AV Receiver Black Friday 2018 Deals

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Black Friday is a great time to get a major discount on an AV receiver. Some models have been discounted by over $300.

It’s not known when these deals will end. Some of them may continue through Cyber Monday, but this is not guaranteed. We recommend ordering one while they are still available.

How to Choose an AV Receiver

AV receiver are designed to be the brains of a home theater setup. If you have multiple speakers, you will need to get an AV receiver in order to connect them all. They add surround sound capability and they also do digital audio processing.

The amount of power an AV receiver provides to speakers and subwoofers plays a big role in sound quality. You should look at the RMS of the speaker rather than the peak power to get an understanding of how much power it has. That’s because peak power can just be a second or two, while RMS is a measure of the average.

Make sure to pay a lot of attention to the ports the AV receiver has because otherwise you will have to upgrade more often. HDMI ports are particularly important. You want as many of them as possible because they provide phenomenal sound quality.

You should get a 4K AV receiver if you can afford it. This will give you a lot more options if you end up buying a 4K TV. Also, check to see that the AV receiver has Bluetooth capabilities if you want to play music wirelessly with it.

Overall, there are great deals on AV receivers this year. Yamaha makes phenomenal audio equipment and many people regard their AV receivers as the best.