Cyber Monday is the Last Chance for DJI Drone Deals

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DJI has just released the Mavic Air 2. See all of the specs here.

Update: DJI has stopped selling their Black Friday deals on their site but they have not updated Amazon yet.

DJI will officially stop selling their drones at a discount starting tonight at 11:59 PST. Late Wednesday night last week, the company reduced the price of a select number of drones in honor of Black Friday. Today is the last opportunity to save up to 20% on a DJI drone.

DJI has discounted the DJI Spark drone by $100 for Cyber Monday. The drone has a retail price of $499, but you can pick it up for just $399 right now. That means you can save 20% on the DJI Spark. The DJI Spark is the company’s entry level drone that is designed to be beginner friendly.

DJI has also reduced the price of the Mavic Pro from its retail price of $999 to just $899. That’s a 10% discount on their best consumer grade drone.

The company did not release any direct discounts on any other drones. They decided to focus on their newest drones only.

Comparing the Spark and Mavic Pro


The DJI Spark features a 2-axis gimbal with 1080p HD video and 12 MP photographs. The DJI Mavic Pro has a 3-axis gimbal with 4K video and 12 MP stills. The DJI Spark has a battery life of 16 minutes compared to 27 minutes for the Mavic Pro.

The Spark is about the size of an iPhone Plus when the blades are folded. The Mavic Pro is about the size of a water bottle when the propellers are folded into the craft, not much larger than the Spark. The Spark has a max range of 1.2 miles with an optional controller and a max speed of 31 MPH. The Mavic Pro has a maximum range of 4.3 miles and tops out at 44 MPH.

Both drones have the ability to lock onto a target and follow them from above. The DJI Spark has more beginner friendly features that the Mavic Pro though. That’s because it has gesture control which allows you to instruct the drone on what to do just using hand gestures. For instance, you can tell the drone to take a picture by holding your hand in a square. The Spark is also slightly easier to carry.

The choice between these two drones comes down to what you plan on using the drone for and your budget. The Mavic Pro is the superior drone, but it’s also more expensive.

There are bundles for each of these quadcopters that will give you additional Cyber Monday discounts. The Mavic Pro Fly More Bundle is $150 off while the DJI Spark bundle is the same $100 off. These bundles come with extra batteries, propellers, and a few more things.

DJI does not often discount their drones. That’s because they are a luxury brand like Apple and they lead the pack. There are almost no competing drones that can compare favorably to the DJI Mavic Pro. Cyber Monday is most likely your last chance to get a discount on a DJI drone for a long time.