Security Camera Black Friday 2018 Deals

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Black Friday is without a doubt the best day to get a security system. Every major manufacturer has released deals including Ring, Nest, and Arlo. You can save several hundred dollars during the sale.

We have looked for home security deals in the flyers of major stores. For the most part, Amazon is offering just as good if not better pricing. We have included a link to the retailer in cases where it isn’t. It’s important to note that Amazon owns both Ring and Blink. As a result, you know that they will provide the best sales on their own site for those items.

Single Camera

A single camera is sufficient for most small homes and apartments. Most people place a camera in their living rooms. It will usually capture any burglaries. You can also use the camera to monitor your pets when you are away from home. Many models have two way speakers, so you can even talk to them.

A video doorbell is a popular way to secure your home. Video doorbells by Ring and Nest work together with their other cameras. This means that you can create a full home security system and use one convenient app.

Multiple Cameras

Multiple camera system are good for covering different parts of your house. Many people use them to cover their front door, driveway, and backdoor. Other people like to keep a camera inside as well. A multiple camera system will give you the most versatility.

How to Choose a Home Security System

Nest, Ring, Blink, and Arlo are the four main companies in home security cameras. All of these companies have extremely well-designed apps that make it easy to monitor what is happening remotely. The only potential downside to them is that they charge fees to view clips after a certain time. Do your research beforehand and this won’t be a problem.

You can also choose a system that does not have an app or internet storage. Some of the options above are like this. The main threat is that a burglar can steal the hard drive for the security system and you will be without evidence. It’s also much less convenient to use and you won’t be able to react to alerts on your phone.

The next major consideration is whether you want a wired or wireless system. Wireless systems are a lot more convenient, but you will have to remember to charge the camera every once in a while. Fortunately, cameras like the Blink can last up to 2 years without charging. Wired systems have large up front installation costs.

Overall, there are fantastic deals on home security systems this Black Friday. You can save hundreds when you upgrade this year. It’s not known when these deals will end, but some of them will continue through Cyber Monday or while supplies last.