WiFi Router Black Friday 2018 Deals

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Black Friday is the best day of the year to get a WiFi router. You can save hundreds on some of the fastest models in the world. Internet connectivity has become an essential part of our lives, so we need routers that are fast and reliable. Major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy have released deals from the most well-known brands such as Netgear and Linksys.

We have compiled of a list of Black Friday router offers below. We will update this list as we come upon new deals, so be sure to visit us regularly.

Update: Amazon has live discounts across a range of models. This is the best place to look.


Discounted PriceItemRetailerOriginal Price
$99Netgear Nighthawk AC2600Walmart$199
$89.99Netgear Nighthawk AC2400 Dual Band WiFi RouterBest Buy$189.99
$179.99Netgear Nighthawk AC3200 Tri-Band WiFi Router – BlackBest Buy$259.99
$79.99Netgear Nighthawk AC2100 Smart WiFi RouterStaples$179.99
$279.99Netgear Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-band WiFi SystemStaples$369.99
$129.99Netgear Nighthawk X6S AC3000 WiFi RouterCostco$199.99


Discounted PriceItemRetailerOriginal Price
$59.99Linksys AC1200 Dual-Band WiFi Router – BlackBest Buy$89.99
$179.99Linksys Velop Dual-Band Mesh WiFi System (3 Pack) – WhiteBest Buy$249.99
$99.99Linksys Tri-Band RouterMeijer$199.99
$229.95Linksys Ea9500 Max Stream AC5400 Tri-Band WiFi RouterAAFES$379.95


Discounted PriceItemRetailerOriginal Price
$154.99D-Link COVR-C1203-US Dual-Band Whole Home WiFi Mesh SystemNewegg$249.99


Discounted PriceItemRetailerOriginal Price
$79.99TP-Link AC1200 Wireless WiFi Cable Modem RouterNewegg$149.99

Choosing a Wifi Router

It’s not easy to find a WiFi router especially when there are hundreds of options and the differences aren’t clear. As a first step, make sure you buy a router with the 802.11ac standard. This is the latest and fastest standard that can support Gigabit speeds. This will future-proof your purchase and increase WiFi speeds too.

Next, you should check the maximum bandwidth. This will vary from 100 Mb/sec to over 3000. The higher this number, the faster maximum speeds you can achieve. At a minimum, look for a model with a “Gigabit switch”.

Dual bands will help prevent interference. If you live in an apartment building with a lot of Wifi routers, then finding a model that can support the less used 5.0 Ghz range will be much faster.

The last thing to consider is whether to have multiple routers. People who live in a large house will benefit from a mesh network. A mesh network has multiple WiFi routers that work together for maximum coverage.

Overall, Black Friday is a great time to get a deal on a WiFi router. There are fantastic deals this year.