Syma X5 Review

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The Syma X5 quadcopter is a solid example of a drone that offers excellent performance at a lesser cost. The machine, which is yet another iteration of the Syma X1 series, can be bought for less than 60 dollars. Let’s take a look at what the Syma X5 offers to the buyer.



With dimensions of 31x31x8 centimetres, the Syma is an average sized drone. It weight slightly less than a kilogram, and carries a 3.7V mAh LiPo Battery. The drone has an estimated flight time of 7 minutes.

The 6-axis gyroscope built into the machine provides stability in mid-air. Propeller guards are flexible and durable, and provide safety to the most crucial parts of the drone. Landing skids help absorb most of the force of impact from a landing.

If you’re a night-time flier, the drone comes equipped with bright amber and blue flashing LED lights. An upgraded receiver allows you to fly the drone as far away as 100 meters. The firmware allows for 360 degree inversion with the help of a switch.


  1. This is an inexpensive drone. If you are new to the world of drone flying, the Syma is one of the better choices on the market based on cost alone.
  2. The solid design and landing/propeller guards means the drone can stand a new bumps and bruises. Again, a good choice for novice pilots who are still trying to figure out drone navigation.
  3. Parts of the X5 are interchangeable with parts from the earlier X1 model as well as the X5C. This means if you are a fan of the Syma series, you can use parts from one model for another. Or you can go online to hunt for used Syma models that you can then cannibalize for parts.


  1. The stability offered by the X5 is not as good as the X5C-1. This is mainly because the firmware is not as efficient, and windy weather can prove a challenge for the X5. This is not to say it will become completely useless in the face of a strong gust of wind, but the flight pattern with surely suffer.
  2. The instruction manual has been translated from Chinese, and not very well. Some of the lines can be hard to decipher, so you may have to go online to figure some of the instructions out.
  3. The biggest problem is the battery. The LiPo battery that runs the Syma X5 needs to be charged for a full 100 minutes, and that only gives you a flight time of seven minutes. Definitely not a drone that you can use for an extended commercial activity like recording a video.

Inside the Package

The box in which the drone is sold contains 1 Syma X5 RC quadcopter. Along with the copter comes a 2.4 Ghz remote controller with LCD display. 4 propellers, 4 propeller guards and 2 landing skids are supplied in the box. The battery is also available in the box, along with a screwdriver and instruction manual.

Average Rating: 4.1 Stars

All things considered, the Syma X5 is a solid choice among drones in its weight class. While the X5 does not carry a camera, the X5C version does, and you can take the camera from the X5C and strap it to the X5 if needed.

The camera will not be able to take any high-quality photos or videos, but you will be able to learn basic FPV on your X5. The 6-axis gyroscope, 3D lock and scheduled flight features allow the pilot to easily control the drone in any but the harshest of weathers.

Since the drone is quite durable, it can handle a few knocks that are an inevitable part of owning a drone for the first time. This is a Chinese product, and the instructions in the manual can be a bit difficult to follow. But since this is a fairly straightforward drone without any extra features, it’s quite easy to figure them out on your own.

The most glaring fault that the X5 can be accused of is the short flight time, but if you’re only looking to use the drone for recreational purposes, seven minutes should be enough for a flight around the park. If you feel you really need a longer flight time, you can always invest in a couple of extra batteries.

Once you feel you have mastered the controls of the X5, you can move on to intermediate drones that have longer flight time and carry more features than the Syma X5.