Roomba Black Friday 2019 Deals (960 and 675 Vacuums)

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Do you have little time to clean but don’t want your house to look like a pigsty? In that case, you need a robot vacuum to do the work for you, and none are as sophisticated or effective as those made by Roomba. They’re so ubiquitous that you might not know robot vacuums by any other name, and with good reason. Take advantage of substantial Roomba savings come Black Friday and keep your home clean as a whistle with no effort at all.


iRobot Roomba 960

Original price: $649.99

Black Friday price: $449

The trouble with lesser robovacs is that they zoom around and don’t clean methodically. Not so with the Roomba 960, one of the most advanced models on the market. It uses a sophisticated sensor array and top-mounted camera to thoroughly clean every inch of your floors while avoiding obstacles and furniture.

The Roomba 960 is easy to control. There are power, spot cleaning, and general cleaning buttons on its top. You can also control it verbally through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Its ability to traverse the home is impressive – the 960 will avoid obstacles and has no trouble transitioning between floor types. Dark carpets can confuse a robovac’s sensors, but the 960 handles them with ease.

You’ll love this vacuum because it cleans methodically. It makes a map of the area and goes over the entire floor at least once, twice if you adjust a setting in the app. You also get a virtual wall that limits where the 960 can go. It has two settings; a beam mode that cordons off a passage or portion of a room in a straight line, and a holograph mode that erects a virtual barrier around the wall. The latter is great if you have pets or sensitive furniture you don’t want the 960 to disturb.

Cleaning with the 960 is quick and quiet. It takes the robovac 45 minutes to cover an apartment or one floor of a smaller hose. The battery lasts 70 minutes. You’ll hear the Roomba if it’s in the same room but can carry on a conversation without yelling.

roomba-e5iRobot Roomba E5

Original price: $379.99

Black Friday price: $279

You don’t have to pay more than $400 to get most of what the 960 has to offer. The Roomba E5 gives you a better bang for your buck since it cleans as thoroughly and has better battery life. It supports virtual walls but doesn’t come with one, and the app lacks a floorplan. If you can live without those, then the E5’s Black Friday price is a steal.

This model looks similar to the 960, except it lacks a camera and is gray. It’s 3.6 inches tall, meaning it can get underneath most beds and sofas. The E5 uses infrared sensors to get around and cleans in a zig-zag pattern.

However, it employs powerful suction and has multi-purpose rollers that adjust their height automatically based on the surface. That gives the E5 excellent overall cleaning efficiency further enhanced by the Dirt Detect feature. When on, Dirt Detect forces the E5 to spend longer on cleaning an area until it’s free from dirt and debris.

You can’t steer the robovac with the app, but you can turn it on and off or set schedules. Scheduling can be done for any day of the week at different times, just be sure to do it when people are awake or away as the E5 isn’t as quiet as the 960. The app also has a history tab that details how many times the E5 has cleaned, what area it covered, and whether or not it performed spot cleaning.


iRobot Roomba 675

Original price: $269

Black Friday price: $229.99

Our final recommendation is aimed at the budget-conscious buyer who still wants to be a proud owner of an original Roomba. The 670 is a slightly less powerful version of the E5 with a different brush roll and a shorter profile. It’s as good at navigating, comes with the same app, and is the best value Roomba has to offer right now. There’s also another model with identical specs called the iRobot Roomba 614 for $10 less if you don’t need app control.

The main differences between the 670 and E5 are height, suction power, and brushes. The 670 is 0.1 inches shorter and will fit under more furniture, so it’s a better buy if you have low chairs and beds. Instead of rollers, the 670 has a bristle brush. The brush isn’t less effective at cleaning. In fact, it picks small particles up well, even on carpets with a high pile. However, its build makes it easy for hair to get tangled, forcing you to clean the brush more frequently if you have pets.