Sony Mirrorless Camera Black Friday 2018 Deals

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Sony has released Black Friday discounts on their mirrorless cameras. You can save up to $1000 on a new camera during the sale. It’s not clear how long the sale will last, but it’s possible some models will be available through Cyber Monday.

Sony comes into people’s minds first when mirrorless cameras are mentioned. The company has the latest technology and sensors that puts them miles ahead of anyone else. We have compiled a list of their Black Friday mirrorless cameras below. We will continue to update this page if we find additional models.

How to Choose a Mirrorless Camera

With so many models, you might wonder which one to choose. It all comes down to what you need the camera for. A good camera for beginners is the Alpha a6300. It offers the best value for the money. It has a 24.2MP sensor and 4K resolution and 425 autofocus points.

In comparison, the a6000 has 1080p resolution and only 179 autofocus points. Autofocus points allow you to more quickly focus on an object and snap an image. It’s very important in fast paced photography like sports.

Sony also has cameras that are designed for pros. The Sony Alpha a7S II is a full-frame camera, which has a much larger 35 mm sensor. It can capture a ton of data and it’s particularly good fro landscape settings.

Overall, these are some great deals on Sony cameras. Sony does not discount their mirrorless cameras often so now is your chance to get one at a decent price.