Security Camera Black Friday Deals

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Security cameras are an expensive but worthwhile investment to keep your family safe. It’s not worth sacrificing quality for price when it comes to security cameras. Black Friday is the perfect day to get name-brand security cameras at huge savings.

Originally priced at $199, you can now snag the Nest indoor security camera up for only $139. The Nest cam is a well rated setup that monitors sound and motion and sends you alerts to your phone when something is wrong. You can even listen to what’s happening with the built-in microphone and speak to someone using its speaker. If your dog is on the couch, you can tell him to get off.

The Nest indoor camera is the number one best seller in “Remote Home Monitoring Systems” on Amazon. The company has also released their outdoor version for Black Friday that is selling for $149. It has all of the same features with a weatherproof design.

NetGear is selling their extremely popular Arlo security cameras for Black Friday. The company has released a $270 discount on their five pack which now costs $359. This means that you can get a 43% discount on these cameras. THe company has received over 15,000 reviews on Amazon for their cameras.

Arlo cameras are similar to the Nest Cam but they are cheaper. They are 100% wireless and battery powered. They are only activated when motion is detected to save energy. They are designed to be used indoors or outdoors and it comes with a well-designed app to view live video footage.

Wired cameras can sometimes be more reliable than battery powered ones. The EZVIZ FULL HD 1080p security cameras have been discounted by $360 on Amazon. They have a list price of $699 but you can buy them for Black Friday for just $339. This setup comes with eight 60 foot siamese cables for easy installation.

A cheap and easy way to monitor your house is with a Ring Video Doorbell. You can install it in less than thirty minutes and get notifications on your phone just like Nest. These normally sell for $179 but they are listed for $99 on Black Friday. They are the number one seller on Amazon for security equipment.

Want to save 17% on a 2-pack of nifty little security cameras? Next on our list is the Momentum Security Camera 2-pack. You’ll be able to reap the benefits of a built-in micro SD card, which allows up to 128GB of external storage, 110-degrees of viewing area, and even IR cut filters that are much more advanced than traditional units. Watch great 720p videos with ease thanks to this system.  You can purchase it for only $79.

Black Friday has big deals right now for security cameras. This is the best time to pick some up because big name-brands have released deals with hundreds of dollars off.