Which Cameras Work With Echo Spot and Show?

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Amazon’s touchscreen devices are the perfect companions to your home security system. Their power lies in the ability to display either a live feed or call up past events for subsequent viewing wherever they are. As both the Echo Show and Echo Spot have microphones to be able to use Alexa, you can communicate through them with anyone who’s at the door or scare away burglars.

Ease of use is the main selling point as you don’t need to have your smartphone nearby to access the feed. Simply install your camera’s Alexa skill and you can turn the display into a security monitor with a voice command. Just keep in mind that not all cameras support the same voice commands. For example, the skill used for all three Nest products only enables you to start and stop viewing the live feed.

Below is a table that contains cameras supported by both the Show and the Spot along with some basic info on them. We’ve also highlighted a few cameras that stand out from the rest to help you decide which one to buy.

NameResolutionField of viewStoragePan & tiltPower sourceCheck price
Amazon Cloud Cam1080p120°Cloud (starting at $7/month)NoCordAmazon
Amcrest ProHD1080p90°Cloud & localYesCordAmazon
August Doorbell Cam Pro720p120°Cloud (starting at $5/month)NoWireAmazon
Blink XT1080p110°Cloud (free)NoBatteriesAmazon
Canary Flex720p113°Cloud (free)NoCord or batteriesAmazon
Kasa Cam1080p130°Cloud (free)Yes (manual)CordAmazon
Logitech Circle 2720p & 1080p180°Cloud (free)Yes (manual)Cord or batteriesAmazon
Nest Cam IQ Indoor1080p130°Cloud (starting at $5/month)Yes (digital)CordB&H Photo
Nest Cam IQ Outdoor1080p130°Cloud (starting at $5/month)Yes (digital)CordB&H Photo
Nest Hello Video Doorbell1,600 x 1,200160°Cloud (starting at $5/month)NoWireB&H Photo
Netgear Arlo Go Mobile1080p110°Cloud & localNoBatteriesAmazon
Netgear Arlo Pro 21080p130°Cloud (free)NoBatteriesAmazon
Netvue Home Security Camera720p120°Cloud & localYesCordAmazon
Ring Floodlight Cam1080p140°Cloud (starting at $3/month)NoWireAmazon
Ring Spotlight Cam1080p140°Cloud (starting at $3/month)NoBatteryAmazon
Ring Video Doorbell Pro1080p160°Cloud (starting at $3/month)NoWireAmazon
Ring Video Doorbell 21080p160°Cloud (starting at $3/month)NoBatteriesAmazon
Skybell HD1080p180°Cloud (free)NoWireAmazon
Wyze Cam Pan1080p120°Cloud & localYesCordAmazon
Wyze Cam v21080p110°Cloud & localYes (manual)CordeBay

Which Compatible Security Camera is the Best?

Arlo 2 Pro is the best security camera supported by Echo Show & Spot, followed closely by the two Nest IQ cams. Arlo won us over with its superior mobility, excellent storage options, and durable build. The buy-in price may not be to everyone’s taste, but by paying it you’re getting a comprehensive security system you won’t have to invest any additional money into later.

The Arlo Pro 2 package consists of two compact cameras that sport FullHD quality video and excellent night vision along with a bulky hub. The cameras can be mounted to either magnetic surfaces or onto brackets. For outdoor use, they can be screwed into place by two screws that provide additional protection from theft. The hub ensures that the cameras have enough bandwidth to operate smoothly, packs a loud alarm, and has USB slots you can hook external disks up to for local storage.

Although they’re outstanding security cameras, it’s worth noting that neither NetGear’s nor Nest’s models have many Spot & Show-oriented features. Nest cams only show you the current feed while the Arlo Pro 2 can display the most recent activities on top of that.

Which Compatible Doorbell Camera is the Best?

Ring is THE name in the world of smart video doorbells. Its Pro model is a sleek, modern-looking doorbell complete with a capable camera, 20 chimes, and excellent motion sensors.

Ample documentation and clear videos make the installation of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro a breeze. Its video is clear too and has a field of view of 160 degrees to better encompass your front lawn. Visitors activate the camera’s feed by ringing the bell, but you can bring it up any time either on your smartphone or an Echo.

Which Camera Works Best with Echo Spot & Show?

Amazon’s own Cloud cam unsurprisingly comes out on top as the camera with the best Spot & Show integration. Overall, the Cloud Cam is a mid-range model sporting decent video output, a crisp night vision mode, and an effortless installation process Amazon insists on for all of its products.

Once you find a suitable place to place it inside your home, all it takes for the Cloud cam to work is pairing it with your phone and putting in your Wi-Fi password. Its clear feed should appear on your smartphone along with notification & sensitivity settings. The motion sensors are quite adept at picking up the slightest of sounds and should be toned down before use.

The Cloud Cam connects to your Show or Spot seamlessly and its feed transfers onto the touchscreen in seconds. You can use either device to initiate two-way communication. The camera’s microphone is almost as sensitive as the sensors and can pick up even faint conversations in the room. When something triggers the motion sensors, notifications can be sent to the Echo’s screen to let you know what happened.

A paid subscription is the Cloud Cam’s only downside. You’ll need to pay $7/month if you want 7 days of storage and advanced features like person detection or zones. Without subscribing, you’re limited to 24 hours of footage which can’t be downloaded.

Which Camera Is the Best Buy Option?

Without a doubt, this honor goes to the Wyze Cam v2. It costs ten times less than the likes of Arlo, but still impresses with its 1080p video and features. The camera’s compact rectangular body makes it ideal for indoor placement while a long USB cable and handy wall mount allow you to set it up outdoors as well.

The Wyze Cam gets even more cost-effective when you consider its storage options. Both Wyze’s free cloud service and local storage onto an SD card are available so you’ll always have a backup if their servers experience trouble.

The footage shot with this camera is crisp while stationary. Motion tracking is also a feature, but it tends to distort the image. Two-way audio communication is present, albeit of a rather low quality. Considering the Wyze Cam’s price though, all of these features give it incredible value which anyone on the fence about getting a smart security camera should seize.