Large TVs Black Friday 2018 Deals (55 and 65 inch 4K Screens)

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Go big or go home! When it comes to TVs, who would not want to go bigger? This Black Friday is the perfect chance for you to be an owner of any of the larger than life TVs that we have listed below. Each one of these TVs has a diagonal measurement of at least 55 inches, and can go as high as 82 inches.

The best thing about these Black Friday deals is that you can save several hundreds of dollars when you buy these large TVs right now. The discounts are available for TVs from many well-known brands such as Samsung, Sony, and LG.


Discounted priceItemRetailerOriginal price
$547.99Samsung Flat 58” 4K UHD Series 7 Smart TVAmazon$649.99
$997.99Samsung Flat 65” 4K UHD 8 Series Smart TVAmazon$1297.99
$1097.99Samsung 65” Curved 4K UHD 8 Series Smart LED TVAmazon$1799.99
$1297.99Samsung Flat 65” QLED 4K UHD 6 Series Smart TVAmazon$2199.99
$1597.99Samsung Flat 75” 4K UHD 8 Series Smart TVAmazon$2197.99
$2999.99Samsung 82” 4K UHD LED QLED TV with $50 Google Play Credit and White Glove DeliveryBJ’s Wholesale Club$3499.99


Discounted priceItemRetailerOriginal price
$698.00Sony 55” KD55X750F 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVAmazon$749.99
$798.00Sony 55” 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model)Amazon$898.00
$998.00Sony 65” XBR65X850F 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2018 Model)Amazon$1398.00
$1098.00Sony 65” KD65X750F 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVAmazon$1299.99
$1598.00Sony 65” XBR65X900F 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVAmazon$1998.00


Discounted priceItemRetailerOriginal price
$696.99LG Electronics 55” 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVAmazon$1199.99
$399.99LG 55” UHD 4K LED TVJCPenney$499.99
$469.99LG 55” Class 2160p 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVTarget$599.99
$599.99LG 65” UHD 4K LED TVJCPenney$799.99
$1749.99LG 55” 4K UHD HDR Smart OLED TVBJ’s Wholesale Club$2199.99
$2649.99LG 65” 4K UHD HRD Smart OLED TVBJ’s Wholesale Club$2949.99
$869.99LG 65” SUHD HRD Smart LED TVBJ’s Wholesale Club$1569.99


Discounted priceItemRetailerOriginal price
$499.99Philips 65” 4K UHD Smart LED TVBJ’s Wholesale Club$699.99


Discounted priceItemRetailerOriginal price
$349.99TCL 55” 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TVAmazon$559.99

How big should I go?

Buying a large TV sounds like a great idea, but many people have no idea what can be considered big enough to suit their TV viewing needs. If “bigger is better” is not enough to answer your questions, then you should consider the following factors before you buy a large TV.

1. Space

The first thing you need to consider is if you have enough space in your entertainment room or living room for such a large TV. TVs of this size can very easily dominate an entire room, so it may be worth your time to tape off an outline of the size of the TV in your room just so you get a feel of how big it really is.

2. Viewing distance

How far you are going to sit from the TV will also determine how big it should be. Most TV manufacturers recommend a viewing angle of 30°. Most people sit around 9 feet away from their TVs, which translates to a roughly a 65-inch TV requirement. Naturally, sitting farther away will require a larger TV: the 82-inch Samsung TV is recommended for a viewing distance of more than 10 feet.

3. Resolution

A majority of the large TVs offer 4K resolution so this should not be much of an issue. Considering that the large TVs are meant to be viewed from a distance, the number of pixels in the TV screen will be hardly noticeable. Of course, the quality of the image you will see in your TV will also depend on the source. For best results, you need to test your TV’s resolution with Blu-ray video or an HDTV feed.

Final thoughts

With a huge TV, you might never want to leave your house. This Black Friday gives you the chance to buy that large TV you’ve been dreaming off at a price hundreds of dollars lower than its original retail price. Don’t pass up this opportunity, as TVs have always been one of the fastest-selling items in Black Friday sales.