Hoverboards are a lot of fun and are fast becoming the go to replacement for roller blades and skateboards for kids. The best hoverboards are those that can travel long distances and go fast. Hoverboards have gotten a lot cheaper and you can now get one for less than $200.

Hoverboards have received a lot of bad press for battery explosions. Thankfully, the industry has self-regulated and the UL certification process ensures that all hoverboards sold on Amazon have gone through thorough testing. This makes it much less likely that your hoverboard will have serious manufacturing defects.

There are popular alternatives to hoveboards, such as electric unicycles and electric scooters. These options serve different needs and all of them are practical and a lot of fun.

Finding high-quality information on hoveboards can be challenging. As a result, we have written a bunch of articles on the topic so you can learn more.

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