up plus 2-3D printer

PP3DP or Delta Micro Factory Corp has revealed their successor to its highest quality printer, the UP! Plus. The new PP3DP UP Plus 2 3D printer is based on the UP! Plus and will be even easier to use.

The Beijing based PP3DP has introduced a fully automatic platform calibration system for the UP Plus 2. Features of the UP Plus 2’s calibration system include platform levelling and height calibration for the platform of the printer.

According to PP3DP the UP Plus 2 doesn’t need as much tinkering with than other 3D printers and will be simpler to use. The printer is designed for people with little knowledge of the 3D printing field or people who just want an easy to use device.

PP3DP have not only released a new printer, but they have also released a new UP software update. Version 1.19 will include changes such as;

  1. Shell printing on Mac
  2. Pause printing at a certain height.
  3. Thin surface printing
  4. Various bug fixes and other usability improvements.

The UP Plus 2 will be priced at $1649 and it will be available for pre-order at the beginning of June. Buyers can get the 3D printer through Delta Micro (PP3DP)’s website, www.pp3dp.com, and the company’s worldwide distributor network.