Sony Mirrorless Camera Black Friday 2019 Deals (A9, A7, A6500, A6300, A6100)

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Mirrorless cameras tend to be much more compact and travel-friendly than traditional DSLR cameras. While mainly used by casual photography enthusiasts and amateurs, mirrorless cameras are slowly also becoming popular amongst professionals.

As in the case of DSLR cameras, most experts agree that Sony is one of the best at manufacturing mirrorless cameras. However, Sony mirrorless cameras are usually expensive. This is why so many people wait for Black Friday to make their purchase. If you’re one of these people, the following Black Friday deals will please you greatly.

Sony Mirrorless Camera Discounts on Black Friday

The best thing about Sony DSLRs, whether traditional or mirrorless, is that they give you the ability to change lenses on a whim. This is why most Sony DSLRs come with two or more lenses. This can increase their prices a little, so it is good that you have these Black Friday deals available to you.

Sony Mirrorless Body Only Camera Discounts on Black Friday

If you’re a photography veteran and own more than one camera, then it is also likely that you own multiple detachable lenses too. Therefore, you may be looking at “body only” Sony mirrorless camera options. Fortunately, there are great Black Friday deals on those as well.