8 Fastest Electric RC Boats

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There are RC boats for lazy fun, and there are the adrenaline-pumping racing models. This page looks at the fastest RC boats available for enthusiasts. There are a few insane gas-powered RC speed boats that can exceed 100mph, but that’s nothing for this guide. The gas super league is something you might gravitate toward if you get the bug. All the models in this guide are electric (battery) driven.

Altair AA Aqua Fast RC Speedboat
1.25 lbs.
Range 328ft (100 meters)
Durable build, child-safe prop, long-range, bonus battery.
Check Amazon
Best Value
Feilun FT012 4CH Speedboat
3.79 lbs.
Range 492 ft. (150m)
Powerful brushless motor. Triple covers for added protection.
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Top Pick
Traxxas DCB M41 Catamaran
5.42 lbs
Not known.
Extremely fast boat for experts. Goes 50MPH+
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RC speedboat racing used to be an expensive pastime for hardcore hobbyists. It’s not anymore. Now anyone can afford to dip their toe and have a go. There are plenty of opportunities to raise your game over time if you develop a passion for competitive racing. The eight models in this guide offer something for everyone whether you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade.

How Fast Is Fast?

Speed on the water is different from the drive speed on land. Don’t worry; we’re not going to be talking knots in this guide. I reference the speed in mile per hour (mph) to keep things simple. The speed and acceleration performance differ between crafts. The faster you go, the more skills you need to control the boat. Think of these as buying considerations. Some fast speedboats have learner modes as well.

The RC model boats in this guide have speeds from between 15 mph up to 50+ mph.

Understanding Power Restrictions

All RC models have power restrictions, and speedboats are no exception. The faster you go, the shorter the running time, it’s that simple. Racing vessels can use a lot of power that results in a fast draining battery. Running time can range from 8-20+ minutes. The other consideration is charging times. Again, these can vary between models from one to four hours depending on the product.

The ideal boat has a reasonable running time and a fast charging battery. It also has a removable battery so that you can put in a spare while the other recharges. But maybe the model you want has short battery life and takes a long time to charge. These are things you must decide for yourself. The only way to prolong the fun is to invest in two or more spare batteries.

Tip: Allow the craft’s motor a few minutes to cool down between battery swaps. It’s a good habit to get into as it prevents motors from overheating and so prolongs their life.

About My Guide

There’s a lot of competition out there with these models. Buying a fast RC boat can be overwhelming for the uninitiated. Well, I’ve researched the best products to save you the trouble. I’ve based the picks in this plain-speaking review guide on personal thoughts, user reviews, and the opinions of experts. These reviews only highlight the necessary points and thus make for an easy read.

Best Fastest RC Boats Comparison Table

The table at the foot of each mini-review shows the main specs along with any pros and cons.

Make and ModelTop SpeedRun TimePrice
Altair AA Aqua Fast RC Speedboat20 mph (30+ km/h)10 minutesCheck Price
Cheerwing RC Racing Boat15mph (25 km/h)6-8 minutesCheck Price
Mioshor Remote Control Speedboat15mph (25 km/h)8-10 minutesCheck Price
DI001 Venom Remote Control Racing Boat15mph (25 km/h)15+ minutesCheck Price
Feilun RC Racing Boat FT012 4CH28 mph (45 km/h)5-6 minutesCheck Price
Atomik RC Barbwire 2 High-Speed RC Boat30 mph (48 km/h)7 minutesCheck Price
Aquacraft Wildcat Catamaran RC Speedboat35 mph (55 km/h)10+ minutesCheck Price
Traxxas DCB M41 Catamaran Speedboat50+ mph (80 km/h)15+ minutesCheck Price

Below are my eight RC speedboat picks for this year. I’ve arranged them in price order with the least expensive at the top for your convenience.

1. Altair AA Aqua Fast RC Speedboat | Best Budget

Altair AA Aqua Fast RC SpeedboatView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

The Best Budget slot goes to the popular Altair AA Aqua. This fast RC speedboat is super-easy to set up and run right out of the box. It provides heaps of fun for all the family—at any age.

  • Best feature 1: Powerful brushed 390-size motor
  • Best feature 2: Anti-capsize hull system
  • Plus points: Durable build, child-safe prop, long-range, bonus battery, protection alarms
  • Minus points: Average battery life, but great for price

Racing the AA Aqua Fast RC Speedboat

Consider the Altair if you want an affordable, highly-durable, and long-lasting speedboat for the kids. It has a child-safety propeller system that ensures the prop won’t turn until submerged. A powerful 390 motor drives this puppy up to 20mph. That doesn’t sound too quick, but it’s as fast as hell on the water. There’s no risk of capsizing the AA Aqua either. That’s thanks to its anti-capsizing hull system.

You can race the AA Aqua up to 328ft (100m) from the controller. The extended range adds to the excitement, especially when two or more boats compete on the water. And don’t worry about losing the precious vessel out at sea—figuratively speaking. That’s because there are Low Battery and Out of Range alarms to let you know when it’s time to return to shore.

The Not So Good

The 10 minute playing time is average. This model comes with two batteries, and that’s a real bonus. Charging takes from 60–90 minutes, though. Plus you need to let the motor cool down for a few minutes between swaps. An extra (third) AA Aqua battery will help to keep the young captains in the water more often than out.


Tech Specs
Package Dimensions: 17.2 x 10.7 x 6.1”
Product Weight: 1.25 lbs.
Motor: 390-size brushed
Top Speed: 20 mph (30+ km/h)
Range: 328ft (100 meters)
Battery: 3.7V 1500mAH Li-ion (2)
Charging time: 60–90 minutes
Running time: 10 minutes
The Pros
Powerful brushed 390-size motor
Child-safety propeller system
Super-easy to set up and operate
Anti-capsize hull system
Durable build
Fast for its class
Long-range for a toy
Bonus battery
Low Battery alarm
Out of Range alarm
Excellent value
The Cons
Average battery life

2. Cheerwing RC Racing Boat | Top Pick

Cheerwing RC Racing BoatView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.4/5

The Cheerwing RC racing boat provides fast fun on the water for both kids and adults. It offers a lot for the price. There are safety features like capsize recovery and a weak signal alarm.

  • Best feature 1: Capsize recovery feature
  • Best feature 2: Weak signal warning alarm
  • Plus points: Sleek design, can use in small areas, easy to control, fast, low battery alarm
  • Minus points: Poor battery life (play time)

This little boat has a sleek look and a color combo that makes it easy to see. The compact design and streamlined hull let you pilot it even in smaller bodies of water. The boat’s low battery alarm gives you time to bring it back to base when the power gets low. Other failsafe features include the self-righting hull, auto-correct yaw, plus the water-cooled and waterproof systems.

The rugged ABS plastic stands up well to those inevitable learner bangs and collisions. The 14 mph (25 km/h) top speed is fast enough for a boat of this size and range. You can quickly dry the boat off after a race by placing it on the display stand (included). The boat’s battery only takes around 90 minutes to recharge fully. That’s fast compared to a lot of models.

The Not So Good

The eight minutes playing time is far from impressive. In fact, you’re more likely to run out of juice in six minutes when racing flat out. But this is a small speedboat with a tiny motor, so any longer could see it overheat and burn out anyway. Extra batteries will extend the fun, but let the craft cool down for at least 20 minutes between races. A cooling down period also helps to prolong the life of the motor.


Tech Specs
Dimensions: 13.46 x 3.5 x 3.46”
Product Weight: 0.71 lbs.
Motor: OT-RK-370PH
Top Speed: 15 mph (25km/h)
Range: 262 ft. (80m)
Battery: 3.7V*2 600mAh Li-Fe
Charging time: 80 minutes
Running time: 6–8 minutes
The Pros
Small, fast, with sleek design
Capsize recovery feature
Poor signal warning alarm
Low battery alarm
Can use in small areas
Easy to control
The Cons
Poor battery life (sail time)

3. Mioshor Remote Control Speedboat

Mioshor Remote Control SpeedboatView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5

The Mioshor RC Speedboat is a step up from the previous pick. They both share the same top speed, but this puppy goes further and lasts longer on the water.

  • Best feature 1: Simple to control
  • Best feature 2: Long distance range
  • Plus points: LCD display, anti-tilt modular design, capsize recovery, low battery alarm
  • Minus points: Fiddly battery compartment, short running time

This little boat zips across the water like a frenzied insect escaping its prey. The ease of control makes it an ideal gift for kids and adult enthusiasts alike. Be careful if you buy this capable little speedboat for a child though. There’s a good chance of dad fighting for the controller. A better approach would be to have one each and let them battle things out on the water.

Racing the Mioshor TC Speedboat

Controlling the Mioshor remote control speedboat is a breeze. Winning races, though, takes practice and skill. The controller has a decent LCD that’s a real help for perfecting navigation. The boat has an effective anti-tilt modular design and capsize recovery. These features mean you spend more time racing and less time recovering the craft. It’s all great fun—until the power runs out.

Don’t worry. The low battery alarm ensures you don’t run out of juice when you’re out on the water.

The Not So Good

There are some user complaints that the battery compartment is fiddly. It makes swapping batteries a frustrating task albeit a minor gripe on the scope of complaints. And you’ll need plenty of access to the battery compartment with a maximum running time of just 10 minutes.


Tech Specs
Dimensions: 13.9 x 3.6 x 3.5”
Product Weight: 2.07 lbs.
Motor: Water-cooled single prop
Top Speed: 15 mph (25km/h)
Range: 492 ft. (150m)
Battery: 7.4V 600mAh lithium ion
Charging time: 90 minutes
Running time: 8–10 minutes
The Pros
Nice design speedboat
Easy to grasp at beginner level
Long distance range
LCD for better navigation
Anti-tilt modular design
Capsize recovery
Low battery alarm
The Cons
Fiddly battery compartment
Short running time

4. DI001 Venom Remote Control Racing Boat

DI001 Venom Remote Control Racing BoatView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5

The DI001 Venom remote-controlled speedboat is another model with a top speed of 15 mph. That means it can compete with others in its class, including the first two picks. But is it better?

  • Best feature 1: ABS impact-resistant plastic
  • Best feature 2: Bonus battery included
  • Plus points: Durable build, simple controls, makes waves, anti-tilt design, alarms, boat stand
  • Minus points: Low average running time, may leak a little

This model is impact-resistant and stands up to a few knocks without suffering major damage. That’s always an attractive feature for anyone just learning to steer speedboats. The DI001 is also the first speedboat in the guide to include a bonus battery. That doubles the playtime, but remember to allow the motor to cool down between battery swaps.

The build quality and construction of this boat make it durable and fun to steer. There is a slight issue with sealing, though. You can read more about that at the end of this short review.

Racing the Venom Remote Control Speedboat

Controlling this model is simple at the beginner level thanks to the intuitive controls. A favorite feature of the DI001 Venom RC racing boat is that it makes significant waves at top speed. The anti-tilt design lets you race with confidence knowing it’s unlikely to flip. And the handy Capsize Recovery quickly gets the boat back in the game if you do happen to flip it.

The control range for the boat is far enough with a 15-minute maximum run time. There’s no need to watch the clock either. The low battery warning is reliable and lets you know once it’s time to return.

The Not So Good

The playing time is a low average at only 15 minutes. However, the 90-minute charging time is decent. The problem with speedboats is that they’re made to function flat out. It’s why the batteries drain so fast. The good news is that this model comes with a spare. I still suggest buying a third battery to prolong the fun even more.

Point to note: Please heed the 20-minute cooling down warning between battery swaps.

Another disadvantage is the reports of minor leaking. Not everyone experiences it, but some do. Be mindful of this and add it to your checklist between battery swaps. I haven’t found any issues of water causing damage or short circuits. Even so, you don’t want to leave any water inside and tempt fate.


Tech Specs
Dimensions: 14.6 x 10.7 x 5.2”
Product Weight: 2.6 lbs.
Motor: Water-cooled single-prop
Top Speed: 15 mph (25 km/h)
Range: 300 ft. (90m)
Battery: 3.7V 600mAh Li-ion
Charging time: 90 minutes
Running time: 15+ minutes
The Pros
Good looking speedboat
Bonus battery included
ABS impact-resistant plastic
Durable build overall
Simple controls, easy to steer
Makes waves
Anti-tilt and capsize recovery
Low battery alarm
Boat stand included
The Cons
Low average running time
Some reports of minor leakage

5. Feilun RC Racing Speedboat FT012 4CH | Best Value

Feilun RC Racing Speedboat FT012 4CHView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

The Feilun FT012 is the 4CH racer that moves our RC speedboats up to a new level. The 2-way speed controller and brushless motor let you push this puppy up to an incredible 28 mph (45 km/h).

  • Best feature 1: Fast top speed
  • Best feature 2: Brushless motor
  • Plus points: Triple covers, control range, anti-collision, self-righting, fine gear adjustment
  • Minus points: Lousy running time, no low battery alarm

The FT012 RC Racing Boat is fast, flexible, furious, and has a classic deep “V” design. The triple covers do an excellent job of sealing the cabin from the water. The range is far enough to keep the vessel in your line of sight (LOS). You wouldn’t want it any further with the short battery life (see below).

Racing the Feilun FT012 High-Speed RC Boat

It looks ready to race, and it sure zips across a pond and other water surfaces. Its robust build, anti-collision, and self-righting let you steer this capable craft with total confidence. The finely adjusted gear makes navigation even more precise. The ultra-sharp looking “V” hull adds to the boat’s agility and helps it to cut effortlessly across smooth or choppy waters.

The Not So Good

The short 6-minute running time is the price you pay to unleash all that power. Even the efficient brushless motor can’t help here. The charging time takes around two hours. That means spare batteries are necessary extras for continuing the fun. Surprisingly, there isn’t a low battery warning alarm with this model. Even the cheaper boats have this basic feature, but it’s not as bad as it seems.

You lose full throttle the moment the power gets low. That’s your low battery warning. It’s then just a case of idling the boat back to base. Most would prefer a low-warning indicator, but it’s something.


Tech Specs
Dimensions: 18.1 x 4.9 x 4.7”
Product Weight: 3.79 lbs.
Motor: 2815-35000 KV brushless
Top Speed: 28 mph (45 km/h)
Range: 492 ft. (150m)
Battery: 1800Mah 25c lithium polymer
Charging time: 120+ minutes
Running time: 5–6 minutes
The Pros
Fast top speed; furious mover
Powerful brushless motor
Triple covers for added protection
Decent control range
Anti-collision, self-righting
Fine gear adjustment
The Cons
Poor running time
No low battery alarm

6. Atomik RC Barbwire 2 High-Speed RC Boat

Atomik RC Barbwire 2 High-Speed RC BoatView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

The Atomik RC Barbwire 2 High-Speed RC racer reaches an incredible top speed of 30mph. It’s a beast of a boat that you can race on big ponds, rivers, lakes, or large unoccupied pools.

  • Best feature 1: Water-cooled brushless motor
  • Best feature 2: Large stock prop
  • Plus points: Sleek design, fast charging time, agile in the water, 100% US-backed support
  • Minus points: Short running time, overpowered for novice users

The Barbwire 2 High-Speed RC speedboat is the kind of model people move onto from cheaper toys. It comes with an efficient water-cooled brushless motor and large stock prop. This Ready-To-Run (RTR) craft even includes four AA transmitter batteries. That’s unusual for most RC models.

Racing the BARBWIRE 2 RC Speedboat

The sleek design and quality build lure users to the water. It’s possible to perform a few fancy moves like jumps and spins with a little experience. It’s incredibly stable even while performing fancy maneuvers. The self-right feature gets you back into the race faster than a blinking eye if you flip it. The Barbwire 2 is so much fun on smooth or rough waters that you don’t want it to stop.

The water spray left in the wake of the large stock prop adds to the thrill of the race. This little boat flies through the water like a sniper’s bullet. It’s so quick that eyes can ache just trying to keep track of it. It’s a fabulous gift for kids, but dads—and a few moms—love it just as much. The fast charging time is about an hour after the initial charge. That’s just as well considering the short running time.

Point to note: This model comes with 100% US-backed support. US buyers prefer national support even though Chinese products and services have improved a lot over recent years.

The Not So Good

The maximum running time—in ideal conditions—is 10 minutes. But ideal conditions are rare, and racers like to speed, right. Seven minutes is more realistic for the running time. The BARBWIRE 2 RC Speedboat is addictive, so spare batteries are must-have extras.

The manufacturer’s recommended age is 14 years and older. Younger kids can enjoy the craft under supervision. The makers say it’s a perfect gift for all levels, but I disagree. There’s too much power for the novice. I suggest newbies opt for a less expensive, slower speedboat as a learning tool.


Tech Specs
Dimensions: 14.8 x 5.2 x 1.8”
Product Weight: 3.85 lbs.
Motor: Water-cooled brushless
Top Speed: 30 mph (48 km/h)
Range: 656 ft. (200m)
Battery: 75C LiPo
Charging time: 60 minutes
Running time: 7 minutes
The Pros
Sleek watertight design
Powerful, longer-lasting, water-cooled brushless motor
Large stock propeller
Agile in the water
Incredible top speed
Fast charging time
100% US-backed support
The Cons
Short running time
Overpowered for novices

7. Aquacraft Wildcat Catamaran RC Speedboat

Aquacraft Wildcat Catamaran RC SpeedboatView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.3/5

The Aquacraft Wildcat EP catamaran may not be the best choice of speedboat for competitive racing—but. It’s big, fast, agile and heaps of fun on the water. Keep reading to see what this beauty offers.

  • Best feature 1: Tough, molded ABS plastic w/ drain plug
  • Best feature 2: Efficient 1800kV outrunner brushless motor
  • Plus points: Easy to steer, fun to use, fast, powerful, water-cooled ESC, price
  • Minus points: Tends to flip

This stunning catamaran is big but not overwhelming. The build consists of a tough molded ABS plastic material with a drain plug. The boat comes with an incredibly efficient 1800kV outrunner brushless motor. The radio box is well sealed so that no moisture or water can get in. The twin rudder setup uses flexible nylon bolts. These bolts break away in an accident to save the rear end from major damage.

Operating the Aquacraft 2.4Ghz Wildcat EP BL Catamaran

They call it their new wave knockout, the Flying Wildcat, and the cat that’s not afraid of the water. As it’s the larger version of the AquaCraft Mini Wildcat, it has bigger everything—not least appeal. It’s a swift and powerful operator for sure. It responds well to commands from the virtually interference-free 2.4GHz controller. I’d say this is the perfect family craft for those fun days out by the water.

The Wildcat’s power comes from a 1800 kV outrunner brushless motor. To compliment it is a water-cooled 50A Electronic Speed Controller (ESC). The ESC has a Deans® Ultra Plug® Connector, stutter bump warming, and low voltage cutoff.

This boat is by no means slow with its 35mph top speed. It’s not a high-speed competitive racer for its class, but it’s a whole lot of fast fun on the water. Choose Aquacraft Motley Crew FE Catamaran or my next pick, the Traxxas DCB M41 Catamaran, if you want insane racing capability. You’ll need an extra 200+ dollars to pay for the additional oomph, though.

The Not So Good

There’s little to find fault with for the size, price, and features offered by this boat. It does tend to flip over at times, but this becomes a non-issue once new users get better at handling the craft.


Tech Specs
Dimensions: 36.4 x 11.1 x 8”
Product Weight: 5.3 lbs.
Motor: 1800kV outrunner brushless
Top Speed: 35+mph (55+ km/h)
Range: Not specified
Battery: 3S 11.1V 2000mAh
Charging time: Not specified
Running time: 10+ minutes
The Pros
Big, gorgeous catamaran
Tough, molded ABS plastic w/ drain plug
Efficient 1800kV outrunner brushless motor
Easy to steer
Great fun to use
Affordable for a cat in its class
The Cons
Tends to flip over until users become more familiar with it

8. Traxxas DCB M41 Catamaran Speedboat

Traxxas DCB M41 Catamaran SpeedboatView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.9/5

My final pick is the Traxxas DCB M41 brushless speedboat. It’s a fast twin-hull catamaran and not something for the faint-hearted. Its higher price suggests it’s a model for seasoned enthusiasts.

  • Best feature 1: Precision sculpted design
  • Best feature 2: 540XL brushless motor
  • Plus points: RTR, easy control, versatile, super-fast top speed, superb handling, value
  • Minus points: Batteries and charger extras, props can break

The M41 is an awesome, unsinkable (well almost) replica. It’s a big boat at around one meter in length and guarantees big fun for all who race it. The graphics give the outside an eye-catching design guaranteed to attract envious eyeballs. The makers have used plenty of quality metal in their robust construction. You get high-strength aluminum nickel-plated hardware and stainless-steel trim tabs.

Racing the BARBWIRE 2 RC Speedboat

This racing twin-hull catamaran is a serious model. It has a precision sculpted design and a powerful 540XL brushless motor that takes it to speeds of 50+ mph (80 km/h). It moves beautifully whether you’re carving sharp turns or racing to the finish line over choppy waters. It’s also easy to cruise as you develop skills and become familiar with this special craft in your own time.

There’s plenty of fun to have with this cat even at high speeds. Traxxas Stability Management or TSM gives you lots of secure control. TSM lets you perform ambitious moves with total confidence.

The advanced 2-channel Ready-To-Race® radio system is world class, and it needs to be. The controller is all there is that connects users to their machine. That means the boat must listen and obey each time the controller speaks to it—or die out on the water.

There’s so much to like and admire about the Traxxas DCB M41 Catamaran Speedboat. I’ve only touched on its main features in this mini-review. Follow the link below if you’d like to learn more about this serious remote-controlled racer. It’s not cheap, but it does offer plenty of value.

The Not So Good

The Traxxas DCB M41 brushless speedboat doesn’t include batteries or a charger despite its high price. Be sure to order at least two sets of Traxxas 3s LiPo batteries with iD Connector if you don’t already have them. Remember, the running time for fast catamarans is only about 15 minutes per charge.

The other gripe is that the propellers tend to break after a while if you race the boat at full speed. They’re cheap enough to replace, so you may want to order spares if you decide to buy this cat.


Tech Specs
Dimensions: 40.6 x 10.5 x 8.3”
Product Weight: 5.42 lbs (without batteries).
Motor: 540XL brushless motor
Top Speed: 50+ mph (80+ km/h)
Range: Not specified but further than the line of sight (LOS)
Battery: Not included (see end of review for suggestions)
Charging time: Depends on charger
Running time: 15+ minutes
The Pros
Ready-To-Race (RTR) Catamaran
Precision sculpted design
Striking graphics option
Powerful brushless motor
Super-fast top speed
Easy to control, versatile
Superb stable handling
The Cons
Batteries and charger extras
Props can break at higher speeds