8 Best Microphones for iPhones of 2019

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This guide looks at 8 of the current favorite microphones for iPhones. It wasn’t that long ago when we accepted the built-in mics. Audio quality was never a high-priority feature on these otherwise incredible devices. Now, though, budding iPhone filmmakers don’t want to have tinny audio ruining their video. That’s why high-quality external mics are now a crucial part of any iPhone filmmaking kit.

Modern iPhones have incredible photo and filming capabilities. Unfortunately, there’s no room inside to match the audio quality with the visual. That’s where external mics for iPhones and other iOS smart devices come in. Apple technology is now a recognized medium for budding and professional filmmakers. The next section shows just how accurate this claim is.

BESTFYOU Pro-Grade Lapel Mic
Mic Type: Lavalier
Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
Wide compatibility, 2 windshields, easy to use, clear sound, storage case.
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Best Value
Comica Video Kit for iPhone
Mic Type: Shotgun
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Simple to use, sturdy, excellent audio, anti-interference, shock mount.
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Top Pick
Studio iRig Mic for iPhone
Mic Type: Studio
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Clear sound, portable, onboard controls, LED status, tripod.
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Why iPhone Audio Matters

Poor quality audio (sound) can ruin an otherwise perfect picture (visual). But high-quality audio can prop-up a low-quality video. The ideal iPhone footage has perfect audiovisual, but the sound is slightly more important than the picture. External, third-party mics can deliver the audio you need.

Below are 7 well-known iPhone movies that illustrate iOS filming potential:

iPhone MovieName of DirectoriPhone Used
Snow Steam Iron
Searching for Sugar Man
And Uneasy Lies the Mind
I Play With the Phrase Each Other
Night Fishing
Steven Soderbergh
Zack Snyder
Sean Baker
Malik Bendjelloul
Ricky Fosheim
Jay Alvarez
Park Chan-wook
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 5s
iPhone (model not specified)
iPhone 5
iPhone (model not specified)
iPhone 4

There are others and will continue to be more. The point is that iPhones can be powerful filming tools for creating award-winning vids. And an external microphone is what takes these productions to the next level. It’s worth considering a separate mic even if you have no plans to make short movies.

Uses for External Apple iPhone Mics

External mics provide far superior audio compared to the iPhone’s built-in ones. The better your sound quality is, the more influence you have on the viewer or listener. There are no second chances to make those vital first impressions on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or anywhere else. Crisp, clean audio can make or break your presentation. But how do you choose with so many mic options out there?

The mini-reviews below offer an easy-to-read, no-nonsense take on current favorite iPhone mics. I explain in each piece what the product is best suited for and the reasons why.

About Polar Patterns

You will hear a lot about polar or pickup patterns when reading mic descriptions. It refers to the way a microphone hears sound from different directions. Mics can be most sensitive to sound from the front, front and back, or all-around (360° sensitivity).

Here’s a breakdown of the most common polar patterns:

  1. Cardioid mics: main sensitivity at the front, less at the sides, minimal at the back
  2. Omnidirectional mics: equal sensitivity from every angle (360°)
  3. Bidirectional mics (Figure of Eight): equal front/rear sensitivity, sides ignored

The choice of polar pattern depends on recording needs. My reviews mention the pick-up pattern for each product and how it relates to recording applications.

About My ‘Microphone for iPhone’ Guide

You may know that the choices available for iPhone external mics are overwhelming. I’ve reviewed dozens of the current favorites and come up with a shortlist of 8. There’s something here to suit all needs and budgets. My selection process also considered the opinions of industry experts and real user feedback. The first three are my choice for Best Budget, Best Value, and the Top Pick.

Microphones for iPhone Comparison Table

1. Pro-Grade Lavalier Mic for iPhone | Best Budget

Pro-Grade Lavalier Mic for iPhoneView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.9/5

The Best Budget microphone for iPhone is an excellent entry-level product. It’s the Pro-Grade 3.5mm Lavalier Mic by BestFyou, usable with a wide variety of devices.

  • Best feature 1: Wide social app support
  • Best feature 2: 30 pure copper wires for sound stability
  • Plus points: Wide compatibility, 2 windshields, easy to use, clear sound, storage case
  • Minus points: Super-long cable (also a pro)

BESTFYOU Lapel Mic Highlights

Mic compatibility: Apple iOS iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, and XR. Also, Android smart devices, digital cameras, computers, and laptops, etc.

This affordable little lavalier mic for iPhone supports all the popular social apps. That includes GarageBand and YouTube interview among many others. The sound quality is enhanced using 30 built-in pure copper wires, which is more than many rival products. Extra copper helps to stabilize the sound. And the furry dead cat and sponge shields reduce interference caused by wind noise.

This mic is a simple plug-n-play device. That means there are no drivers or complicated setting-up to worry about. The clear sound quality is a vast improvement from built-in mics and gets lots of positive feedback from users. The set includes the 393” mic, three shields, a 3-pin converter, and a case.

The Not So Good

There are hardly any negatives to report considering the mic’s price. It can’t compete with much costlier options, but it’s easily among the best lavaliers in its class. The extra-long 10M cable is unusual, and it means there’s more wire to hide when wearing it. It’s also positive in some situations, and not something that most users would complain about.

View on Amazon

Tech Specs
Mic Type: Lavalier condenser
Connection: 3.5mm plug
Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
Cable Length: 32.75ft (393″)
Power Supply: Plug-in device
Package Dimensions: 5.2 x 3.7 x 1.9”
Weight: 6.4 oz.
Warranty: 1 year
The Pros
Plug-n-Play simplicity
Wide social app support
Uses 30 pure copper wires
Extra-long cable
Wide compatibility
Easy to use
Clear sound
2 windshields
Storage case
The Cons
Long cable (also a pro)

2. Comica Full Video Kit for Apple iPhone | Best Value

Comica Full Video Kit for Apple iPhoneView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

I have chosen the Comica CVM-VM10-K2 Full Video Kit for the Best Value iPhone mic. It’s one to consider if you’re a budding iPhone filmmaker.

  • Best feature 1: Secure, 360° adjustable non-slip smartphone clamp
  • Best feature 2: Mini tripod
  • Plus points: Simple to use, sturdy, excellent audio, anti-interference, shock mount, wind muff
  • Minus points: Phone clamp flaw, landscape mode only

Comica CVM-VM10-K2 Shotgun Kit Highlights

Mic compatibility: iPhone 6, 6S, 6plus, 7, 7plus, 8, 8plus, and X. The mic is also compatible with GoPro and Android OS. It also works with Samsung and Huawei smartphones, among other devices.

Comica’s CVM-VM10-K2 is a superb starter kit for iPhone users who love to film. It’s super easy to install and use, and supports Android OS devices as well as Apple iOS. There’s a mini desktop tripod for phone support that you can also use as a handle when folded. The mic is a shotgun condenser type. It uses a cardioid pickup pattern to keep the sound focused and reject unwanted noise.

The built-in metal shotgun mic has a super anti-interference feature that’s worth mention. First, the mic’s all-aluminum body strengthens the product, and that’s always a good thing. And it improves sound quality by reducing the effects of unwanted noise. The CVM-VM10-K2 also includes a shock mount and wind muff. These things combined result is audio that’s on a par with must costlier mics.

The Not So Good

The device clamp is well-made and does an excellent job at securing smartphones. The problem is that the knob needs lots of turns to open and close, and that’s frustrating. Also, the phone clamp is horizontal (landscape) only, so you can’t use it to shoot in vertical (portrait) mode.

View on Amazon

Tech Specs
Brand: Comica
Mic Type: Shotgun condenser
Connection: 3.5mm jack
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Power Supply: Plug-in device
Package Dimensions: 9.2 x 2.6 x 8”
Product Weight: 19.04 oz.
Warranty: 1 year limited
The Pros
360° adjustable phone clamp
Mini tripod
Simple to use
Sturdy, well-made kit
Decent audio
Anti-interference function
Shock mount
Wind muff
Carry case
The Cons
Clamp needs lots of turns
Clamp only shoots in landscape

3. IK Multimedia Studio iRig Mic for iPhone | Top Pick

IK Multimedia Studio iRig Mic for iPhoneView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5

The Top Pick slot goes to the IK Multimedia iRig. It’s a professional iPhone digital studio mic that uses a large-diaphragm capsule. But is the highish price tag worth the extra? Let’s find out.

  • Best feature 1: Large-diaphragm capsule
  • Best feature 2: Integrated headphone output
  • Plus points: Clear sound, portable, onboard controls, LED status, tripod, assortment of cables
  • Minus points: Expensive for basic use

IK Multimedia Studio iRig Mic Highlights

Mic compatibility: iPad, iPhone, Android OS, Mac OS, and Windows PC.

Consider the iRig mic if you plan to do plenty of home studio recording. The crystal-clear tone is the product’s main highlight, but there’s plenty more to like. The microphone takes up very little space, which makes it super-portable. The large-diaphragm condenser format makes this product the ideal multi-purpose recording tool. That includes musical instruments, speech, and vocal applications.

The onboard controls are another standout feature. They include a gain regulator knob, a headphone level control, and a multi-color LED level indicator. This iRig Mic Studio kit also comprises a sturdy, portable desktop tripod stand for added stability. The included cables are USB, Micro-USB On-The-Go (OTG), and Lightning. There’s plenty for studio fans to like about this portable mic.

The Not So Good

This microphone rates well among most users, but some think it’s a tad overpriced. I agree if you only want a quality iPhone mic for general recording. However, it’s exceptional value if you expect to exploit the iRig’s full potential. There are cheaper mics that sound as good, but they won’t provide the same suite of controls, versatility, and connection options as this one.

View on Amazon

Tech Specs
Brand: IK Multimedia
Mic Type: Studio condenser
Connection: Multiple
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Power Supply: Plug-in device
Max SPL: 133 dB
Gain range: 40 dB
Dimensions: 9 x 6.2 x 2.8”
Product Weight: 7.7 oz.
Warranty: 1 year
The Pros
Large-diaphragm capsule
Portable & versatile
Plug-n-play simplicity
Integrated headphone output
Low-noise, high-definition preamp
Onboard headphone level control
Onboard gain control
Crystal clear audio
Ideal for vocals and instruments
LED status indicators
Sturdy tripod mount
Assortment of cables
The Cons
Expensive for basic use

4. PoP Voice Pro Lavalier Lapel Mic for iPhone

PoP Voice Pro Lavalier Lapel Mic for iPhoneView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.4/5

The PoP Voice Lavalier Lapel Omnidirectional Microphone is a highly affordable product. You can leave the tinny in-built iPhone mics behind and enjoy superior audio for just a few dollars.

  • Best feature 1: Versatile use across multiple devices
  • Best feature 2: Loud and clear sound
  • Plus points: Portable, plug-n-play, sturdy lapel clip, PC adapter, wind muffs, soft case
  • Minus points: Picks up background noise, short chord

PoP Voice Pro Lapel Mic Highlights

Mic compatibility: Apple iPhone 7 and above, iPod, iPad, Touch, MacBook, Android OS, Windows Smartphone, laptop, and PC with the included adapter.

The PoP Voice Pro Lavalier Lapel Mic is a portable, best-selling entry-level clip-on microphone. That’s partly because it’s inexpensive, but a low price means nothing if the product falls short. It’s fair to say this mic surprises many who buy it. The audio is clear and loud when positioned close to the sound source, i.e., the user’s mouth. It’s also a sturdy little mic with plug-n-play simplicity.

Using the Pop Voice Pro

The removable all-metal clip holds the mic firmly in place wherever you position it. A 3.5mm TRRS jack at the end of the cable clicks into a regular smartphone. For iPhone’s, use the Lightning-to-3.3mm adapter that came with the product. And there’s an included PC adapter to use the PoP Voice Pro with laptops and desktop computers. You also get two wind muffs and a soft carry case in the box.

Points to note: Remove the 3.5mm jack and turn the speaker back on to listen to the recording. The PoP Voice Pro Lapel Mic is used to record only, not to amplify sound.

The Not So Good

This mic tends to pick up unwanted sounds, i.e., background noise and rustling from clothes. The workaround is to position it as close to your mouth as possible for the best results. Also, avoid wearing noisy fabrics like silk and some synthetic materials. Another negative is the short cable which poses restrictions for desktop use. You may want to consider the 2M extension cord upgrade if you buy it.

View on Amazon

Tech Specs
Brand: PoP Voice
Mic Type: Condenser recording
Connection: 3.5mm plug
Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
Power Supply: Plug-in device
Product Dimensions: 1.4 x 1 x 59”
Product Weight: 1.6 oz.
Warranty: 1 year
The Pros
Plug-n-Play simplicity
Small, light, and portable
Versatile use
Works across multiple devices
Loud, clear sound
Sturdy metal lapel clip
PC adapter
Wind muffs
Soft carry case
The Cons
Picks up background noise
Short chord

5. Lavalier 2-Pack Interview Mic Set for iPhone

Lavalier 2-Pack Interview Mic Set for iPhoneView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5

The SOLID Dual Lavalier Microphone is an affordable interview set with two mics. It provides various ways to connect the device and comes with a complete set of useful extras.

  • Best feature 1: Complete 2 lavalier mic interview set
  • Best feature 2: Unlimited ways to connect
  • Plus points: Plug-n-play, clear sound, multiple adapters, wind muffs, storage pouch
  • Minus points: Doesn’t work with all smartphones/DSLRs, some background noise

Lavalier Interview Mic Set Highlights

Mic compatibility: Apple iPad, iPhone iOS 6/7 Plus/8/8 Plus/X/XR/XS/XS/Max/, laptops, Windows PC, Macs OS, Android smartphones, GoPro action cameras, DSLR cameras, and camcorders, etc.

Solid’s lavalier interview mic set has everything you need to conduct unobtrusive interviews. In the box are two mics, two extension cords, two wind muffs, and various adapters. It’s universal compatibility with a broad range of devices, plus its plug-n-play simplicity, is the mic’s biggest appeal. There’s also a storage pouch to keep everything together and portable.

This Lavalier 2-Pack Interview Mic Set is an excellent choice for anyone just starting. The sound quality is as much of a surprise as the included contents considering the low price. Shortlist this set if you’re a budding YouTuber, Vlogger, or Podcaster.

Point to note: DSLR users need to check their camera supports video function for this mic to work.

The Not So Good

This lavalier interview mic set works with a wide variety of electronic devices—but not all. Make sure you check device compatibility if you want it. The mic has a clear sound but does pick up background noise. That’s not unusual with Omni patterns. You can reduce noise significantly by experimenting a little with mic positions. Also, make sure you have the wind muffs on for outdoor shoots.

View on Amazon

Tech Specs
Brand: Solid
Mic Type: Interview condenser set
Connection: Multiple
Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
Power Supply: Plug-in device
Package Dimensions: 6.2 x 6.1 x 1.7”
Product Weight: 3.2 oz.
Guarantee: Full 90 day money back
The Pros
Complete lavalier interview set
Unlimited ways to connect
Plug-n-play simplicity
Clear sound
Multiple adapters
2 wind muffs
Storage pouch
The Cons
Doesn’t work with all smartphones and DSLRs
Some background noise

6. Gepege Lavalier Microphone Pro for iPhone

Gepege Lavalier Microphone Pro for iPhoneView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.9/5

The Gepege Professional Lavalier Microphone is a quality product made specifically for iOS devices. It comes with a strong clip that holds the mic in place and grips well to clothing.

  • Best feature 1: Noise cancellation w/ omnidirectional pickup
  • Best feature 2: Designed specifically for Apple iOS devices
  • Plus points: Plug-n-play, clear sound, metal clip, tight-fit wind muffs, leather pouch
  • Minus points: Overly thin cable

Gepege Lavalier Microphone Pro Highlights

Mic compatibility: iPhone X, XR, XS, iPhone 8, 8s, 7, 6s, iPod touch, iPad mini, iPad Pro, and iPad Air.

The Gepege lavalier mic for Apple devices also has the familiar omnidirectional pickup pattern. The difference with this one is that it doesn’t suffer from unwanted background noise. That’s a problem more common with cheaper options. A built-in acoustic chip recognizes the voice and records audio with impressive crisp, clean sound. The mic’s noise cancellation is a feature not found on all mics.

The cable has a Lightning connector that connects to all Apple devices. The cord is around 5ft long and provides plenty of length to position the mic where you need it. You also get a tight-fit wind muff and a smart bag to keep the set safe and together.

The Not So Good

The mic cable is thin. It feels as though it could break easily with accidental tugs or misuse, so needs treating with care. There’s also a 19.6ft (6M) cable that can get messy if you’re not careful.

View on Amazon

Tech Specs
Brand: Gepege
Mic Type: Electret condenser
Connection: Lightning
Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
Power Supply: Plug-in device
Frequency Range: 35Hz–18KHz
Signal/Noise: 74 dB SPL
Package Dimensions: 4.3 x 3.2 x 0.4”
Product Weight: 0.7 oz.
Warranty: 1 year limited
The Pros
Compact, ultra-lightweight
Noise cancellation
Built-in Acoustic Chip
Designed for Apple iOS devices
Plug-n-play simplicity
Crisp, clear sound
Metal lapel clip
Tight-fit wind muffs
Leather carrying pouch
The Cons
Thin, potentially fragile cable

7. Movo VXR10 Universal Video Mic for iPhone

Movo VXR10 Universal Video Mic for iPhoneView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.4/5

Meet the Movo VXR10 Universal Video Mic. This is a best-selling multi-device compatible shotgun microphone. It’s another plug-n-play mic with a cardioid pickup pattern.

  • Best feature 1: Handy cold shoe mount
  • Best feature 2: Crisp, clear audio
  • Plus points: Easy to set up and use, metal build, integrated shock mount, furry dead cat
  • Minus points: Fragile shock mount, not consistent across all devices

Movo VXR10 Universal Vid Mic Highlights

Mic compatibility: Apple iPhones, Android OS smartphones, tablets, laptops, camcorders, DSLR cameras, GoPros, audio recorders, and more.

You can always gauge the popularity of a product by the amount of feedback it gets. The Movo VXR10 Universal Video Mic sells well and gets plenty of positive reaction. It’s easy to set up and manage, provides crisp, clear audio, and it comes with an inclusive recording kit. That includes a shock mount, dead cat windscreen, cables, and a carrying case.

This mic is perfect for recording YouTube vids, music sessions, live streaming, and vlogging, etc. The included TRS cable is for recorders, cameras, and camcorders. And the TRRS cable is for smartphones, tablets, and Mac. It doesn’t work with all iPhone models, though. Be sure to check the current compatibility with the seller if you’re interested in the Movo VXR10.

The Not So Good

The shock mount seems overly fragile, especially with rough handling. The manual gives guidance on how to handle the mount. Follow the suggestions, and its fragility shouldn’t be a problem. The Movo VXR10 is a universal mic, but it may not work for every device, or work as well. Contact the seller or check the user reviews if you want this shotgun mic but are unsure about compatibility.

View on Amazon

Tech Specs
Brand: Movo
Mic Type: Shotgun condenser
Connection: 3.5mm TRS & 3.5mm TRRS
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Power Supply: Plug-in device
Signal to Noise S/N Ratio: 76 dB
Frequency Response: 35Hz–18kHz
Product Dimensions: 0.86 x 3.2 (L x D)
Product Weight: 1.8 oz.
Warranty: 1 year w/ US-based support
The Pros
Shotgun mic
Cold shoe mount
Integrated shock mount
Crisp, clear audio
Easy to set up and use
Metal build
Multi-device support
Furry dead cat
Soft carry case
The Cons
Fragile shock mount
Not consistent with all devices

8. IK Multimedia iRig Handheld Mic HD 2 for iPhone

IK Multimedia iRig Handheld Mic HD 2 for iPhoneView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.2/5

The final review is for those who want an HD handheld digital microphone. Meet the IK Multimedia iRig for use with Apple iPhones, iPads, Mac computers, and Windows PCs.

  • Best feature 1: Pro-quality handheld recording condenser mic
  • Best feature 2: Wide compatibility
  • Plus points: Premium sound, LED gain indicator, headphone output, tripod, app support
  • Minus points: Awkward connection, cable not a snug fit, doesn’t work with all apps

IK Multimedia iRig Handheld Mic Highlights

Mic compatibility: Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple Mac computers, and Windows PC.

There are several reasons to choose an iPhone handheld mic over the small clip-on versions. The iRig HD 2 has a sleek design and a solid build that feels comfortable in the hand. It’s a pro-quality audio recording condenser mic with some handy onboard controls. They include a dedicated headphone output and a headphone volume control. There’s also an input gain dial and an LED gain indicator.

The combined quality, device compatibility, and ease of use make this mic a versatile recording tool. Applications can include interviews, podcasting, and recording vocal ideas on the move. Useful extras are the desktop tripod stand, a full suite of recording apps, and a smart carrying pouch. Cords include a Lightening iOS and a USB cable for use in computers. Android devices need an optional cable.

The Not So Good

The mic’s cord is detachable, and some people prefer that to a fixed wire. The problem with this one is that it’s awkward getting it into the tiny port. It also seems a little on the loose side. Constant plugging and unplugging may damage the connection after a while. The mic supports a wide range of audio and video apps, but not all. Check for app compatibility if you’re interested in the Rig Handheld Mic.

View on Amazon

Tech Specs
Brand: IK Multimedia
Mic Type: Handheld digital condenser
Connection: lightning, USB
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Recording Quality: 24 bit, 96 kHz max
Power Supply: Plug-in device
Product Dimensions: 1.9 x 1.9 x 7.4”
Product Weight: 11.5 oz.
Warranty: 1 year
The Pros
High-quality build
Plug-n-play simplicity
Pro-quality handheld iPhone mic
Wide compatibility
Premium sound
Low noise preamp
LED gain indicator
Headphone output
Volume control
Wide app support
Desktop tripod stand
Carrying pouch
The Cons
Awkward connection
Cable isn’t a snug fit
Doesn’t work with all apps
0/50 ratings