Boosted Board Reviews and Comparison: Is it worth it?

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Skateboards are enjoying a comeback of sorts. Although a slightly different version than the ones everyone knew decades ago. They have definitely gotten a significant facelift. Now, you only need to push a button, and you’re off.

A few years ago, the technology that makes electric skateboards possible did not exist yet. But now, electric motors have become smaller and more efficient, and battery technology has improved a lot where you can slap those on a skateboard deck, and you won’t even notice them.

Boosted Board the King of Electric Skateboards

Ever since Boosted first opened its doors selling electric skateboards in 2012, the company has grown to become one of the most influential and recognized brands in the industry. Today, they continue to face fierce competition from other makers, but they still retain their customer base and even more. They just have this intense brand loyalty that other companies just can’t get a hold of.

It definitely helped that they are one of the first companies to make electric skateboards. Boosted did not begin like traditional companies, they introduced their first board on Kickstarter and gathered an almost cult-like following from there. It also helps that you have famous celebrities and influencers singing their praises for the company.

What Makes Their Electric Skateboards Popular

Boosted Board skateboards are still considered one of the best in the market even though there are a ton of possible alternatives. Other companies have released their own models, which in some respect, can be considered better than any of Boosted’s machines. However, they can’t still fall behind when it comes to market share.

The feature that most users love the most with Boosted boards is their minimalist and modular approach. The design is very intuitive that if you have an idea on how to put things together, you can definitely replace and upgrade the parts yourself.

Their electric skateboards are also known for their smoothness, stability, and reliability. That’s why users keep coming back to buying Boosted skateboards rather than get one from a competitor.

The Boosted Board for You

Power in a Small Package



Retail Price: $999

The Boosted Mini X is an electric skateboard from the company where they put the technology of their classic longboards in the body of a small board. At just 29.5 inches, it looks more like a mini-board. The goal of this machine is to offer the same Boosted experience while making it extremely portable. This definitely comes in handy when you’re living in highly urbanized metropolitan areas with hybrid transport systems.

Size Does Matter

The electric skateboard is small in size, but weighing in at 16.8 pounds is certainly no lightweight. In fact, it is only slightly lighter than its much larger brothers, the Boosted Dual and Stealth. Carrying it can get a bit awkward when you’re walking in areas where it’s simply impossible to ride.

The reason for all this weight and range? The Mini X has an excellent range of about 14 miles on a single charge. That’s definitely a lot of mileage in between charges, and that significantly balances out its bulkiness. If you’re using this electric skateboard for your daily commute to work or school, you won’t even come close to using up all the juice.

One of the benefits of this particular characteristic of the Mini X is its coasting capabilities. You can easily freeroll this if every you run out of battery power. It’s something that you can’t easily do with its bigger brothers.

Motors and Power

The motors of this skateboard definitely pack a punch. Rated at 1,000W, it’s a lot of power for its size. This comes in handy as it is estimated as capable of climbing steep hills of up to 20% in grade. In practice, the board easily exceeds that. It also comes with regenerative braking technology where it charges the batteries up whenever you slow down, this can come in handy when you slow down as you’re climbing down a steep hill.

The compact design of the skateboard has its own downsides as well. The Mini X is a bit too short, so the batteries are located in the center of the deck, and this results in a lack of flex. It is a problem, especially in urban commute situations where the roads are not as smoothly paved as you would want. Flex is vital to a skateboard since it provides additional shock absorption giving you a better comfortable riding experience.


The one thing that Boosted owners absolutely love about their boards is not actually part of the skateboard. It’s the handheld pistol-like controller that you use to activate the motors. The controls are intuitive and are easy to use. All you need to do is pull the trigger to turn the power unit on and roll the wheel in the direction you want to go.

The Mini X comes with three different riding modes. There is a beginner ride setting, which is perfect for new riders. Then there is a novice mode that allows you to increase your speed and acceleration a bit more. Finally, when you get the hang of riding your skateboard, you can go all in and use the expert setting so you can truly enjoy its full potential.

The Boosted Mini X is definitely a fun board and is perfect for those looking for a quicker way to get to their destination without resorting to using much larger equipment. It is a great fit to go around congested cities that suffer constant traffic jams on a daily basis. It also comes in handy to use as a transporter in a large university campus where buildings are far apart so you can get to class without breaking a sweat.

Range: Up to 14 miles
Hill Climb: Up to 20% Grade
Weight: 16.8 lbs
Power: 1,000 Watts
Deck: Deep Dish Composite
Top Speed: Up to 20 mph
Ride Modes: 3 Modes from Beginner to Pro
Brakes: Regenerative Brakes
Charge Time: 1 hr 45 mins
The Pros
Even with the smaller blueprint, the performance is similar to that of its much larger brothers, the Plus and Stealth
The size makes it easier to carry inside buses and trains
Better free rolling capabilities than its much larger brothers
Excellent electric skateboard for commuting in large cities
The Cons
The shorter 29.5-inch deck loses out on a lot of the springiness and flexibility of the longboard versions making it a lot bumpier
It is definitely smaller, but it’s not significantly lighter. The difference is so little that it weighs about the same as other Boosted boards

Who Is It For?

The Boosted Mini X is perfect for those who like to make short trips throughout the day. Whether it’s jumping from different public transport options or running some quick errands, the Mini X is your electric skateboard of choice. Its 14-mile range ensures that you will have enough no matter where you go. It’s compact design also enables you to bring it on buses and trains without it getting too bulky or difficult to store. It fits in the trunk of your car and makes it a viable last-mile commute option.

If you’re considering upgrading your current commute or looking to ditch your car and use a hybrid of public transport and personal transporter, then the Boosted Mini X is an exceptional electric skateboard that can fulfill your needs.

A Boosted Board Classic



Retail Price: $1399

The Boosted Plus is one of the company’s third-generation electric skateboards, and the refined design definitely shows that. The small evolutions and innovations from the tried and tested technology of the Boosted Dual+ clearly stand out. In a lot of ways, the Plus is very similar to the Dual+, and the main difference between the two is a larger battery for a much better range and larger stock wheels for a more comfortable ride.

A Belt Drive for the Plus

Unlike the Mini X, the Boosted Plus comes with a dual brushless motor coupled with a belt drive system, which puts out an astounding 2000 Watts of power. This directly translates to speed as well, in which the board is capable of up to 22 miles per hour.

When it comes to acceleration, the Plus does not have the grunt that you might expect from it. However, it does accelerate a lot smoother, minimizing the chance of you getting thrown because of sudden jerky movements as the board speeds up.

Battery Capacity

An upgrade to the Plus compared to the previous iterations of this Boosted classic, the skateboard comes with an extended battery pack that allows you to enjoy more range and ride time. At 14 miles, similar to the Mini X, it’s decent, but for a longboard, it’s really not that impressive. You basically get the same range as the smaller skateboard, and this has a much longer deck that can possibly accommodate more batteries.

The great thing about this particular board is that for the full 14 miles of battery life, you’re virtually traveling at full speed. So, dropping your pace a little bit can effectively improve your range.

Different Riding Modes

Boosted makes that possible with the four ride settings they included in the Plus. You have beginner mode, which is going to be slow maxing out at 11 miles per hour with limited acceleration and weak hill climbing potential. Then you have the Eco mode which has a top speed of about 16 miles per hour, giving you more range at a decent speed. Expert mode is next, and it can get you to speeds of up to 20 miles per hour with strong hill climbing potential. Lastly, the Pro mode that unleashes the full potential of the Boosted Plus.

Even though the skateboard is somewhat lacking in range compared to boards from other brands, it definitely makes up for it in charging time. It just takes a little under two hours for it to fully charge, and that’s clearly fast. You can go on long rides and plug in for quick charges along the way to make it to your destination.

Improved Design and Ride Experience

The Boosted Plus has made apparent upgrades compared to its predecessors. It comes with redesigned wider wheels that provide more grip, so you accelerate and slow down much quicker. The deck is also made a bit wider, so you have more foot space for better balance and control, especially at high speed. It is incredibly comfortable to ride compared to older Boosted skateboards.

Compared to the Mini X, the Plus can handle road bumps and cracks a lot better. You will still feel them, but the vibrations are definitely dampened to the point that you won’t get bothered by riding on them.

The decks are made from a composite material mixed in with poplar, fiberglass, and foam to make the deck light and flexible. Boosted made it a point that the experience is as close to riding on a wooden deck that has tons of flexibility. This makes using the skateboard a lot less tiring to ride on, especially on long distances.

Remote Responsiveness

The iconic remote of Boosted’s Boards works so well that they use the exact same thing for the Plus version of their skateboards. It’s solid and is designed to comfortably fit your hand so you can control the board better. It is intuitive to use, and once you get used to it, you’ll be riding like a pro in no time. A high-end electric skateboard such as the Plus deserves some LCD screen love so you can quickly view your speed, mileage, and battery levels. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, you still get the same remote that has worked for years.

You can certainly feel that Boosted has worked a lot on the remote and its responsiveness as it comes built-in with a jerk filter, so you accelerate and brake gently. The remote becomes very responsive on higher riding modes like Expert and Pro, so you might want to be very careful with your control inputs.

The Boosted Plus is definitely one of the best electric skateboards out there. In terms of design and overall performance, it is unparalleled. It does not have the best of ranges, but it surely makes up for it when it comes to its quick charging technology.

Range: Up to 14 miles
Hill Climb: Up to 25% Grade
Weight: 17 lbs
Power: 2,000 Watts
Deck: Super Flex Composite Deck
Top Speed: Up to 22 mph
Ride Modes: 4 Ride Modes
Brakes: Regenerative Brakes
Charge Time: 1 hr 45 mins
The Pros
The poplar wood mixed with composite materials provides a considerable amount of deck flexibility for superior shock absorption and vibration dampening
Belt drives provide superior torque, and that translates to better hill climbing potential of up to 25% grade
The ergonomically designed remote that’s responsive at the same time makes the board extremely easy to control
Eco mode gives you extended range at a decent speed
The Cons
Battery life is not the best, especially for a longboard with ample space for extra cells
The skateboard is not waterproof or dustproof so it can get dirty very quickly

Who Is It For?

The Boosted Plus is an electric skateboard with exceptional performance. It’s fast and at the same time comfortable to ride, and that makes it the perfect transporter for lengthy rides. It comes in handy as a commuting tool if you don’t transfer modes of transport that often. So, if you’re looking to use it as a direct from home to office or school commuter, you will definitely enjoy what it has to offer.

It is only slightly more substantial than the Mini X. However, it is a lot longer and therefore a lot bulkier. So, if you don’t jump from one train to another, you can take advantage of its speed, range, and ease of use.

The Peak of Performance



Retail Price: $1599

The Boosted Stealth is the company’s latest skateboard, and it is their fastest and most expensive model. At first glance, it looks very similar to other Boosted boards, even some of the features are. The most apparent difference visually is that the Stealth has a lot more shades of black and gray on it compared to the Plus. However, when it comes to shape and build, they are almost alike. Most of the differences between the two are not in the design as they are more under the hood, which we will explore a little later on.

Compared with other electric skateboard brands, Boosted’s boards have been known for their accessibility and ease of use. The great thing is that the Stealth, even though it is quick and powerful, still retains this characteristic. New riders can quickly get the hang of it in a few minutes just like any Boosted skateboard.
Five Riding Modes

The Stealth comes with the exact electric motor mapping as the Plus with Beginner, Eco, Expert, and Pro. But the Stealth adds a fifth on top of that. Aptly named “Hyper” mode, it unlocks the additional 2 miles per hour to push the maximum speed of the Stealth to 24 miles an hour. To access that final ride setting, all you need to do is select it on your remote or via the smartphone app.

The much more powerful 2100-Watt motor makes hitting the top speed effortlessly. Acceleration is cranked up, so you don’t need to push the trigger harder. Even though it’s just a 100-Watt difference, it does give you the extra grunt to get to “Hyper” speeds.

Full Deck Overhaul

The Stealth uses the same deck technology as the Mini X and the Plus and definitely benefits from all the advantages of using composite materials. The vibrations are heavily damped especially at high speeds, and the fiberglass, foam, and poplar core smoothen out rides on rough surfaces sometimes even better than bamboo decks.

The skateboard comes with 190mm trucks that have been tuned for maximum performance on the Stealth. They are ready to tackle just about any road condition, even bumpier ones so you can effortlessly carve at top speeds.

Now, this skateboard weighs about 17 pounds, the same as the Plus, and is just slightly lighter than the Mini X. It can get a little heavy and bulky when transporting. Add to that its longboard design, and you can easily whack it on doors and hallways. Let’s just say that it’s not the easiest thing to handle when it’s not running on the road.

Extended Range

The batteries on the skateboard have a manufacturer-stated range of about 14 miles. Stick to the Pro and Expert settings, and real-world usage translates to that without any problem. If you want to squeeze more mileage out of the batteries, then you can choose Eco mode. You will be slower, but you can definitely run a little further.

It also comes with regenerative braking capabilities, where it charges up the battery whenever you apply the brakes. This is particularly helpful when you live in hilly areas where you can engage the brakes for an extended period of time as you’re descending from a steep climb. This surely adds a bit of extra range.

Recharging your batteries can take up to an hour and 45 minutes. It is quick, but the range for a high-end electric skateboard is a bit on the low side. You have the option to get a spare battery, but the process of swapping them takes a lot of time as it requires removing six screws.

The Boosted Stealth is definitely one of those skateboards that you don’t get when you’re just getting in the game. You can get equally good ones like the Mini X or the Plus, and it will give you a similar experience. However, when you’re a pro or an enthusiast who wants to squeeze the last drop of performance from a machine, then the Stealth is the one to get.

Range: Up to 14 miles
Hill Climb: Up to 25% Grade
Weight: 17 lbs
Power: 2,100 Watts
Deck: Super Flex Composite Deck
Top Speed: Up to 24 mph
Ride Modes: 5 Ride Modes
Brakes: Regenerative Brakes
Charge Time: 1 hr 45 mins
The Pros
One of the fastest electric skateboards out there
The extra Hyper riding mode comes in handy to get the extra 2 miles per hour out of your board
The extra motor power delivers an acceleration boost
The Cons
The board is quite heavy, and the longboard design makes it a bit bulky

Who Is It For?

Do you really need the Stealth’s extra speed? If your answer is yes, then this skateboard is for you. It is definitely a fun challenge, being able to take full control of it at maximum speed. The acceleration is jolting thanks to the grippier wheels, and it’s possible to overtake slow-moving bikes or cars.

The Stealth is a fast board with room for additional speed. If you’re looking for that thrill, then this is the machine for you.

Why Choose a Boosted Board

Boosted is definitely the go-to brand when it comes to electric skateboards. It appears that they have perfected it. Sure, it took years and a few iterations to hit it out of the park, but getting a good head start from the rest of the competition did help. How did Boosted get it right? What makes their skateboards the best in their respective classes?

The Boosted Belt Drive

Electric skateboards made by Boosted utilize belt drives. These motors use gears and a toothed belt which transforms power from the motor to the wheels efficiently and produces a better acceleration, braking, and hill climbing capabilities. Belt drives provide superior torque, and that gives it better control even at high speeds. This torque also allows Boosted skateboards to climb up hills with up to 25%.

Flexible Deck

Boosted board decks are made with wood mixed with composite materials that grant strength without sacrificing flexibility. A flexible deck acts as some sort of suspension system dampening the vibrations from bumpy roads. This allows your legs to relax when riding, giving you a more comfortable ride even at high speeds.

Ergonomic Remote

Everyone’s favorite feature Boosted boards is the ergonomic design of its remote. It’s intuitive and makes your skateboard easier to control, therefore making your ride a lot safer. It is also really responsive and coupled with its own patented Boosted Jerk Filter that prevents unnecessary movements, so you stay on top of your board at all times.

Multiple Speed Modes

Boosted boards come with multiple speed modes for different ride experiences. You can tailor-fit your entire journey, depending on your needs. If you want a comfortable long ride, and want to squeeze out the extra range, you can select the lower riding settings like Eco or Pro. If you’re going to take things up a notch, you can choose the Expert or Hyper (on the Boosted Stealth) to reach speeds of up to 24 miles an hour.

These riding modes allow you to choose your ride and are helpful when you’re still getting the hang of riding on your new Boosted skateboard.

Fast Charging

Boosted boasts some of the fastest charging times on electric skateboards. Usually, it averages at around 1 hour and 45 minutes, give or take a few minutes, but in about two hours your skateboard is fully charged. This provides you with a lot of riding flexibility since you can plan out your long trips and stop at different places for quick charging stops.

To put things into perspective, you can think that every 15 minutes of charge time equates to about two miles of range. So even when you’re in a rush, you can estimate how much you need and charge the appropriate time.

Final Thoughts

There is a perfect Boosted electric skateboard depending on your needs. Whether you want a compact one, an all-time classic or a high-performance machine Boosted has got you covered. All of their boards are excellent commute companions and make for great last-mile options. Their extended range also makes them outstanding for lengthy trips as they are really comfortable to ride in.