Security Camera Cyber Monday Deals

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Cyber Monday is a great time to get security cameras at a discount. Leading manufacturers are lowering their prices in honor of the holiday. You can save 30 – 40% on select models.

When it comes to safety its not worth sacrificing quality for a lower price. Fortunately, you can get get both with these limited time sales. There’s no guarantee that these deals will last all the way through Cyber Monday so get them while you can.

Nest Cams

If you are looking for a simple way to watch the house while you are gone then Nest is the way to go. The company is owned by Google and they make really high-quality products.

The Nest Cam Indoor security camera provides you with a 1080p HD view of what’s happening with a 130 degree wide angle view. It’s not the camera that makes Nest really good. It’s the motion tracking that their devices have and the phenomenal app they have created to watch live video feeds.

If the Nest Cam detects motion it will send you an alert to your phone or email with a photo of the relevant part. The Nest Cam has a built in microphone and speaker so you can communicate with someone on the other side. This can be used to tell the dog to get off the couch when you are at work.

The Nest Cam has night vision to make it easy to see in low light conditions. The company also make a weatherproof outdoor version with all of the same features that’s on sale for $148. It’s the number one seller in “Surveillance and Security Cameras” on Amazon.

Ring Cameras

Ring has become world famous because of the videos that have come from the showing people stealing Fedex and UPS packages from people’s houses. They make a really popular device called the Ring Doorbell that sells is selling for 45% off at $99 right now.

The Ring Doorbell sends you instant alerts when it detects motion. You can view these alerts on your phone and check the live feed for anything unusual. You can even get an alert sent to you when the doorbell is pressed and talk to the person using a built in microphone and speaker.

It’s easy to setup this doorbell. It can either be battery powered or connected to your existing doorbell wire. It also has night vision so you can see in the dark.

Ring is also selling the Ring Video Doorbell Pro for $50 off at $199. It requires wiring to operate and it has a higher 1080p HD camera.

The company also makes the well liked Ring Floodlight Camera that’s selling for a 10% discount right now at $224. This 1080p camera has a motion activated floodlight attached and it can sound a 110 decibel alarm to scare off intruders.

Arlo Pro by NETGEAR

Arlo Pro is a company that owned by NETGEAR who produces high-quality surveillance cameras. The company is selling their 4 camera bundle for $499 during Cyber Monday, down from $650 retail price.

The Arlo Pro system is easy to install since it’s wire free. Their cameras are also weatherproof so you can put them indoors or outdoors. They also have two way audio so you can communicate with some using the camera. These cameras work with Alexa with simple voice commands.

The best part of the Arlo Pro system is that they give you 7 days of cloud recordings for free. This is better than most cameras. You can also secure your recordings with a USB drive for a local backup.

Amazon is selling a ton of security cameras for Cyber Monday. The Nest, Ring, and Arlo options are the best ones but if they don’t meet your criteria you can browse through hundreds more. There is no better time to pick up security cameras than Cyber Monday.