you can take a look.

The Ring Spotlight Cam has also been reduced in price for the next day and half. They normally retail for $199, but you can pick them up for $139 if you are a Prime member. There is a battery and a wired option that you can get depending on what works best for your house.

You should consider getting an Amazon Echo Show if you purchase one of these devices. That’s because it seamlessly integrates with Ring devices after Amazon acquired the company. It is one of the only Amazon Echo devices that has a screen, which makes it easy to use it as a security hub for your house. It’s on sale for $100, and you can get it for just $129. This is the cheapest it has been since it launched.