Kindle Black Friday 2019 Deals (Paperwhite E-reader, etc)

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Amazon has released discounts on their Kindle e-readers for Black Friday and the sales are now live. You can pick up a Kindle right now and skip waiting in line at stores.

Kindles are by far the best way to read books on the go. They are the closest device to replicating what it feels to read a real physical book without all of the extra weight of lugging around actual novels. Amazon does not discount Kindle e-readers very often, but you can find them on sale for Black Friday 2019.

There will be discounts on a wide-range of Kindles this year. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer and how much you can save below.

As you can see. there is an impressive range of offers this year. Which model you should get largely depends on your budget. It’s important to note that at these prices these Kindles come with ads. You can choose to pay $20 to unlock the Kindle to remove them.

What’s New with the Paperwhite?

You can also get Kindle Paperwhite at Best Buy. The Paperwhite is a significant upgrade from the cheaper regular Kindle. It has a 6-inch 300 PPI screen that’s easy on the eyes. This is almost double the pixels per inch.

Amazon has done a fantastic job in recent years to improve the build-quality of Kindles. They are now waterproof which means you can take them to potentially hazardous areas like poolside or at the beach.

The Kindle Fire tablet is a good way to get more for your money if you want the ability to read more than books. The Fire is an extremely affordable tablet that allows you to browse the web, download apps, and much more on a color screen.

Overall, there are great discounts on Kindles this year. They also make great gifts for any readers you know.