8 Best Video Cameras for Kids

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Kids love to shoot video as much if not more than their parents. This guide looks at the 8 best video cameras for kids in the following 3 three categories.

  1. Video cameras designed specifically for youngsters
  2. Family video cameras that are kid-friendly to use
  3. Video cameras for parents who love to film their brood

No one ever complains that a video camera is too easy to use. All the models on this page fall into that category, at least when it comes to basic functionality. Keep reading if you’re looking for a product in any of the three categories above. The reviews are short and sweet yet informative and unbiased.

Trofoty Kids Video HD Digital Camera
Resolution: 720P
LCD Size: 2.0-inch
Child-safe materials, shockproof design, LCD screen, filters, frames.
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Best Value
Campark V30 4K Action Cam
Resolution: 4K UHD
LCD Size: 2.0-inch
Rugged, waterproof, touch screen, stabilization, adjustable lens, WiFi.
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Top Pick
Sony Handycam Camcorder
Resolution: 1080P
LCD Size: 2.7-inch
Easy to use, crisp video, bright LCD, SD cards, built-in lens cover.
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What to Look for in a Video-Recorder

A video camera brand that sells well already tells us plenty about product reputation. Sometimes, though, unknown names can offer excellent value for much less money. Sales numbers and positive user feedback is the way to check the popularity of the cheaper, lesser-known brands.

Know how you expect to use the video camera before you buy anything. Do you want to film the kids playing on or close to water and sand? In that case, a shockproof, water-resistant product is going to fare better. Or maybe you want something cheap and cheerful to capture those precious moments in the safety of your garden or at the local park.

Camcorder (Camera Recorder) Vs. Camera

Camcorders have been around long before digital cameras got serious about video. But why are these rather bulky devices still with us? After all, there are so many smaller, high-quality multi-purpose filming devices available, including regular smartphones. The answer is that the camcorder is a purpose—not a multi-purpose—tool. Its only focus is to record video, and maybe take stills, that’s it.

Here’s a quick breakdown of why some people still prefer the camcorder for video:

  • The unique, handheld ergonomics fit the hand like a well-tailored glove
  • Many include stabilization or hand-shake detection
  • Large-sized, full tilt-and-swivel viewing screens
  • Video quality and versatility
  • Specially calibrated, built-in zoom lenses
  • Superior autofocus (AF) systems
  • More options to record high-quality audio

One of the downsides to most camcorders is that they’re not too good in low-light situations. That’s because most of them have smaller, inferior sensors to cameras. Another disadvantage is the photos. Models that can capture still images are not on the same level as a decent digital camera.

Take Notes

Take notes as you read the mini-reviews if you’re a first-time buyer. It will help you to become more familiar with the features and functions that matter to you. Look at things like articulating screen size and quality, storage options, the ease-of-use, and so on. Write anything down that appeals to you. You’ll end up with a quick checklist of wants and needs so you can make a better buying decision.

About My ‘Best Video Camera’ Guide

I spent considerable time looking over several dozen bestselling video cameras for kids. The 8 models reviewed here are the result of that research. I include video cameras for everyone, at all budget levels. These products range from less than 30 dollars up to several hundred and prices between.

Video Cameras for Kids Comparison Table

1. Trofoty Kids Video HD Digital Camera | Best Budget

Trofoty Kids Video HD Digital CameraView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.9/5

The Best Budget video camera for kids is a fabulous working toy for pre-teenagers. It takes photos as well as videos, both of which are easy to control using the big bright buttons.

  • Best feature 1: Fully-functional toy video camera
  • Best feature 2: Two colors available
  • Plus points: Child-safe materials, shockproof design, LCD screen, filters, frames, games
  • Minus points: Low-average picture quality, instructions not easy for kids

Trofoty Kids Video HD Camera Highlights

Trofoty Video HD Digital Camera is a perfect first-time product for youngsters. The cute design appeals to kids, and the child-safe materials reassure parents. Moreover, the soft silicone cover and shockproof shell make this camera both safe and durable. There’s a real 2” LCD screen on the back and a handy USB 2.0 port on the side for charging, which takes around 2.5 hours.

The camera’s primary functions are to take photos and record 720p videos, saved to a 32GB SD card. There are also 6 built-in filters, 15 photo frames, and 5 games to play.

The Not So Good

It’s unfair to be overly nitpicky with a working toy camera, but the image quality is pretty poor. That’s sure to bother older kids more so than those under 6 years of age. The camera is easy to use, but the makers didn’t write the user guide with young readers in mind. So, parents may need to set some time aside to go through all the features and functions with their children.

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Tech Specs
Camera Brand: Trofoty
Image Resolution: 2MP
Video Resolution: 720p
Image Stabilization: Xxx
Card Storage: SD 32GB
Battery: Built-in rechargeable
Articulating Screen: None
Screen Type: LCD 2”
Camera Weight: 4 oz.
Dimensions: 3.4 x 1.6 x 2.4”
The Pros
Fully functional toy camera
2 colors available
Easy to view LCD screen
Child-safe materials
Shockproof design
Shoots 720p video
Built-in filters and photo frames
5 built-in games
Includes memory card
Rechargeable battery
The Cons
Low-average picture quality
Instructions not kid-friendly

2. Campark V30 Native 4K Video Cam | Best Value

Campark V30 Native 4K Video CamView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5

Campark makes the Best Value slot with its affordable V30 Native 4K Action Camera. It’s a perfect product for older kids—or their parents—who want to record those precious adventure moments.

  • Best feature 1: Affordable 4K action camera
  • Best feature 2: Includes two batteries + dual charger
  • Plus points: Rugged, waterproof, touch screen, stabilization, adjustable lens, WiFi
  • Minus points: Lackluster app, memory card not included

Campark V30 Native 4K Camera Highlights

Action cameras need to be rugged, but some have better protection than others. The Campark V30 here is well-made and absorbs impact well. It comes with an equally durable waterproof case that lets you dive down to a depth of 100ft (30m). That’s impressive for a cam at this price level. Another convenient feature is the 2” IPS touchscreen on the rear of the camera.

Advanced electronic image stabilization (EIS) employs a 6-axis gyroscope to steady the camera. The V30 can shoot 4K video and capture impressive 20MP stills. It has an adjustable wide lens so that you can choose the ideal angle for a situation. The options are 170°, 140°, 110°, and 70°. Other features include a built-in mic, self-timer, time-lapse video, burst mode, and WiFi app control.

This affordable action camera even comes with a bonus 1350 mAh battery (2 total). There’s also a dual charger that allows both cells to charge simultaneously.

The Not So Good

The free app does the job but lacks creative features. It’s not buggy, but it is boring. This camera needs a memory card, but there’s not one included in the box. It can take high-speed MicroSD cards up to 128GB. There are plenty of other extras in the box, but not a handgrip mount. That’s another thing you must buy in advance if you plan to use one.

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Tech Specs
Camera Brand: Campark
Image Resolution: 20MP
Video Resolution: 4K
Image Stabilization: Electronic (EIS)
Card Storage: MicroSD to 128GB
Battery: 2x 1350mAh rechargeable
Articulating Screen: None
Screen Type: 2.0” IPS touchscreen
Camera Weight: 15.8 oz.
Dimensions: 9.9 x 4.1 x 4.1”
The Pros
Affordable GoPro alternative
Rugged, waterproof design
Touchscreen display
Electronic image stabilization
Adjustable lens angles
Built-in microphone
WiFi app control
Shoots 4K video
Time-lapse video
Burst mode
2 batteries + dual charger
The Cons
Lackluster app
Memory card not included

3. Sony HDR-CX405/B Handycam Camcorder | Top Pick

Sony HDR-CX405/B Handycam CamcorderView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

Sony gets the Editor’sTop Pick with its HDR-CX405/B Handycam HD Camcorder Bundle. It’s a brilliant gift for teenage kids or parents who want to record and save memorable family moments.

  • Best feature 1: Affordable Sony Handycam bundle
  • Best feature 2: Zeiss 30x optical zoom lens
  • Plus points: Easy to use, crisp video, bright LCD, SD cards, built-in lens cover
  • Minus points: Not the best in failing light, plasticky, mediocre mic

Sony HDR-CX405/B Camcorder Highlights

The Sony HDR-CX405 Handycam is a no-thrills camcorder void of complicated options. That makes it an ideal tool for kids and technically challenged adults. It comes with a built-in lens cover. I mention that because most camcorders don’t. The 1080p Full HD 60p video quality is impressive in natural daylight. The 2.7” swivel LCD is bright and easy to navigate, but it’s not a touchscreen.

This camcorder also takes 9.2MP still images. Its 30x Zeiss optical zoom lets you capture people, things, or places from afar. All footage saves to a local 32GB SD card (included). Next to the card is an HDMI slot that lets you hook the camera up to a TV. Sony’s HDR-CX405 has a removable battery, so you don’t need to stop shooting if you carry a spare.

In the Box of the Sony HDR-CX405/ Bundle

This is a bundle, and that means you get the camera and the following useful extras:

  • Sony CX405 Handycam 1080p camcorder
  • SanDisk 32GB Class 10 Ultra UHS-I memory card
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Focus QC-105 charger
  • Focus DSLR holster case
  • Focus Deluxe 8” tabletop tripod

The Not So Good

Sony’s HDR-CX405 loses a few points in failing light. It functions as normal, but the video tends to come out a tad dark. It’s not extreme, but it is noticeable. This camcorder feels cheaper than it looks. That’s due to the lightweight plastic used. The camera doesn’t have a microphone port. The built-in mic is average, so an external option would have been a significant plus for improving audio quality.

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Tech Specs
Camera Brand: Sony
Sensor: Exmor R CMOS
Photo Resolution: 8.2MB
Zoom: 30x optical
Video Resolution: 1080p full HD
Image Stabilization: SteadyShot IS
Max Aperture: F/1.8-f/4
Card: SanDisk 32GB Ultra UHS-I
Battery: 600mAh Lithium-Ion
Exposure Metering: Multi
Articulating Screen: Yes
Screen Type: 2.7” LCD touchscreen
Tripod Mount: 1/4”
Camera Weight: 35.2 oz.
Dimensions: 12.2 x 10.2 x 4.7”
Warranty: 1 year
The Pros
Affordable Handycam bundle
Simple design; easy to operate
Bright, smooth swivel LCD
Built-in lens cover
Removable battery
Impressive 1080p video
Takes 9.2MP photos
Zeiss 30x optical zoom lens
Local SD card storage
HDMI slot
The Cons
Dark video in low light
Thin, plasticky finish
Mediocre built-in mic

4. Sosun HD 1080P Video Camcorder for Kids

Sosun HD 1080P Video Camcorder for KidsView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.2/5

Meet the entry-level Sosun HD 1080P Video Camcorder. It’s an ideal video camera for parents who love to record occasional family events. It’s also an excellent gift for kids interested in filming.

  • Best feature 1: Compact and comfortable for smaller hands
  • Best feature 2: Includes 2 charged batteries
  • Plus points: Easy to grasp, multi-functions, built-in mic & speaker, LED mount, tripod mount
  • Minus points: No memory card included, scant instructions, average digital zoom

Sosun HD Kids Camcorder Highlights

This camcorder has a compact, lightweight design and fits comfortably into smaller hands. That makes it a great choice for kids. It comes with two charged batteries, so it’s ready to use out of the box. There’s also a carrying case to store and protect the device while traveling. The 1080p video quality is incredible, considering the affordability of this product.

The camcorder has lots of functions but is easy to grasp at any level. Some of those include Smile Capture, Face Detect, Date & Time stamp, and Multi-Language support. There’s even a built-in mic and speaker for users to add audio. On top of the camera is a shoe for attaching an LED video light. And at the bottom is a standard tripod mount.

The Not So Good

There’s no memory card included with the camcorder. That’s quite typical with cheaper products, so make sure you have a 32GB card ready if you buy it. The instruction booklet is easy to read but scant on details. New and inexperienced users may want to search YouTube for better guidance. The camera uses digital zoom technology, which is passable but not as good as optical zoom.

View on Amazon

Tech Specs
Camera Brand: SOSUN
Sensor Size: 24MP
Camera Resolution: 1080P HD
Zoom: 16x digital
Card Storage: SD to 32GB
Battery: 2 x 3.7V 1250 mAh Li-ion
Screen Type: 3.0” TFT LCD
Articulating Screen: 270°
Camera Weight: 19.36 oz.
Dimensions: 4.9 x 2.2 x 2.2”
The Pros
Compact design for small hands
Includes 2 fully charged batteries
Easy to grasp at any level
Bright, color swivel screen
Impressive video and stills quality
Handy pause button
Multiple functions
Built-in mic & speaker
LED video light mount
Standard tripod mount
Local SD card storage
The Cons
Memory card not included
Scant instruction guide
Average digital zoom

5. MELCAM 1080P 3.0 Inch Digital Video Camera

MELCAM 1080P 3.0 Inch Digital Video CameraView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5

This review is for the affordable MELCAM. It’s a great entry-level family camcorder with a host of useful features. It even comes with an external stereo microphone for enhanced audio.

  • Best feature 1: Light, compact, and well-made camcorder
  • Best feature 2: Built-in LED fill light
  • Plus points: Easy to use, external stereo mic, pause function, face detection, remote control
  • Minus points: No optical zoom, bad instructions

MELCAM 1080P Video Camera Highlights

Melcam’s FHD Camcorder has a 24MP sensor and shoots 1080p video at 30fps (frames per second). A built-in LED works as a fill light to ensure consistent image brightness. Its lightweight, compact design makes the camera comfortable for kids to hold and easy to work. The device comes with an external stereo microphone that provides much better audio than the tinny built-in mics.

The 3.0” color LCD Screen offers 270° rotation. Melcam’s camcorder also has 16X digital zoom capability and an anti-shake feature. Video modes include Beauty & Face Detection, Remote Control, and Pause. Overall, it’s a superb multipurpose camera recorder of exceptional value.

The Not So Good

Most entry-level camcorders only offer digital zoom, including this one. It’s not bad, but optical zoom produces better results. The included instructions are not helpful for anyone new to camcorders. It’s a common problem and usually the result of inadequate translation and or missing details. Don’t waste time if you struggle to follow the scant guide. YouTube tutorials are your best friend in cases like this.

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Tech Specs
Camera Brand: MELCAM
Sensor Size: 24MP
Video Resolution: 1080P HD
Zoom: 16x digital
Max Aperture: F/3.2 to F7.3
External Mic Port: Yes
Card Storage: SD/TF up to 32GB
Batt-+ery: NP-FV5, 3.7V 1500mAh
Screen Type: 3.0” touchscreen
Menu Language: Multiple
Articulating Screen: 270°
Camera Weight: 22.4 oz.
Dimensions: 6.9 x 5.6 x 3.8”
Warranty: 1 year
The Pros
Lightweight, compact design
Easy to use at the beginner level
Built-in LED fill light
Includes external stereo mic
Pause function
Face detection feature
Remote control
The Cons
Digital zoom only
Terrible instructions
Average video quality

6. LVQUONE 1080P Ultra-HD Kid’s Video Camera

LVQUONE 1080P Ultra-HD Kid's Video CameraView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.3/5

The LVQUONE 1080P is another camcorder that comes with an external microphone. It’s a quality product in its class and a worthy model for kids who have YouTube and social media channels.

  • Best feature 1: Great camcorder for social media purpose
  • Best feature 2: Easy to use at the entry-level
  • Plus points: Touchscreen LCD, 16x zoom, external mic, anti-shake, local storage
  • Minus points: Vague manual, no anti-shake in video mode

LVQUONE 1080P UHD Video Camera Highlights

This review is for another compact, lightweight, portable camcorder with 16x digital zoom. LVQUONE is not a household name, but is it worth the money? Well, it has a plethora of user-friendly features and rates well with owners. It’s easy to operate and a decent model for entry-level teens or their parents. Consider this recorder if you’re active on Skype, Periscope, YouTube, and Twitch, etc.

A large 3” 270° touchscreen gives smooth access to menus and makes light work of composing video. The external, rechargeable microphone results in superior audio to the built-in tinny variety. The camera has a helpful anti-shake feature to steady handheld photos. Other features include Smile Capture, Face Detect, and a handy self-timer. Vids and photos save to SD cards up to 64GB.

The Not So Good

Yet another vague manual! Makers of these camcorders spend a lot on promotional pages but fail to provide adequate instructions. The guide is easy to read—it’s just that it may leave some users with unanswered questions. Video stabilization is not one of the camcorder’s best features. I wouldn’t recommend it for handheld action events, but it performs well when mounted onto a tripod.

View on Amazon

Tech Specs
Camera Brand: LVQUONE
Sensor Size: 24MP
Video Resolution: 1080p HD
Video Stabilization: None
Card Storage: SD up to 64GB
Battery: 3.7V 1200mAh (x2)
Screen Type: 3.0” IPS
Metering: Multi
Articulating Screen: 270°
Camera Weight: 25.6 oz.
Dimensions: 7.3 x 5.9 x 4.2”
Warranty: 1 year
The Pros
Great camcorder for social media
Easy to use at the entry-level
LCD Touchscreen
6X digital zoom
Large protective lens hood
Superb video quality for its class
One-click brightening
External microphone
Anti-shake photo feature
Smile Capture & Face Detect
Local SD card storage slot
The Cons
Vague manual
No anti-shake in video mode
SD card not included

7. Canon VIXIA HF W10 Shockproof Camcorder

Canon VIXIA HF W10 Shockproof CamcorderView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.4/5

My penultimate review is for the Canon VIXIA HF W10. The camcorder is waterproof, dustproof, freezeproof, and shockproof. It’s ideal for teens or parents who love to video their growing brood.

  • Best feature 1: Excellent travel-friendly camcorder
  • Best feature 2: Water/shock/dust/ and freezeproof
  • Plus points: 40x optical zoom, long battery life, face tracking, built-in LED fill light
  • Minus points: No external mic input, average image quality

Canon VIXIA HF W10 Camcorder Highlights

Everyone knows Canon is a reputable brand when it comes to cameras and camcorders. This one is an excellent 1080p travel-friendly product, perfect for holidays and family events. It offers full waterproofing down to 16.4ft and freeze-protection down to 14°F. The 40x optical zoom and long battery life are two more reasons to consider this camcorder for long vacations or short trips.

Canon VIXIA HF W10 sports a 3” vari-angle touchscreen LCD. Recording functions include Advanced Image Stabilization, Face Tracking, and a built-in auto LED fill light. All video footage recorded by the HF W10 saves to its built-in 8GB flash memory or local SD card.

The Not So Good

There’s not an external mic input, and the built-in one is average at best. Another disappointment is the average-only image quality of the VIXIA HF W10. That was a surprise. It’s perfectly viewable, but it should have been better considering the brand and cost. This camcorder would have made the top pick if the above issues didn’t exist as it checks lots of other vital boxes.

View on Amazon

Tech Specs
Camera Brand: Canon
Sensor Size: 2.5MP
Zoom: Optical 40x, Dynamic: 60x
Video Resolution: 1080p HD
Filter Size: 37mm
Image Stabilization: Digital
Internal Storage: 8GB
Local Storage: SD Card
Battery: Built-In Lithium-Ion
Charging: AC adapter
Battery Life: Approx. 5 hours
Screen Type: 3” LCD touchscreen
Articulating Screen: Yes
Camera Weight: 10.6 oz.
Dimensions: 2.4 x 2.3 x 5.0”
Warranty: 1 year
The Pros
Travel-friendly camcorder
Advanced image stabilization
40x optical zoom
60x dynamic zoom
Long battery life
Face tracking
Built-in LED fill light
Built-in 8GB flash memory
Local SD card slot
The Cons
No external mic input
Average-only video

8. Sony FDR-AX53/B 4K Handycam Camcorder

Sony FDR-AX53/B 4K Handycam CamcorderView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

Sony’s palm-sized FDR-AX53/B 4K Handycam makes an excellent long-term family camcorder. The company made this beauty to last, and it comes with an entire kit of supporting extras.

  • Best feature 1: Balanced Optical SteadyShot enhanced stabilization
  • Best feature 2: Shoots 4K Ultra-HD video
  • Plus points: 20X zoom, low-light performance, ultra-bright swivel screen, time-lapse, slo-mo
  • Minus points: Price, limited storage

Sony FDR-AX53/B 4K Handycam Highlights

The first thing to note with this camera is its enhanced super-stabilization. Canon calls it Balanced Optical SteadyShot. It’s especially useful for users who move around a lot or zoom in from afar to film the kids playing, etc. The camera shoots 4K Ultra-HD video and sports a wide-angle lens with 20x smooth zoom capability. It also has a time-lapse mode and can make slow-motion videos.

Better than Its Predecessor

Stabilization is not the only improvement on its predecessor, the FDR-AX33. Its bigger sensor results in better low-light performance. The image quality is also exceptional. It’s hard to distinguish a single video frame from a quality photo—it’s that good. The built-in surround sound microphone is another vast improvement. And the 3” articulating touchscreen now uses white pixels for extra brightness.

The bundle includes the following extras:

  • Mini zoom microphone
  • Extension cord
  • Mounting bracket
  • Memory Card (64GB)
  • Compact Deluxe smart gadget bag
  • 2 x NP-FV70 Batteries + charger
  • Corel PaintShop ProX9 Download
  • 55mm filter Kit
  • 12” spider tripod
  • Mini desktop tripod
  • Bounce zoom slave flash
  • 6ft Micro HDMI cable
  • Full care & cleaning kit

The Not So Good

Most who own a Sony FDR-AX53/B 4K Handycam think it offers excellent all-round value. It’s a lot more expensive compared to the others on this page, so it’s not ideal for the occasional user. The local storage capacity is limited at 128GB. I would have expected more for a camcorder in this class. The camera doesn’t have an AF control feature, which is sought-after by some videographers.

View on Amazon

Tech Specs
Camera Brand: Sony
Sensor Size: 1-Chip 1/2.5
Video Resolution: 4K
Zoom: 20x optical
Filter Size: 55mm
Maximum Aperture: F/2–F/3.8
Exposure Metering: Multi & Spot
Image Stabilization: Optical
WiFi Connectivity: Yes
Card Storage: UHS-I to 128GB
Battery: 6.8 VDC 1960mAh
Screen Type: 3” LCD touchscreen
Articulating Screen: Yes
Camera Weight: 22.4 oz.
Dimensions: 2.9 x 3.2 x 6.6”
Warranty: 1 year
The Pros
Enhanced stabilization system
Shoots 4K Ultra-HD video
Smooth 20x zoom
Fast Intelligent AF
Decent low-light performance
Ultra-bright swivel touchscreen
Time lapse recording
Slow-motion video
Full HD playback
Rechargeable battery pack
High-quality audio recording
Manual setting functions
The Cons
High price tag
Limited local storage
No AF control
0/50 ratings