5 Best LiPo Battery Bags – Fire Resistant Storage

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If you’ve dabbled into drones or RC cars enough, then you’ve probably heard of lithium polymer of LiPo batteries. By using a very thin polymer electrolyte instead of the usual liquid electrolytes of other batteries, LiPo batteries are remarkably compact and lightweight without sacrificing capacity or discharge rates.

However, this unique convenience of LiPo batteries also has a major drawback – namely that they are much more fragile and hazardous than other batteries. With this in mind, it’s best to have a carrying bag that is specifically designed for LiPo batteries.

Why is a LiPo bag necessary?

We’ve been handling the usual Ni-Mh and Li-ion batteries for years without having to store them in some special carrying bag. You can just throw in those old AA or AAA batteries with the rest of your stuff with very little to worry about. If so, what makes LiPo batteries so special?

LiPo batteries are prone to exploding or catching fire

All batteries come with terminals where the charge is stored. The flow of current between these terminals is facilitated by an electrolyte. In the case of LiPo batteries, this electrolyte takes the form of a very thin polymer, allowing a large amount of charge to be stored in a relatively compact build.

The danger posed by LiPo batteries is that it’s very easy for these terminals to come into contact with each other and result in overheating. This can quickly spiral out of control and result in a fire or an explosion. Dropping a LiPo battery, placing immense pressure on it, or puncturing its surface can be enough to cause such problems. One of the primary functions of a LiPo battery bag is to provide physical or mechanical protection.

Safer for charging and long-term storage

LiPo batteries contain chemicals that may trigger reactions when exposed to heat. The temperature of LiPo batteries can be hard to control while they are being charged or while they are in storage. Even storing a LiPo battery inside a car on a hot day can be a very bad idea.

For this reason, LiPo batteries should ideally be stored inside a fireproof bag. By doing so, you can minimize the collateral damage should a LiPo battery catch fire during charging or while in storage.

Necessary when traveling

In the past couple of years, practically all airlines have changed their guidelines on carrying batteries, requiring passengers to put them in their carry-on luggage instead. When you’re bringing LiPo batteries on a flight, such safety measures may not be enough.

Many airlines now require that LiPo batteries be stored in a carrying bag that is specifically designed for LiPo batteries for the same reasons that we’ve discussed above. You would not want to get stuck in an airport with a handful of LiPo batteries that you can’t bring and you can’t just easily dispose of either.

Fortunately, LiPo battery bags are pretty inexpensive. You can get a large one for traveling and a few smaller ones for storage and charging.

Top 5 best carrying bags for your LiPo batteries

1. COLCASE LiPo Guard


If you’re looking for a bag that is large enough to carry several LiPo batteries for storage, charging, or transportation, then the LiPo Guard bag from COLCASE is one of our top recommendations. The bag is large enough to fit five large batteries and up to 15 smaller 2200 mAh batteries. It also features a zipper closure and a convenient carrying handle.

The bag is made of fiberglass and nylon material treated with a fire-retardant coating. It can completely contain any fire, should there be such an accident with the LiPo batteries stored inside. You can also charge your batteries inside the bag, but make sure that the flap is closed and that the zipper is sealed as much as the charger cables will allow.

The COLCASE LiPo Guard is a remarkably inexpensive LiPo-safe bag considering its volume and reliability. It’s worth every dollar if you need to travel with your LiPo batteries or if you prefer storing a large number of LiPo batteries together.

2. Suncentech LiPo Battery Bag for DJI

Suncentech LiPo Battery Bag for DJI

The batteries of DJI drones come in this custom shape that makes them fit perfectly with the drones’ aesthetic. They also come with a bunch of smart features for charging and to aid the drone pilot during flight. This makes them a bit bulkier than the usual LiPo bags.

This set of LiPo battery bags from Suncentech was specially designed for DJI drone batteries. Each set of this product comes with two LiPo-safe battery bags. Meant to store individual batteries, each battery pouch fits almost the exact shape and size of DJI batteries and comes with a Velcro enclosure. The bag is made with a composite fiberglass and aluminum foil material that is fire-retardant and explosion-proof.

The great thing about keeping your drone batteries stored separately is that you don’t need to worry about all of them getting damaged should just a single one of them get set on fire. It also makes things a little more organized, especially if you’re going to fly your drone with a bunch of extra batteries on hand.

3. Bluecell Black LiPo Battery Guard

Bluecell Black LiPo Battery Guard

The LiPo battery pouch from Bluecell is as classic as they come. The characteristic black color isn’t so flashy, but it’s made with the same fire-retardant material as all the other LiPo battery bags that look fancier and are more expensive.

Since this battery bag is basically just a soft pouch, it doesn’t offer much in terms of mechanical protection. It makes up for that with versatility, allowing for a large number of LiPo batteries of any shape to be stored. The Velcro strap is very strong and provides more than enough protection during charging or transportation.

The Bluecell Battery Guard is the perfect choice for those who are looking for something inexpensive and uncomplicated. Despite being old-fashioned, this LiPo battery bag gets the job done.

4. Aocyan LiPo Safe Bag

Aocyan LiPo Safe Bag

Most LiPo-safe bags claim to be safe for charging but offer no actual provisions for you to run charging cables through. This model from Aocyan is one of the few that does.

A charging port located at the side of the bag allows you to charge the batteries stored inside while keeping the main flap of the bag tightly shut. The charging port can also be sealed by a separate Velcro strap. This makes charging LiPo batteries with the Aocyan bag just a little safer.

The charging port is a nice touch, but Aocyan doesn’t skimp out on the rest of the safety features, either. It’s made with a double layer of fiberglass-reinforced fabric and has a two-millimeter thick insulating cushion at the bottom. It also has a polyurethane strap to provide a comfortable grip. This carrying bag isn’t only fire-retardant but also provides a degree of impact protection to your LiPo batteries.

Compare to other LiPo-safe bags, this bag from Aocyan is a little more expensive. The few extra dollars aren’t so bad, though, considering the added safety and convenience.

5. GetFPV Runcam LiPo Guard Bag

GetFPV Runcam LiPo Guard Bag

Sometimes, keeping track of a nondescript black or silver bag can be problematic, especially if you tend to keep many of them around the house or on the field. This won’t be a problem if you have this bright orange LiPo-safe bag from GetFPV.

The color is pretty much the only distinguishing factor of the GetFPV LiPo Guard Bag. Made with woven fiberglass material, this bag is every bit as safe and fire-retardant as all the other LiPo-safe bags in this list. It’s also pretty large, so you can probably store up to 20 small LiPo batteries in a single bag if you wanted to. The handy carrying strap makes it easy to travel with, whether you’re going on a flight or just out on the field with your drone.

The biggest downside is that it’s the most expensive entry in this list. It doesn’t have a lot of extra features, but if you want to infuse a bit of color into your gear, then this is still a pretty good option.

Final thoughts

LiPo batteries have been a revelation for applications that require high power discharge but need the batteries to be lightweight. Classic examples include RC cars, drones, and vapes. However, you will need to have stricter safety measures when handling LiPo batteries. We know that they are a bit more fragile than other batteries we’re used to, especially during charging or traveling. If you have any LiPo batteries in your gear or around the house, then make sure to keep your family and home safe by keeping them inside LiPo-safe bags.