Hardcotton Elemental 3D printer 3Australian-based company, Hardcotton has unveiled their new SLA 3D printer, which they claim is the “world’s first pressure controlled 3D printer.” Like other SLA machines, Elemental utilises a laser system to cure photosensitive resin. However, unlike all the consumer grade machines we’ve seen before it, the Elemental 3D printer uses a pressure control system to monitor and adjust the resin levels when an object is being printed.

Scott Pobihun, Hardcotton Co-founder & CEO said, “When you use Elemental you aren’t faced with a daunting set up and you don’t need to worry about fiddly calibration procedures. All you need to do in setting up Elemental is to ensure that the printer is level, with its adjustable feet, then simply fill it up with printing material and it’s ready to go.”

Hardcotton Elemental 3D printer 6

The patent pending pressure control system means that the Elemental only requires the amount of resin needed, rather than needing an entire vat of resin where the object is printed, like other SLA printers. This removes the need for excess support structures and mechanical parts needed to lift the print out of the vat.

Hardcotton Elemental 3D printer 4“Elemental makes 3D printing simple, easy and affordable. Unlike other printers on the market, Elemental does not require complex set-up, assembly or calibration. Its modular design addresses cost concerns, usually a concern with SLA printers, as well as ensuring performance reliability with whisper quiet operation” says Pobihun.

In addition to the innovative pressure control system, the Elemental will have a max build volume of 200 x 200 x 200mm and the minimum layer height resolution will be 1 micron (depends on the resin used). The XY resolution is 24.4 microns and the printer includes a variable 405nm laser.

A Kickstarter campaign will be launched in Q3 of 2014 and backers will be able to secure an Elemental for AUD$1000.

Hardcotton Elemental 3D printer 2

Source: Hardcotton