10 Best Wireless Gaming Mouses of 2019

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PC gaming is bigger and better than ever before, with breathtaking graphics, thrilling gameplay, and an astonishing array of titles from AAA blockbusters to independent classics to choose from. With high speed internet connections and an increasing number of people playing games around the world, there’s never been a better time to enjoy this exciting hobby, but you need the right tools for the job.

Console players simply have to purchase the latest device and the accessories that go along with it, but PC gaming is much more versatile and open-ended. There are countless options in almost every category, from video cards to monitors, keyboards, and mice, and each one of these components and accessories can influence and impact your overall gaming enjoyment. A good quality gaming mouse, for instance, will offer way more advantages and precise control than a basic office mouse.

E-Blue Mazer II
2,500 Max DPI
AA x 2
Head-turning design, 5 programmable buttons, and great price.
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Best Value
Logitech G603
12,000 Max DPI
AA x 1/2
Adjustable weight, unique 1/2 battery system, and incredible longevity.
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Top Pick
Logitech G900
12,000 Max DPI
Rechargeable battery
Cutting edge tech, adjustable LED lights, and 11 programmable buttons.
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Gaming mice come in all shapes and sizes, with a wide variety of features and technical specifications. Some are better-suited for certain types of games like real-time strategies or first-person shooters, while others aim to be reliable all-rounders. If you play a lot of Fortnite or CS:GO, for instance, you might be interested in a mouse with tight sensitivity settings and sniping features, while serious MMO players might choose a mouse with a lot of extra buttons to use skills and abilities on the fly.

Both wired and wireless gaming mice are available, with wireless mice offering a lot of freedom and ensuring you have one less cable to worry about. So if you’re looking for a wireless gaming mouse to give you an edge in your next online clash, the options listed below are the very best mice on the market right now.

10 Best Wireless Gaming Mouses Comparison Table

Make and ModelMax DPIBatteryPrice
Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum12,000RechargeableCheck Price
Logitech G90312,000RechargeableCheck Price
Razer Lancehead16,000RechargeableCheck Price
Logitech G70312,000RechargeableCheck Price
Corsair Dark Core16,000RechargeableCheck Price
Razer Mamba16,000RechargeableCheck Price
Logitech G30512,000AA x 1Check Price
Logitech G60312,000AA x 1/2Check Price
E-Blue Mazer II2,500AA x 2Check Price
VicTsing 2.4G2,400AA x 1Check Price

1. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

Logitech G900 Chaos SpectrumView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5.0

We’ll see the name ‘Logitech’ popping up quite often in this list as they’re one of the top gaming accessory manufacturers in the business and have excelled at offering a wide array of high quality gaming mice to suit all kinds of gamers and budgets. At the top end of the scale sits the G900 Chaos Spectrum.

This lightweight, ambidextrous mouse features an eye-catching futuristic design and 11 programmable buttons in total. Aimed towards serious gamers, this mouse has proven popular with several professional tournament players and streamers and is very highly rated for its exceptional under-the-hood technology. DPI ranges from 200 to 12,000, with five different settings that can be alternated on-the-fly.

The G900 is fitted with one of the best optical sensors in the world right now for pinpoint accuracy and highly precise control. The mechanical buttons and comfortable scroll wheel are all a joy to use and the customizable RGB lighting is a nice touch too. Logitech’s clever Clock Tuning Technology helps to guarantee long battery lives of up to 32 hours on a single charge, and this device also features a wired mode to keep on playing even when the battery runs out.

On the downside, this is the most expensive item on our list and it’s worth noting that some users have complained about the ergonomics of this particular mouse. The unique design of the G900 means that this mouse isn’t quite as comfortable in the hand as others on this list. In addition, the Logitech software to customize and control your device has a slightly complex interface and will need some getting used to. Overall, however, the G900 is a fantastic mouse with a lot to offer for hardcore gamers.


Tech Specs
Max DPI: 12,000
Battery: Rechargeable
Weight: 107g
Features: Five DPI settings, 11 programmable buttons, RGB lighting, 32-hour battery life, Wired option, Optical sensor, Ambidextrous design.
The Pros
Lightweight, stylish design with attractive RGB lighting
Exceptional technology with incredible accuracy and response ratings
Suitable for left and right handed users
Impressive array of programmable buttons and customization options
Comfortable mechanical switches and scrolling wheel
The Cons
Highest priced mouse on the list
Ergonomics might not be to everyone’s taste
Software takes some getting used to

2. Logitech G903

Logitech G903View on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.4/5.0

Sticking with Logitech, we move on to the G903. Very similar in its physical design to the G900 Chaos Spectrum, this gaming mouse has a few features to differentiate it from its older brother. Perhaps most importantly, this mouse is compatible with Logitech’s famous Powerplay Mouse Pad. This pad is an expensive accessory, but effectively provides wireless charging to your mouse, letting you play and charge at the same time for an almost never-ending battery life.

The compatibility with Powerplay is a nice bonus for people who are interested and able to spend a little extra on the pad itself. Otherwise, the battery life on the G903 isn’t quite as strong as the G900 and regular charges will be needed for gamers who like to play for long, intense sessions on a daily basis.

Technically speaking, the G903 shares a lot of similarities with the G900. It features the same great optical sensor and impressive technology, including Lightspeed wireless tech for the fastest response times and no latency whatsoever. This means that the G903 shows absolutely no difference in performance and accuracy than a wired mouse, which is a big advantage for people who are on the fence about making the switch to a wireless device.

This mouse also comes with a removable 10g weight, letting you switch between two different total weights. It’s a nice touch and means that the G903 just edges out the G900 in terms of customizability. RGB lighting options can also be modified with Logitech’s software, but as we mentioned with the G900, this software doesn’t have the best user interface and can take some getting used to.


Tech Specs
Max DPI: 12,000
Battery: Rechargeable
Weight: 100-110g (Adjustable)
Features: Adjustable weight, Lightspeed Wireless technology, Customizable design, Compatible with Powerplay Mouse Pad for wireless charging, RGB lighting, 11 programmable buttons.
The Pros
Adjustable weight lets you find the right balance
Awesome tech for precise controls and response times
Ambidextrous design for left and right handed users
Satisfying mechanical buttons
Powerplay compatibility is a big bonus
The Cons
Physical design may not be to everyone’s tastes
Unintuitive customization software

3. Razer Lancehead

Razer LanceheadView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5.0

Razer are well known as one of the best companies in the business of gaming accessories, and the Lancehead gaming mouse continues the brand’s rich history of creating highly functional, sleekly-designed products with plenty of great features. Fitted with Razer’s most precise 5G laser sensor and capable of up to 16,000 DPI, the Lancehead offers a level of precision and gaming performance that few mice can hope to match.

This is easily one of the most comfortable gaming mice money can buy right now, with responsive buttons and an effective scroll wheel. Depending on the size of your hand and the way you hold the mouse, the side buttons can be tricky to access, but this is something that the vast majority of users get used to very quickly.

As well as being a breeze to use, the Lancehead looks the part too. It features a clean, eye-catching design with fully customizable RGB lighting and works perfectly for both left and right-handed users. The in-built Adaptive Frequency Technology ensures that the device works as well as it looks, latching onto the strongest wireless signal at all times for consistent speeds and response times.

The only real downside to this device is its battery; on a full charge, the Lancehead can easily survive a full day of intense gaming, with an estimated battery life of up to 24 hours in total, but serious gamers will find that it needs charging up every day or every other day at least. However, this is only a minor issue and the Lancehead is absolutely one of the best value selections on our list.


Tech Specs
Max DPI: 16,000
Battery: Rechargeable
Weight: 111g
Features: Nine programmable buttons, Ambidextrous design, 5G laser sensor, RGB lighting, Wired option.
The Pros
Clean, attractive design
Very high DPI rating
Adaptable ambidextrous design for left and right handed users
Great value
The Cons
Needs charging often
Side buttons can be difficult to access depending on hand size

4. Logitech G703

Logitech G703View on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.3/5.0

Like the G900 and G903, the Logitech G703 comes with a lot of the company’s trademark tech including the excellent PMW3366 optical sensor and Lightspeed wireless system for peak gaming performance in every situation. The G703 has a simpler design and less unique features than the devices above, but does come at a cheaper price, so it’s a great pick for gamers who want those impressive Logitech levels of reliability and performance without having to spend over $100.

One of the features this device loses out on when compared to the G900 range is the ambidextrous design. The G703 is for right-handed use only, but this actually results in a more ergonomically pleasing and comfortable mouse overall, with a nice curve along the left side for easy access to those important side buttons and a snug fit in the hand.

Aesthetically speaking, this is a relatively simple looking gaming mouse with a clean black finish and minimal RGB lighting just on the logo and scroll wheel. It doesn’t have the same eye-catching looks as the G900 or G903, but it performs nearly just as well as those devices in most circumstances and is a good mouse for gamers who play a wide variety of titles, especially the big hits like Fortnite and PUBG.

Like the G903, the G703 also features a 10g removable weight in the base, allowing you to change the weight of your mouse on the fly and resulting in a highly versatile device. Six programmable buttons and customizable lighting settings help you really make this mouse your own and ensure that the Logitech G703 is a real contender as one of the top value gaming mice on the market right now.


Tech Specs
Max DPI: 12,000
Battery: Rechargeable
Weight: 97-107g
Features: Six programmable buttons, Wired mode, RGB lighting, Lightspeed Wireless technology.
The Pros
Great tech
Excellent optical sensor
Adjustable weight
Reliable all-rounder
The Cons
Simplistic design
Right-hand use only

5. Corsair Dark Core

Corsair Dark CoreView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.3/5.0

If you’re looking for mid-tier wireless gaming mouse with great tech specs and a cool aesthetic, you won’t find much to complain about with Corsair’s excellent Dark Core. Featuring 16,000 DPI and a state-of-the-art optical sensor, this mouse, which offers both wired and wireless modes featuring Bluetooth connectivity, offers the same sort of performance you’d expect from a much fancier model like the G903 at a fraction of the price.

Features like interchangeable side grips and impressive onboard memory help to make this mouse one of the best value options, and it’s really pleasant to use too, with the contoured back fitting snugly on the palm and the relatively small size of the mouse ensuring that almost anyone should be able to get to grips with it without any issues.

On the downside, it is a little heavier than other models at 128g, and keen gamers, especially those who like FPS games or other titles that rely on highly precise movements and controls, might notice that extra baggage. Some parts of the mouse’s body feel a little cheap and plastic, but the overall build quality is impressive and the highly-resistant buttons are built to withstand approximately 50 million clicks in total.

Like some of Logitech’s mice, the Corsair Dark Core comes with some pretty confusing software for key and color customization, and some users have complained about the amount of time needed to get the program running properly, but once you get everything set up, this mouse is a lot of fun and offers some key advantages like its high DPI and fast-charging battery.


Tech Specs
Max DPI: 16,000
Battery: Rechargeable
Weight: 128g
Features: RGB lighting, Interchangeable side grips, Bluetooth connectivity, 9 programmable buttons, Wired mode.
The Pros
Very high DPI
Futuristic, stylish design
Small size fits snugly in the hand
Bluetooth connectivity is a nice bonus
Side grips offer comfortable contol
The Cons
Relatively heavy compared to other gaming mice
Cheap plastic feel
Software can be a little confusing

6. Razer Mamba

Razer MambaView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.2/5.0

For highly precise and lightning fast movements and response times, the Razer Mamba is a great choice. Featuring a 4G dual sensor system that uses both optical and laser technology, the Mamba is one of the older gaming mice on this list but still has the firepower to match many of its modern rivals.

The first thing that catches the eye with the Mamba is its appearance. Reminiscent of the head of the snake after which it was named, the Mamba features bold, smooth curves and a forked front, with the left and right mouse buttons fully separated and the hyper-responsive scroll wheel tucked in between them. It’s one of Razer’s most memorable designs and will be a big hit with gamers who like their hardware to look as good as it functions.

The impressive DPI and unique sensor system help the Mamba to perform well in all kinds of games, but it is lacking in a few areas compared to other models like the Logitech G903 or Razer’s own Lancehead. Namely, it’s a little on the heavy side and it definitely suffers in terms of battery life; the battery can last up to around 18 hours on a single charge and will need to be boosted back up to 100% often. Charging can move at quite a laborious pace, so it’s vital to start the process in the evenings and let it do its thing overnight.

The Mamba also sadly does not feature an ambidextrous design and is for right-handers only, but if you are lucky enough not to be left-handed then you’ll really love the feel of this device in your hand. The curved design is one of the best we’ve ever seen and few other mice can come close to matching the Mamba in the ergonomics department.


Tech Specs
Max DPI: 16,000
Battery: Rechargeable
Weight: 125g
Features: Dual sensor system, RGB lighting.
The Pros
High DPI rating
Unique, eye-catching design
Very comfortable to use
The Cons
Relatively heavy
Older tech compared to other models
Short battery life and slow charging
Right-handed use only

7. Logitech G305

Logitech G305View on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.3/5.0

We’re back with Logitech for the G305, a highly popular mid-tier wireless gaming mouse that’s a big hit with casual gamers or serious players who need a good all-rounder without wanting to invest too much cash. Available in both white and black, the G305 features a typically simplistic design that doesn’t look too flashy on the outside, but offers a lot of impressive tech specs to make up for it.

Featuring a Hero sensor and Lightspeed wireless technology, the G305 can rival other Logitech devices like the G703 in terms of gaming performance and is a good all-rounder. It doesn’t have too many additional buttons for RTS or MMO gamers, but offers great response times and feedback on button presses and is very comfortable and enjoyable to use on a wide variety of games.

Where this device really excels, however, is in its battery life. While other devices on this list can barely survive for around 20 hours on a single charge, the G305 actually uses a single standard AA battery to stay powered up and has been optimized to make the most out of every single bit of energy it has. With the right kind of battery inside it, this mouse can run for 200+ hours without needing a new one. This means that few other gaming mouse models in the world can go toe-to-toe with the G305 in the longevity department.

This gaming mouse is also very lightweight, tipping the scales at just 99g, but is once again for right-handed users only. Another little flaw with the G305 is that you can’t personalize the lighting in the same way as you can on other mice like the Razer Lancehead or Logitech 900. These issues are relatively minor, however, and if you can look past the G305’s flaws, it makes for a terrific mouse at a great price.


Tech Specs
Max DPI: 12,000
Battery: AA x 1
Weight: 99g
Features: Six programmable buttons.
The Pros
Incredible battery life
Very lightweight
Comfortable shape
The Cons
Simple design
Right-handed use only
No lighting customization

8. Logitech G603

Logitech G603View on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.4/5.0

The final Logitech entry on our list is the G603. Like the G703 and G903, this is one of Logitech’s newest gaming mice and is also one of the company’s cheapest and simplest products. But don’t let its low price tag fool you; Logitech may have made a few compromises when building the G603, but it still has some impressive tech and features that make it a worthy entry on our list.

Like the G305 above, the G603 makes use of Logitech’s Hero optical sensor and Lightspeed wireless tech for the best accuracy ratings and response times. With such impressive tech hiding beneath the G603’s sleek outer shell, gamers won’t be able to tell the difference between this device and a regular wired gaming mouse.

With space for two AA batteries, the G603 goes one step further than the G305 in terms of lifespan and can effectively run for 400+ hours without needing a new set of batteries. This also leads us onto one of this mouse’s most unique and innovative features; Logitech actually allow the device to run on a single AA battery. This means that you can choose to use either one or two batteries depending on how light or heavy you want the mouse to be. With one battery, it weighs in at around 112g, and that weight shoots up to a rather bulky 135g with the second installed.

That means that the G603 is one of the heaviest mice on our list when it’s fully equipped with two AA batteries, but the option to use just one is a really nice touch and the device will still last for 200+ hours with a good quality AA inside it. Like the G305, it doesn’t come with any RGB lighting customization options and has a pretty simple featureset overall, but is a good all-round gaming mouse.


Tech Specs
Max DPI: 12,000
Battery: AA x 1/2
Weight: 112-135g (Adjustable)
Features: Adjustable weight using one or two batteries, Six programmable buttons, Bluetooth connectivity.
The Pros
Adjustable weight and option to use either one or two AA batteries
Huge battery life
Easy connectivity with PCs, Macs, and tablets
Simple but attractive design
The Cons
Quite a heavy mousewhen both batteries are installed
Lighting can’t be customized

9. E-Blue Mazer II

E-Blue Mazer IIView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.1/5.0

Now we’re into the low-tier wireless gaming mice. The E-Blue Mazer II is one of the cheapest options on our list but is still a decent chance for gamers working with limited budgets. It offers decent wireless technology and a flashy design that belies its low price tag, as well as superb battery life that can match up with some of the best models like the Logitech G603 and G305.

As a budget option, the E-Blue Mazer II doesn’t come with too many special features or options like customizable lighting effects and additional parts, but it certainly has an eye-catching aesthetic. Designed in the same vein as Razer products with a futuristic, almost science-fiction edge, the Mazer II features a sleek black shell with cool blue lighting and logos. A nicely-built ergonomic design allows it to fit very comfortably in the right hand, with a nice side rest for the thumb to sit on.

Using two AA batteries, the Mazer II can run for hundreds and hundreds of hours on end, which will definitely be a huge advantage to gamers who like to play often and don’t want to be wasting their time or having to cut their gaming sessions short to recharge their device. On the downside, the presence of two AA batteries inside the Mazer II does bump its overall weight up quite significantly.

The relatively low DPI of this device will be noticeable to hardcore gamers and the Mazer II can’t match up to devices like the Razer Lancehead or Logitech G603 in terms of DPI and accuracy for shooters and other high-precision PC games, but it still offers mega value for a very low price. If you don’t want to spend too much on your next gaming mouse but still want a good-looking, reliable device, this is a great option.


Tech Specs
Max DPI: 2,500
Battery: AA x 2
Weight: 135g
Features: Five programmable buttons.
The Pros
Stylish, futuristic design that will appeal to many gamers
Low price, high value
Super battery life
The Cons
Relatively heavy with both AA batteries
Lack of any special features

10. VicTsing 2.4G

VicTsing 2.4GView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.0/5.0

If the E-Blue Mazer II isn’t for you, the other budget option on our list is the VicTsing 2.4G. Users have been consistently impressed with this device, which offers some impressive tech and immense battery life for such a low-priced product. The low DPI and cheap feel mean that the VicTsing 2.4G can only be regarded as an entry-level option in the world of gaming mice, but if you’re not too serious about your PC gaming and just want a simple mouse to get started, it’s not a bad choice.

The VicTsing 2.4G features a lightweight design with LED lights that can be turned on or off via the mouse’s Energy Saving Mode. The lights do cause the battery to drain faster than it otherwise would, so if you want to get the longest lifespan out of this mouse, it’s not a bad idea to turn them off and it was good of the manufacturer to include this useful option.

The design is quite eye-catching, but feels a little cheap once you actually get a hold of it. It’s also only suitable for right handers due to the presence of two side buttons along the left of the body. Speaking of buttons, this mouse was made with silence in mind; the clicks and button presses are almost entirely soundless, which can be a nice advantage if you want to do some gaming in a public place like a library or café and don’t want to bother other people with constant clicking.

Some users have complained about the VicTsing 2.4G losing connection from time to time, so it’s vital to keep it quite close to the USB wireless receiver, which seems to have quite a short range. Apart from this issue and the other minor flaws mentioned above, this is a decent all-round mouse that can serve well for all kinds of tasks, including casual gaming.


Tech Specs
Max DPI: 2,400
Battery: AA x 1
Weight: 103g
Features: Five DPI settings, Power saving mode, Two programmable buttons.
The Pros
Lightweight with an attractive design and silent button presses
Low cost
Great for casual gaming and daily use
Power saving mode helps to extend battery life
The Cons
Low DPI rating
Cheap construction
Can sometimes lose connection due to low receiver range
5/51 rating