Vitamix Blender Black Friday 2018 Deals

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Most people agree that Vitamix makes the world’s best blenders. They operate smoothly even with the toughest of ingredients. Unlike cheap blenders, there’s no shaking the machine up and down to try to get it to cut through ice. It can blend almost anything.

The only problem is that Vitamix blenders cost a fortune. Thankfully, they are having a really good Black Friday sale where you can save hundreds on a new model. We have searched through store flyers to find the best offers.

Vitamix blenders are an investment into your kitchen and your family’s health. They are like KitchenAid mixers in that they are so well-built you can pass them down to people in your family.

Vitamix Blenders

Edit: Amazon is having a deal of the day sale on Vitamixes. This sale is only valid today and it’s likely the best offer you can find.

As you can see, there are a variety of Vitamix models. The cheapest starts at $299 during the sale and they go all the way up to $549.

There are a few differences between these models. First of all, the E310 has a slightly less powerful 2 HP motor, compared to 2.2 for the others. The more expensive models also have larger 64 ounce containers.

The largest difference between these models is that the more expensive ones have automatic blending modes. The E310 is manually operated and you must adjust the speed to make your recipe.

Vitamix Accessories

Accessories can make your Vitamix more powerful. You can buy personal size blending cups so that there’s less cleanup. You can also buy a tamper holder to prevent a mess on the counter. Now is the best time to get an accessory or two.

Overall, Vitamix has phenomenal Black Friday sales this year. This is the best time all year to get a new blender.