Smart Home Cyber Monday 2018 Deals (Hubs, Lights, Outlets, etc)

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Cyber Monday is without a doubt the best day to make your home smart. Everything you need is on sale and it is super easy to save hundreds of dollars. There are smart home hubs, lightbulbs, thermostats, and locks just to name a few.

Smart Home Hubs

The first decision you need to make is how you are going to control your smart home. Most people rely on Amazon Alexa for its simple to use interface. This is the most widely supported system with hundreds of objects supporting it.

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat is the perfect first item to get. That’s because they will pay for themselves in a little over a year. Nest estimates the average user saves between $131 – $145 a year by using their thermostat. Independent studies have shown heating cost reductions of 10 – 12%.

Smart thermostats will learn when you are not home and automatically adjust the temperature to save you money. You can also set your own schedules and control the temperature remotely. Finally, you can get temperature sensors and put them in a room that’s too hot or cold. The system will then optimize to get it to the perfect temperature.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are the ultimate convenience. You will no longer need to carry keys with you when you are out and about. Not only that, but you can get one time codes or open the door remotely for guests. This means you never have to worry about lost keys or someone making a copy of one.

Video Doorbells

A video doorbell goes perfectly with a smart door lock because you can get notified when people arrive and then open the door for them with the press of a button. Video doorbells provide the cheapest and most effective home security system.

Smart Cameras and Home Security

Many of these smart cameras will work with video doorbells to provide you with full coverage of your home.


Being able to turn off all of your lights with the press of a button is cool. You can even schedule the lights to automatically turn off. Some people even have the light automatically turn on when their alarm clock rings.

Fire Alarms

Smart fire alarms can notify you of an emergency as soon as it happens, even if you are not at home.

Outlets and Light Switches

Outlets and switches are the most versatile smart home items. That’s because some of them are programmable and you can get them to do just about anything.

Overall, there are fantastic deals on smart home items for Cyber Monday. These sales only happen once a year and it’s never been easier to build a system all at once for cheap.