Black Friday 2018 Deals on TV Soundbars

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Soundbars are very popular products for people who want an upgrade to the built-in sound systems of their TVs but are not quite eager to shell out the money for a full-on home theater system. Soundbars come in a variety of sizes, connectivity options, surround sound quality, and visual displays. Every major manufacturer has released discounts for Black Friday.

We have compiled a list of all of the discounts offered by major retailers for soundbars that have leaked so far. We will continually update this page as new leaks come along.

Update: Amazon is having a sale on the Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System.


ItemOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
LG 2.1-Channel 300W Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer$229$99
Onn 37” BT 2.0-Channel Soundbar Speaker$48$29
Samsung 4.1-Channel 200W Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofer$239$169 


ItemOriginal PriceDiscounted PriceBonus
Samsung Bluetooth Wireless Sound Bar$227.99$117.99
VIZIO SmartCast 36” Sound Bar System$249.99$199.99Comes with $50 Dell Promo eGift card 


ItemOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
VIZIO 28” 2-channel soundbar with Bluetooth streaming$49.99$79.99
Samsung 2.1 Channel 130W Soundbar with wireless subwoofer and Bluetooth streaming$119.99$199.99

Best Buy

ItemOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
LG 2.1-Channel 300W Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofer – Black$279.99$119.99
Samsung 2.1-Channel 300W Soundbar System with 6-1/2” Wireless Subwoofer – Black$279.99$139.99
Samsung 5.1-Channel Soundbar System with 6-1/2” Wireless Subwoofer and Digital Amplifier – Charcoal Black$499.99$279.99
Sony 2.1-Channel Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofer and Digital Amplifier$279.99$148.99
JBL 3.1-Channel Soundbar System with 10” Wireless Subwoofer and Digital Amplifier$499.99$299.99
Sony 2.1-Channel Soundbar System with 4.72” Wireless Subwoofer and Digital Amplifier – Charcoal Black$349.99$199.99
Insignia 2.0-Channel Soundbar with Digital Amplifier – Black$99.99$39.99
Sony 7.1.2-Channel Hi-Res Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer and Dolby Atmos – Black$1,499.98$1,199.98


ItemOriginal PriceDiscounted PriceBonus
LG 2.1-Channel 300W Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer and Bluetooth connectivity$299.99$119.99Get $30 Kohl’s cash

Choosing the best soundbar for you

With so many choices finding the best soundbar can be overwhelming. What do all these channel numbers mean? Should you be getting a soundbar with a subwoofer? With these questions in mind, we have prepared a quick guide to help you choose the ideal soundbar.

1. Channels and Dolby Atmos

Almost all of the available soundbar models list describe their channels with some peculiar numbers, such as “2.0” or “4.1”. You only need to keep in mind that these numbers are divided into two sections – the first number refers to the number of channels that a soundbar has, and the second number refers to whether or not it has a subwoofer.

The number before the period pertains to the number of channels of the soundbar, and the positioning of these channels can usually be inferred easily. A number 2 means that the soundbar has left and right channels, while a number 3 means it has separate left, center, and right channels. This number can go up as high as 5, which pertains to surround sound speakers.

Although not very common, there may be a third channel number, as with the Sony 7.1.2-Channel. Having a third number means that the soundbar supports Dolby Atmos surround sound. The number itself refers to the number of drivers the soundbar has dedicated to Dolby Atmos.

2. Subwoofers

Certain models of soundbars come with their own subwoofers, which are essentially external speakers designed specifically to reproduce low-frequency signals. This means that a sound system with a dedicated subwoofer produces a deeper and richer bass. For audiophiles and music purists, a subwoofer is an essential part of the listening experience. If you are building a sound system for a home theater, having a subwoofer will make your movie nights even more epic.

Most soundbars offer subwoofers that can be connected to the sound system via Bluetooth. Much can be said about the convenience of wireless connectivity, but wireless transmission is notoriously prone to signal interference and degradation. If superior audio quality is what you are after, then nothing beats a wired connection.

3. Connections

Soundbars typically connect to the TV using optical cables, but more modern models should be equipped with HDMI connection capability. An HDMI interface is generally better, as it provides support to more audio formats that an optical cable cannot, such as Dolby Atmos and Dolby Digital Plus. This results in a more versatile soundbar that produces higher quality, more immersive, and richer audio.

4. IR Sensors and Repeaters

A typical TV and soundbar system has the soundbar sitting directly below and in front of the TV. While this is the optimal position for the soundbar to provide surround sound, it also usually tends to block the IR sensor of the TV.

To make sure that this will not be a problem, we recommend getting a soundbar with a built-in IR signal repeater. This repeater allows the IR signal to pass through the soundbar and to the IR sensor of the TV. 

Final thoughts

If you’ve always wanted a soundbar to go with your TV, then this Black Friday is the perfect time to get one. From popular brands like Samsung and LG, to more affordable brands such as Onn and VIZIO, there is a huge range of soundbars available in terms of features and budget. With such a huge selection, you will be sure to get the perfect bargain for your home theater needs.

All the specs and numbers that go along with different soundbar models may seem overwhelming, and we hope that our simple buying guide will help you narrow down the choice. Whether you want a soundbar that comes along with its own subwoofer, or a soundbar that has Dolby Atmos surround sound capabilities, this Black Friday is just about the best time to grab that deal.