3D Printed 1927 Miller 91 2

3D Printing still has along way to go before it can be crowned as the ultimate manufacturing technique and sometimes we need a reminder of what makes 3D printing so special. CIDEAS, a rapid prototyping consulting company based in Crystal Lake, Illinois has created a 40% scale model of a 1927 Miller 91  racing car. Everything from the frame to the wire wheels and even the lettering on the tires was created through four different 3D printing processes (FDM, Polyjet, SLS, and SLA).

Bill Gould, a Senior Associate at Fallbrook Engineering created the scale model in Solidworks. Gould’s friend, Mike Littrell who happens to be CEO of CIDEAS saw the CAD model and assembled a team to bring it to life. CIDEAS created the car as a promotional item to exhibit at trade shows to demonstrate what is possible with 3D printing.

3D Printed 1927 Miller 91

Some of the 3D printed parts were chromed and finished to produce the metallic look of many of the race cars components and some had to undergo extensive sanding ahead of their custom paint job.

They’ve documented the entire process of their adventure producing the scale Miller 91 race car in a video. In it you’ll see each of the different 3D printing processes in action, as well as the finishing and assembly steps.


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