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Buying a Used Drone

Are you in the market for a drone? You should consider buying a used drone. Used drones will save you a lot of money. Drones lose a lot of their value after just a few months of ownership. Let someone else pay the depreciation. Make sure you read as much information on the drone you are considering buying before getting it. You want to make sure it wasn’t abused and that it is in good shape.


Some high end drones come with warranties. See if the used drone that you buy comes with a warranty. If so, it’s much less risky to buy it. When you buy a used drone it is a good idea to stick with reputable brands such as Parrot, DJI, and Inspire. These brands are known for their quality. They can take significant damage and still perform flawlessly. This is important when you buy a used drone because you don’t know how the drone was used.

Types of Drones

You can find high end and low end used drones. For drones cheaper than $80 it’s usually not worth buying it used. More expensive drones can present significant savings when bought used.

What to Look for in a Used Drone

When you are purchasing a used drone you should look for several things:

  1. Is the drone still sold?
  2. Does the drone have good reviews on sites like Amazon?
  3. How much did the drone originally retail for?
  4. Can you buy a repair kit for the drone?

You should know what features you want in a drone before buying one. What is your reason for buying a drone? Some drones have gimbals so if you want to attach a camera make sure you buy a model that has this option. Other drones can fly for a really long time. Map out what features are must haves and then decide on a drone from there.