Smart Video Doorbell Black Friday 2019 Deals from Ring and Nest

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Investing in a smart doorbell means you never have to get out of bed again to see who’s at the door. They let you tell apart welcome guests from suspicious characters, guard against porch pirates, and send notifications when someone’s loitering on your property. Black Friday brings large savings on some of the best & most popular smart doorbell models. Check them out and get one while supplies last.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Original Price: $199.99
Black Friday Price: $129.99

Ring has a great alternative to the Nest Hello, especially if you’re renting or don’t want to fiddle with the wiring. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 has a removable battery that takes hours to charge and lasts six months with regular use. You can always hardwire the doorbell instead, but the battery makes things much more convenient.

Video is recorded in 1080p, ensuring that the footage is detailed enough to recognize visitors’ faces easily. Once someone rings the bell, you get a video call on your smartphone. The doorbell connects to your router via Wi-Fi so that you can answer that call from anywhere in the world. Doing so engages the one-way stream and lets you talk to the other person via solid two-way audio with minimal lag.

The second version of the doorbell has better sensors than its predecessor. You can set their detection range to as close as five feet, and they won’t mistakenly go off if a car drives down the street. You can disable motion alerts altogether or adjust their frequency if they’re popping up too often.

Ring’s app is easy to use and functional. It has a timeline you can quickly browse through or sort by events of interest. There’s also a unique social feature called Ring Neighborhood. It links you anonymously with other Ring users in the area. It lets you all share footage or comments regarding neighborhood security.

RemoBell S Smart Video Doorbell Camera

RemoBell S Smart Video Doorbell Camera

Original Price: $99
Black Friday Price: $79.99

If the above products are still too expensive for you, Newegg has a cheaper alternative for just $80 – the RemoBell S. It has all the core features you get with more expensive options, boasts decent picture and audio quality, and has a straightforward setup.

The RemoBell must be hardwired and comes with everything you need plus good installation instructions. Replacing your existing doorbell and hooking this one up to its wiring is easy if you’re familiar with the basics of electrical work.

The resolution for the live feed is 1,536×1,536 and minimally distorted in live view. Recorded clips look like they were shot through a peephole, though, and are rounded on the edges. That means the RemoBell doesn’t cover as wide an area as the other two, but everything in front of it is recorded in good quality.

The Remo app has a simple design, and it’s easy to access any of the doorbell’s settings. You can determine the sensitivity of its motion sensors as well as notification frequency. The basic timeline displays clips of motion events, rings, and missed video calls. You can download each clip to your phone or share it with others.

The RemoBell S works with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. Each can display its live feed on a compatible display or announce that someone’s at the door. Integration with other smart devices is done through If This Then That. IFTTT, for short, is an intuitive applet system that helps you set up actions and consequences like turning music from your smart speaker off when someone rings the RemoBell.
Nest Hello Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Nest Hello Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Original Price: $229.99
Black Friday Price: $179

The Nets Hello is a sophisticated video doorbell with multiple advanced features. Its main draws are excellent picture quality that doesn’t drop when nighttime comes, and an in-depth notification system you can easily customize. The Hello has a slim profile and can replace most existing doorbells without additional drilling. A large drill bit is included just in case, though.

The doorbell records video an aspect ratio of 4:3 with a resolution of 1,600×1,200. Its field of view is 160 degrees, so a lot of ground to the side of the camera is visible as well. The footage is crisp and maintains high quality in all weather. Thanks to HDR, you’ll be able to make out details and distinguish between visitors even in glaring sunlight.

You get basic motion detection and access to the Hello’s live feed via the app for free. Investing in a Nest Aware subscription costs $5/month but opens up more options. Facial recognition is particularly useful since it distinguishes friends & family members from unknown visitors. Familiar visitors are mentioned by name in the notifications you get when they ring or if motion sensors are triggered. Speaking of which, Nest Aware lets you designate motion zones and will send specialized notifications for people, cars, and package deliveries.

Other essential features include an intercom with excellent audio quality, color night vision, and a comprehensive timeline. Nest Hello also supports Amazon Alexa and works together with other smart products like lights, speakers, or cameras to bolster your home’s security.