USB Thumb and Flash Drives Black Friday 2019 Deals (SandDisk, PNY)

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Flash drives make our lives easier in such a way that it can be very unsettling to realize that you’ve run out of memory space or even that your device has gone defunct. If this has happened to you now, though, you can count yourself lucky too. You see, the Black Friday discounts are on right now, and they make flash drives unbelievably cheap.

SanDisk Flash Drives Discounts on Black Friday

SanDisk is considered to be a global leader when it comes to flash drives. They not only manufacture a wide variety of flash drives in terms of size but also have a reputation for reliability and durability.

PNY Flash Drives Discounts on Black Friday

PNY is known in the industry for constantly improving their products. They’re specifically known for launching new models fairly regularly.

Kootion Flash Drives Discounts on Black Friday

Kootion is already one of the cheapest options in the flash drives market, but with Black Friday discounts, their offerings become even more irresistible and pocket-friendly. Kootion offers bulk packs of five and ten units.

WD Flash Drives Discounts on Black Friday

WD offers premium flash drives at premium prices. However, their products are more than worth the investment because they’re not only faster than their competitors but also more reliable. The Black Friday deals on offer exclusively from Best Buy on WD flash drives make these products quite affordable, though.

Black Friday Discounts on Other Brand Flash Drives

There are a lot of manufacturers of thumb drives in the country, in case you want to explore the price per GB metric further. Here are the deals on some of these brands, including flash drives specifically made for iOS devices.