Virtual Reality Headset Black Friday 2018 Deals (HTC, Oculus, PS4)

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Virtual reality technology continues to advance. No longer do we need to be contented with cardboard VR headsets, as modern VR headsets now come with tracking sensors and built-in controls. High-end models such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive run off of external computers, allowing them to display high-resolution videos.

This Black Friday, retailers will be offering a variety of VR headsets and bundles at great discounts. These include gaming headsets and headsets designed for more professional applications. Considering the cost of high-end headsets, Black Friday is the perfect opportunity for you to get them at a much more affordable price.

Many of these deals are live already, especially the ones on Amazon.

Discounted PriceItemRetailerOriginal Price
$199PSVR Astro Bot Moss MK4 USAmazon$299
$349Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality Headset Bundle for Compatible Window PCs – BlackBest Buy$399.99
$49.99Lenovo Star Wars: Jedi Challenges AR Headset with Lightsaber Controller and Tracking Beacon – BlackAmazon / Best Buy$99.99
$296.65HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset – Pro EditionHP$349.00
$1020HTC Vive Business EditionHP$1200
$299.99Lenovo Mirage Solo HeadsetLenovo$399.99
$249.99Playstation VR – CREED: Rise to Glory and SUPERHOT VR BundleAmazon$349.99
$199.99Playstation VR – ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission & Moss BundleAmazon$299.99

Choosing a Virtual Reality Headset

The biggest deciding factor when picking a VR headset is if you are looking a cheap, mid-range, or high-end version. Naturally, more sophisticated models are much more expensive, but they can offer a much wider range of features and higher screen resolution. Tethered VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and the Playstation VR rely on an external system (a Playstation 4 or a PC) to provide a 3D video input, so you may also need to consider the cost of getting these external systems.

Final thoughts

Virtual reality technology represents the ultimate immersive experience in 3D games, videos, and other platforms of interaction. Most of the deals available this Black Friday are for high-end VR headset models, which is great news if you’ve been eyeing these models for a long time. These are deals you do not want to pass up, so make sure to get them while they are still available.