Transferring DJI Care Refresh: Frequently Asked Questions

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DJI Care Refresh is DJI’s very own drone insurance policy that is offered for drones released after and including the Mavic. It takes a unique approach to insuring your DJI drone: instead of providing a fixed-amount coverage for any repair or parts replacement service, DJI will offer to send a replacement unit for your damaged drone for a small price. It also covers water damage on top of damage due to pilot error, signal loss, and external factors.

A common question that DJI drone owners have asked time and time again is if the DJI Care Refresh plan can be transferred. There are several scenarios where this might be necessary, such as if the drone changes ownership. In this article, we attempt to answer the most common questions regarding the transfer of DJI Care Refresh.

If I sold my drone that still has active DJI Care Refresh, does the plan also transfer?

The most common question we get regarding transferring DJI Care Refresh is for situations where the drone changes ownership, whether the drone is being sold or given as a gift. If the drone still has an active DJI Care Refresh plan, can it also be transferred?

Yes, the DJI Care Refresh plan can also be transferred. Since DJI Care Refresh was bound to the serial number of the drone (or gimbal, in the case of the Zenmuse cameras), then it doesn’t matter who owns the drone. In fact, beyond giving the new owner a copy of the DJI Care Refresh service agreement, there does no need for any further action to transfer the policy.

If you are the potential new owner and you would like to check the status of the Care Refresh plan for the drone you are buying, then you only need to contact DJI Care and quote the service agreement number or the serial number of the drone. In any case, the service agreement itself should include all the details you will need.

I received a replacement unit from DJI. Does the DJI Care Refresh also transfer?

Another concern that comes up a lot is from drone owners who have received replacement units because of their active DJI Care Refresh plans. Does the remaining coverage transfer to the replacement unit?

Yes, the policy transfers, and DJI mostly takes care of the matter of transferring your DJI Care Refresh to the replacement drone. Take note that the transfer might not happen instantly, so it would be better to check the status of your DJI Care Refresh using the new serial number of your replacement drone.

I had to return my newly purchased drone due to a manufacturing defect. How can I have the DJI Care Refresh plan transferred?

This might be a pretty odd situation but is valid nonetheless: there are some drone owners who have brought their DJI drones in-store bundled with DJI Care Refresh. Upon testing, their new drones were found to have manufacturing defects, prompting them to request for a replacement unit from the store. Since the Care Refresh policy is automatically bound to the drone when they are purchased together, how can the policy be transferred to the replacement unit?

This situation might be particularly complicated because DJI played no part in the process of having the drone replaced. However, DJI has been known to accommodate customers who have been through such a scenario. If you’re in the same boat, you only need to contact DJI Care and provide the service agreement number, the serial number of the original drone, and the serial number of the replacement drone. Take note that DJI will likely ask for a proof that the drone was replaced. This is something you will have to retrieve from the store.

What if I have DJI Care (for older drones)?

Before DJI Care Refresh, there was DJI Care. Being an older policy, it’s now only available for drone models older than the Mavic. If you’re buying an older drone and have the same concerns about the transfer of DJI Care, then there’s no need to worry as the DJI Care policy is also bound to the serial number of the drone.

DJI Care works more like a traditional insurance policy. When you pay the premium, the plan gives you a set coverage amount from which all the repair and parts replacement service provided by DJI will be charged from. Thus, it is possible to have your drone repaired several times under DJI Care if your coverage still has remaining balance.

For buyers of second-hand drones, it is especially important to check on the status and remaining balance of the DJI Care plan that comes with the drone you are buying, if there is any. This can be easily done thru DJI’s official website if you have the drone’s serial number or the policy’s service agreement number.

Final thoughts

A drone with DJI Care or DJI Care Refresh provides its pilot more peace of mind and improved confidence. It can also lead to savings on the costs of repair and replacement of parts should the drone get damaged.

For sellers and buyers of second-hand drones, a drone with DJI Care or DJI Care Refresh demands a small premium in selling price. Fortunately, DJI makes it easy to transfer the insurance policy by having it bound to the drone, and not the owner.

For more unusual scenarios, such as when you claim an in-store replacement due to manufacturing defects, you will have to contact DJI support to transfer the insurance policy. DJI is generally very understanding of these circumstances, and users who have reached out to their support channels typically get favorable results.